What is Wood Art? How is it done?


What is Wood Art? How is it done? This unique pursuit, which has become an invaluable art for hobby seekers, is of interest to many.

What is Wood Art? and How to Make Wood Art? His questions have become a very interesting topic. Today, many people are engaged in the art of wood for both hobby and breadwinner. Wood is among the most important products known and used by everyone. For many people, dealing with woodwork in order to relieve their nerves and stress becomes a source of income for many people. Many of those who look at nature as an art process a piece of wood to give it meaning and turn it into a wonder of art. Wood carving has always been cherished in Turkish culture, especially since the past. In our society, wood is generally used among elements such as doors, mihrabs, window borders and balcony railing. In addition to these, the skeleton of many products such as wooden cabinets, drawers, dowry chests and coffee tables is made of wood.

What is Wood Art?

The art of wood, which has survived from the past to the present, has managed to turn into a craft with skillful hands. The name given to people who do woodworking is naccard. Walnut, apple, cedar, oak and pear trees are generally used in woodworking. In addition to these, ebony, hornbeam and rose trees are among the most used trees in woodworking. Wood carving has had a great importance throughout the Turkish-Ottoman history and has succeeded in leaving great artifacts behind. If you are in search of a hobby, you can learn more about Marbling Art. https://www.aylakbilgin.com/ebru-sanati-nedir-nasil-yapilir-294/ You can reach from our article.

Materials Used in Wood Art

Wood art, in other words, is known as a highly inseparable duo together with the material and technique used in the art of carving. The quality of the material you use and the technique you apply will take you to the best and the best. Let me list some of the materials used in the art of carving.

  • Knob
  • Carving Knife
  • Carving Pens
  • Skin
  • Emery
  • Metal Shine Cream
  • Fret saw

In addition to the materials we have mentioned above, the type of wood you will use is also very important. Walnut, mahogany, mulberry, hornbeam, olive, wenge and rose trees are generally used in the art of carving. In addition, some sets of carving art will be useful for you.

How to Make Wood Art?

How to Make Wood Art?

Wood art is generally the work of shaping something by cutting it around and inside, provided that the surface is flat. The most beautiful elements that decorate the art of wood are motifs. Wood art is made as intertwined patterns. These motifs are sometimes made simply and sometimes as carved and ornamented. In Turkish - Ottoman history, these motifs are generally seen and known by everyone on a cane head hammer. Wood art is usually created with a carving pen or nail, provided that the motif is made. Many techniques are used on wood art. These techniques; Kündekari are techniques such as flat surface deep carving, round line carving, double-layered relief and openwork technique. These motifs are decorated by painting with madder.

What are the Key Points of Wood Art?

Although the art of wood contains some technical knowledge, the job is completely completed in the labor and hand skill of the master. It will be a great advantage to learn many techniques such as Kündekari, false kundekari and openwork technique in wood art and to use quality materials at this stage. Let's give you the names of the most used techniques;

  • Techniques Used in Wood Art
  • Kündekari Technique
  • Liar Kündekari
  • Flat Surface (Surface) Deep Carving Technique
  • Round Surface Deep Carving Technique
  • Double Layer Relief Technique
  • Openwork Technique
  • Painting Technique on Wood

In addition to the issues we have mentioned above, the main point of this job is patience. Even if you think that you have wasted a lot of wood in your first works, you will realize how beautiful and important the work you have done with time and determination is. In this process, your patience and determination to work as much as you can will lead you to success.

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