Cultural Features and Values of Afyonkarahisar


Cultural Features and Values of Afyonkarahisar, Its historical artifacts, natural beauty and warm-blooded people have been a matter of curiosity for many of us.

Cultural characteristics and values of Afyonkarahisar, its architectural works, natural beauties and historical texture are wondered and explored by many people. With all these features, this distinguished city, which is visited by domestic and foreign tourists every year, continues to fascinate many people. In addition to this, it has managed to impress many people with its folk songs, folk dances and local clothes. If we tried to write all the features, I guess we will not be able to fit them on the pages. Therefore, we will try to convey the features that stand out about this beautiful city in short and titles. Well, Cultural characteristics and values of Afyonkarahisar Let's see what happened.

Features of Afyonkarahisar

Afyonkarahisar features, As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, there are too many to publish all of them. However, we will briefly mention all the good information you can obtain about this beautiful city in the form of titles. If there is an issue that you want us to add or correct, it will be enough to indicate in the comment section. You can be sure that we will return during the day and make the necessary additions and corrections. In addition, if you want to get information about a different city, you can see all the details about our Kocaeli province. can reach from our article.

Information About Afyonkarahisar

Afyonkarahisar information about It is presented to you as a result of the resources we have acquired and researched. As we mentioned in you, if there is a feature and value that you want us to add, or if there is something you want us to correct, you can specify in the comment section. Our city of Afyonkarahisar, which has the license plate number 03, has recently managed to become the center of attention of many local and foreign tourists. There are 17 districts, each more beautiful and valuable than the other. Let's start our article by listing these districts.

Districts of Afyonkarahisar;

  1. Headmaker
  2. Stale
  3. Bolvadin
  4. Tea
  5. Shepherds
  6. Dazkırı
  7. Dinar
  8. Emirdag
  9. Evciler
  10. Teachers
  11. Ihsaniye
  12. Iscehisar
  13. Kizilören
  14. Boxed
  15. Xinjiang
  16. Sultandagi
  17. Suhut

Population and Geographical Location of Afyonkarahisar

Afyonkarahisar population 2020 It is estimated to be 717,000 people according to year data. Afyonkarahisar has very fertile lands with its geographical location. The main source of income of our Afyonkarahisar province is agriculture and animal husbandry. Agriculture is based on the cultivation of grains, especially wheat, barley and sunflower. Poppy and sugar beet are the leading industrial crops. Our Afyonkarahisar province is located in the Inner West Anatolia Section of the Aegean Region. When we look at the border neighbors of our city of Afyonkarahisar; Eskişehir in the north, Kütahya in the northwest, Konya in the east, Uşak in the west, Burdur in the south, Isparta in the southeast and Denizli in the southwest.

Historical and Cultural Features of Afyonkarahisar

The history of Afyonkarahisar, very based on past years. This beautiful city, which has a very deep-rooted history, was founded in BC. II. It has managed to survive from the century to the present. Our city of Afyonkarahisar, which is a very important place with its geographical location, has hosted many civilizations, civilizations and empires. Even considering this situation, we can see how rich it has cultural features. We will explain these cultural features to you under headings.

Afyonkarahisar Cultural Features
Afyonkarahisar Cultural Features

Cultural Features of Afyonkarahisar

Cultural characteristics of Afyonkarahisar Although the first ones that come to mind when it is mentioned are Poppy, Kaymak, Afyon Sausage, Afyon Marble, Çağlayan Promenade, İscehisar Rocks, Bayat Kilims, Hüdai, Gazlıgöl, Dinar and Sandıklı Spas, this beautiful city has many beautiful cultural riches. At the beginning of these, there are local dishes, folk dances and places to visit. Well, Cultural characteristics of Afyonkarahisar what are Let's look at the headlines.

Afyonkarahisar Local Dishes

Afyonkarahisar local dishes Today it is famous for its taste. We recommend these local dishes, which are suitable for every taste and very tasty, to everyone. We will list the highlights and our own choices among these dishes that you will definitely try and get a recipe if you get in your way. Request Afyonkarahisar's local dishes;

  • Parsley Meal
  • Knotted Poppy Dessert
  • Bulgur Vaccine
  • Solta Rice
  • Çullama Meatballs
  • Poppy Donut
  • My höhmer
  • Sakala Multiplier Soup
  • Uzbek Rice
  • Emirdag Casserole
  • Noodle Baklava

Folk Songs of Afyonkarahisar

Folk Songs of Afyonkarahisar It continues to be popular today. When we look at it, it is possible to find love in some folk songs, heroism in some folk songs, and traces of life in some folk songs. To you "I Was A Top Snow On The Top Of The Supreme Mountain" Let's list the other folk songs we have chosen by sharing a section we have chosen from the folk song named.

"I Was A Top Snow On The Top Of The Supreme Mountain
The Sun Struck Ilgit Ilgit I Melted
I was the lover of tomorrow
Now I'm the Minister from Far Far Away "

  • I have not overcome Emirdag at the beginning
  • Today is Sunday
  • Summon Efes
  • Derebey Folk Song
  • Isn't The Front Of Their Houses Stony
  • Emirdag folk song
  • Threshing Place Age Place
  • Between Two Graves
  • Black Tent
  • I'm at the head of the ladder
  • Ten Coins I Found On Sandıklı Road
  • I Was A Ball Of Snow On The Top Of The Supreme Mountain
  • Zührem

Afyonkarahisar's Local Attire and Folk Dances

Afyonkarahisar's Local Clothes It is similar to the surrounding areas. fez wrapped around (tasseled) pouch, Shirt (squeezing vest), broadcloth, baggy trousers, glitter - embroidered pocket with sleeves, sleeveless pocket, vest (cammadan), shawl, seven - color sash, Dolak (knitted long wool socks), leggings ( knee pad) - sandals, yemeni are used. When we look at the folk dances of Afyonkarahisar, in the middle of Afyon, Afyon zeybegi, Basbas zeybegi, Çaykenarı zeybeek, Entwined, Hatcam came out, Hezin hezin, Ignite branches, Kadılar zeybeek, Teke zeybek, Al writing zeybek, Erenler zeybek, Threshing ground, Teke zeybek and Becomes green It is among the main folk dances.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Afyonkarahisar

Historical places of Afyonkarahisar and cultural features We tried to give you brief and concise information about it above. If this beautiful city is included in your travel and vacation plan, or if you are on your way, there are places we recommend you to visit, although we cannot list them all. You can choose these places too. Ok then Historical places and cultural characteristics of Afyonkarahisar what is it

  • Ömer Thermal Spring
  • Dokimaia Ancient City
  • Herb Market Mosque
  • Gedik Ahmet Pasha Madrasa
  • Grand Mosque
  • Goynus Valley Open Air Temple
  • Sandikli Castle
  • Kaaba Masjid
  • Karacamal Cave
  • Tea Caravanserai
  • Yedikapılar Monastery
  • Memeç Kaya Church
  • Gazlıgöl Hot Springs
  • Avdalas Castle
  • Ayazini Church
  • Amorium Ancient City
  • Saricayır Rock Tombs
  • İhsaniye Döğer Ruins
  • Apameia Ancient City
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