Cultural Characteristics and Values of Ağrı


Cultural Characteristics and Values of Ağrı From the past to the present, our city has been a very curious city with its historical and natural beauties.

Cultural characteristics and values of Ağrıis a city that is highly researched with its history-smelling streets, natural beauties, warm-blooded people and architectural structure. Our city of Ağrı, which hosts many local and foreign tourists every year with its cultural richness and nature sports, also stands out with its local dishes. In addition, it has succeeded in impressing people with its folk dances, cultural folk songs, local clothes and places to visit. In this article, we will try to convey the prominent information about our city of Ağrı under the headings. Well, Cultural characteristics and values of Ağrı what are Let's see it all together.

Features of Ağrı

The features of Ağrı, The resources we have researched and the information we have obtained are compiled and presented to you. If we try to convey all the information, I guess we will not be able to fit it on the pages. Therefore, we will try to convey brief and brief information to you in headings. If there is a subject that you want us to add or remove, it will be enough to tell us in the comments section. In addition, if you want to reach the cultural characteristics of a different city, you can visit all cultural features of Diyarbakır. You can reach from our article.

Information About Pain

pain information about As the cultural buffalo will increase our knowledge, it also teaches us what we need to know about this distinguished city. Our province of Ağrı, which has a long history, has succeeded in fascinating many people with its cultural heritage from the past to the present. Well, let's start sharing information about our city of Ağrı. Our city of Ağrı, which has the license plate number 04, has 8 districts, each more beautiful than the other.

Districts of Agri;

  1. Diyadin
  2. Dogubayazit
  3. Eleşkirt
  4. Dough
  5. Center
  6. Patnos
  7. Stone tea
  8. Grip

The Population and Geographical Location of Ağrı

Ağrı population 2020 It is estimated to be 538,000 people according to the year data. The main sources of income of our Ağrı province, which has very fertile lands with its geographical location, are trade, agriculture, animal husbandry and tourism. We can say that generally wheat, barley, fodder crops and a small number of sugar beets are cultivated as agricultural products. In addition, we can add that fruit and vegetable cultivation is very little. When we look at the border neighbors of Ağrı, which is located in the Eastern Anatolia Region; We see that it has borders with Kars and Iğdır in the North, Erzurum and Muş in the West, Bitlis and Van in the South, and Iran in the East.

Historical and Cultural Features of Ağrı

Of Agri historical It has a very long history. Our city of Ağrı, which is the transit base of migration tribes from Central Asia, has hosted many civilizations with this feature. It is said that Ağrı has been used as a settlement since 1340-1200 BC. As a result of the excavations and archaeological researches, we can easily say that it is a very old settlement. Our city of Ağrı, which has brought many cultural heritage from the past to the present, presents us its cultural richness with this deep-rooted history.

Cultural characteristics of Ağrı
Cultural characteristics of Ağrı

Cultural Features of Ağrı

Cultural characteristics of Ağrı Although the first ones that come to mind when it is mentioned are Mount Ararat, İshak Pasha Palace, Fish Lake, Meteorite Pit, Gürbulak Border Gate and Günbıldı Caves, it contains many cultural riches and historical heritage along with its deep-rooted history. We will try to convey all these cultural features and values to you under headings. Well, What are the cultural characteristics of Ağrı? Let's take a look together.

Ağrı Local Dishes

Agri local dishes, With its unique aroma and flavor, it continues to be the choice of many people. We think that Ağrı meals, where you can find a taste for every taste, will be indispensable. Although we cannot list all local dishes, the local foods that stand out in Ağrı and we choose ourselves are;

  • Hengel
  • Size
  • Noodle
  • Well
  • Kete
  • Kitty
  • Egirdek
  • Dough Oiling
  • Flour Halva
  • Hasude
  • Bulgur Rice
  • Sheet roast
  • Abdigor Meatballs
  • Sahan Kebab
  • Goshteberg
  • Mendic

Folk Songs of Ağrı

Songs of Ağrı It continues to be spoken from languages to languages from the past to the present. These folk songs, which are still popular today, offer us some love, sometimes heroism, and sometimes traces of the life of the age. To you "I flew from Mount Ararat" Let's list the other folk songs by sharing a section we have chosen from the folk song named.

"I flew from Mount Ararat,
I Fell On The Meadow Grass.
What a Troubled Head I Have,
I fell unfaithful. "

  • I flew from Mount Ararat
  • Buy Shawl Green Shawl
  • Come From the Chimney From the Chimney
  • I went out to Çeşme
  • Wake Up Good Morning Is The Morning
  • Violin Bow Thin Brow
  • Down The Ladder
  • Inheritance Is Not Right
  • They Call You Troubled Pain
  • Those mountains, the mountains with gates
  • Get Gasses Out of Yoncali Çayıra

Local Clothing of Ağrı and Folk Dances

Local Clothing of Ağrı It is similar to the surrounding areas. In men; Frank Shirt, Vest, Trousers - Shalwar, Kaytan, Kneeling - Socks, Anklet, Cone - Papak - Şakpa, Collar, Pocket and Belt are used. In women; Entari, Vest, Palaska, Apron, Armrest, Socks, Belted Shoes, Kofi-Hotoz-Scarf, Shalwar and Cepken are used. Looking at the folk dances of Ağrı, Atabarı, Basso, Çimençiçek, Koççeri, Laççi, Lorke, Papuri, Sallama, Yallı - Yelli (Hesiko), Zeyniko - Zeyno, Çoban Ali, Kazkaz, Coaching, Tillara and Yüksel are among the main folk dances.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Ağrı

Historical places of Ağrı and its cultural features, With its natural beauties and historical places, it has managed to become the center of attention of many people. Although we cannot list all the places, you can visit the places we have chosen if you think about visiting Ağrı or if you come to our city of Ağrı. Well, let's see what are the historical places and cultural characteristics of Ağrı.

  • Ishak Pasha Palace
  • Dogubeyazit Castle
  • Beyazıt Old Mosque
  • Meya (Gunbul) Cave
  • Mount Ararat
  • Ahmet Hani Tomb
  • Avnik Castle
  • Eleşkirt Güneykaya Ski Resort
  • Diyadin Hot Springs
  • Girik Tepe
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