Cultural Characteristics and Values of Adıyaman


Cultural Characteristics and Values of Adıyaman it has been a very curious subject with its streets smelling history and friendly people from the past to the present.

Cultural characteristics and values of Adıyamanhas managed to impress many people with its historical and natural beauties, warm-blooded people, beautiful local dishes and deep-rooted history. Our province of Adıyaman, which contains many rich cultural heritage, has also succeeded in impressing many people with its folk songs, folk dances and local costumes. If we were to write all these features, I guess we will not be able to fit them on the pages. Considering this, we will try to explain the prominent features of our province of Adıyaman as summaries in our article. Well, Cultural characteristics and values of Adıyaman What are they? Let's see it all together.

Properties of Adıyaman

Adiyaman's characteristicsare too many to count. It will boring you to state all the issues separately. For this reason, unfortunately, we will not be able to talk about all these features in our article. However, you will be able to find the prominent information about this beautiful city in the form of headings. In addition, if there is something you want us to add, it will be enough to indicate it in the comment section. In addition, if you want to get information about a different city, you can learn about the cultural characteristics of Gaziantep. You can reach from our article.

Information about Adıyaman

Adiyaman information about It has been compiled as a result of the resources we have acquired and researched and presented to you, our valuable readers. In addition to this, in addition to our article, if you think there is a point that needs to be corrected or added, you can share it with us in the comments section. Our province of Adıyaman, which has 02 license plate number, has been visited by many local and foreign tourists recently. Let's start our article by listing the districts of this beautiful city, which has 8 beautiful and valuable districts.

Districts of Adıyaman;

  1. Besni
  2. Celikhan
  3. Gerger
  4. Golbasi
  5. Khta
  6. Samsat
  7. Sincik
  8. Keep

Population and Geographical Location of Adıyaman

Adıyaman's population 2020 It is estimated to be 627.509 according to year data. Our province of Adıyaman has very fertile lands with its geographical location. In the districts of our province of Adıyaman, generally; Wheat, chickpea, lentil, tomato, eggplant, cucumber (including pickling), pumpkin, gherkin, melon and watermelon are grown. Our Adıyaman province is located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region and in the Middle Euphrates. When we look at the border neighbors of our province of Adıyaman; Malatya is located in the north, Kahramanmaraş in the west, Gaziantep in the southwest, Şanlıurfa in the southeast and Diyarbakır in the northeast.

Historical and Cultural Features of Adıyaman

History of Adıyaman It has a very long history. As a result of the investigations carried out in Adıyaman Palanlı Cave, the history of the city in BC. It is said to date back to 40000 BC. As such, it has managed to bring us many cultural accumulations and heritage from the past to the present. With its historical streets, architectural structure and historical artifacts, it hosts many local and foreign tourists throughout the year. Even considering this situation, we can see what a rich cultural heritage and values it has.

Cultural characteristics of Adıyaman
Cultural characteristics of Adıyaman

Cultural Features of Adıyaman

Cultural characteristics of Adıyaman Even though Nemrut Mountain, Besni Grape, Pirin-Gümüşkaya Caves, Kahta Tea come to mind when it is mentioned, we can say that it has many features as of its deep-rooted history. We cannot ignore the places to visit and see, especially with local dishes, folk songs, folk dances and clothes. Well, Cultural Features of Adıyaman What? Let's continue to examine it in headings.

Adiyaman Local Dishes

Adiyaman local dishes Without a doubt, the first thing that comes to mind is raw meatballs. However, our province of Adıyaman also has many local dishes that have enthroned the hearts and appeal to every palate. Although we cannot list all of them, we will share the highlights with you. Well, Adiyaman's Local Dishes What are they? Let's take a look together.

  • Raw meatballs
  • Stuffed meatballs
  • Basalla (sour meatballs)
  • Poached egg
  • Lentil Meatballs
  • Dried fruit pulp
  • Sticking
  • Besni Grape

Folk Songs of Adıyaman

Adiyaman's folk songs These are the folk songs that have been sung from the past to the present and that we still hum. These folk songs sometimes present a love, sometimes heroism, and sometimes the conditions of the period. To you "My golden ring broke" Let's list the other folk songs that come to the forefront and we have chosen by sharing a section we have chosen from the folk song named.

"My golden ring broke, oy
It fell into the water, the water stopped, ayy
They said tomorrow has come too
Thin also my waist is broken "

  • I Cry (Strange Expatriate Attain)
  • My Gold Ring Is Broken
  • Earn A Amel While the Opportunity Is Given
  • The spring of my life has passed
  • Don't Go Turnam They Will Shoot
  • Ayaz Bride Lady
  • Two Girls Go To The Wedding
  • Man is an Oman
  • I flew a hawk from castle to castle
  • Summer is here.

Adiyaman's Local Dress and Folk Dances

Adiyaman's Local Clothing It is similar to the surrounding provinces. In men; Shirt, Fortybutton, Shalwar, Girdle, Aba - Sako, Socks, Çarık - Yemeni, Mountain Wire - Slippers and Handkerchief. In women; Underwear Shirt, Bodysuit, Üçetek, Shalwar, Apron, Belt, Socks, Çarık - Yemeni, Slipper (Headscarf), Silver Crown, Push and Linen are used. Looking at Adıyaman's folk dances, Hospitality (Grani), Düz (Chechen girl), Galuç, Guvend, Kelek, Rişko, Sinsin (Sim sim), Teşi, Tirge, Üçayak, Beş foot, Gemi-Kelek, Helican, Koçeri and Tek legs are among the main folk dances.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Adıyaman

Historical places of Adıyaman and cultural features We tried to give information about the headlines. If you want to visit this beautiful city or if you have come to this beautiful city, there are many places you can visit. We will list the popular ones. I am sure you will like it too. Ok then Historical places of Adıyaman what is it

  • Nemrut Mountain
  • Adiyaman Museum
  • Perre Ancient City
  • Pirin Ruins
  • Adiyaman Castle
  • Tille Mound
  • Montenegro Urban Forest
  • Salt Inn
  • Eskisaray Mosque
  • Arsemia Ancient City
  • Oturakçı Bazaar
  • Gerger Castle


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