What is Action Figure Collection? How to Make a Collection?


Do you remember the epic battles you won and your wild Adventures with your first GI Joe? Does the memory of your Ninja Turtle collection make a smile on your face? If so, action figures might be the right choice for you. An action figure collection allows you to relive those childhood memories every time you open your showcase or add a new action figure.

Action figures are not only fun and rewarding but also a great investment. Many action figures are valuable collector's items. An excellent collection of properly preserved rare action figures can easily be sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Remember that your new collection will be worth a few hundred dollars at best. Building a valuable action figure collection takes years of research, collection, and maintenance.

Your collection can focus on a favorite movie, book, comic book, TV show or cartoon. Don't collect anything just because it's valuable. Your action figure collection is your opportunity to celebrate a theme that matters to you. The more you enjoy finding each addition, the better your collection will be.

Wherever you go, keep your eyes peeled. Who knows what you'll find in a dusty box in a dark corner? Not every action figure is for everyone. Do not be discouraged if another collector sends you to the store. A Superman fan can take advantage of that old petroleum crisis Action Man you've been dreaming of for years.

What is an Action Figure?

GI Joe's entry into the toy market resulted in the term "action figures" rather than trying to market dolls for boys. So it's important that an action figure is not confused with a figurine or a doll. While there is some overlap between the three, each category has certain features that are not found in any of the other types of shapes.

Action figures are defined by the following features:

- A minimum of 3 possible points. Movable arms, legs, knees, feet, hands, neck and waist are all considered suitable parts. - Minimum 3 ”and maximum 11” length. - Accessories are plastic or plastic garments with fabric inserts. The action figure cannot be completely peeled off. Action figures stand out from the crowd with their action and accessory innovations as well as their ability to move. As the action figures are typically part of a themed series, they are particularly suitable for collectors.

Action Figures History

In the last fifty years, action figures have come a long way. In the mid-sixties, action figures were exclusively military-themed toys. Over time, the action figures have evolved to include millions of extremely popular innovative toys. Nowadays, action figures are as popular in the adult collector's market as they are in the under-12 market.

Well-developed themes and associated accessories of action figures attract more and more retail attention every year. Think about the name of an action movie or comic, and you'll undoubtedly find one or two action figures designed just for fans. Action figures are so popular that Transformers, one of America's highest grossing movies of all time, was based on the Transformer action figure.


Getting started with your action figure collection is easy and at a reasonable cost. If you start with the right foot and stick to your plan, you'll never find yourself under piles of useless plastic trash. Instead, you will develop a collection of action figures that you love.


Before you get started, find out which action figures you are interested in. Do you only care about Superman or do you prefer the complexity of transforming action figures? Choose one or two themes to get started with your collection. You can find lists of action figures associated with each theme, including their availability, attributes, and values. If you get too far away from these themes, your collection will become non-directional and disorganized.

Research and Collect

Search online research and magazines to find the parts you are looking for. Don't buy every action figure you find. For example, you can find a hundred Transformers in a shop dedicated to action figures. Instead of spending your life savings on purchasing the store's inventory, choose one or two of your favorite items to add to your collection. Not only will your collection stay true to your theme, you will only have action figures in your showcase that you really like.

Action Figure Conditions

As you research flea markets and online auctions for the perfect additions to your action figure collection, you can use the status scale below to determine the quality of what you find. There are ten levels of conditions. Many of them are grouped in pairs. The lower numbers are the lower part of the condition level and the higher the number the better case at each level. If you are practical you can choose some action figures at lower levels as restoration projects. There is some confusion regarding terminology. Many argue that the perfect and near-perfect action figure should contain original packaging. Always check the packaging of a product before purchasing it. If specified, a standalone action figure may come without the original packaging.

  • C10: Perfect Condition: These action figures are in perfect condition with no dirt, discoloration or damage. Many collectors agree that action figures in excellent condition will have their accessories and original packaging.
  • C8-9: Near Perfect Condition: Action figures close to this state are clean and undamaged. However, they may not have packages or are missing accessories.
  • C6-7: Very Good Condition: These action figures feature wear and tear exactly to a used toy in good condition. The damage is minor and repairable. All accessories may be missing.
  • C4-5: Good Condition: These action figures have certain wear and tear. They rarely include their accessories. However, they are repairable and still valuable.
  • C2-3: Bad Situation: A collector holding an item in poor condition will likely leave it in that state. These figures often contain significant breaks and are in very poor condition. However, all limbs must be present.
  • C1: Very Bad Situation: Action figures in very bad condition are considered trash. These figures may have missing parts, severe breaks, large discolorations and excessive wear.

Cool Places to Find Action Figures

Some action figures are only available in select stores. Others are no longer in production and must be hunted. There are many great places to search for the next gem in your collection. If you don't succeed, keep trying. Action figures will appear unexpectedly at a thrift store or flea market stand.

  • Comic Book Stores
  • Comic Book Meetings
  • Online Auctions
  • Garage Sales
  • Second Hand Stores
  • Flea Markets
  • Antique Stores

Whichever approach you use to find your action figures, don't forget to have fun and enjoy your action figure collection.

Showcase and Protect Your Collection

Protect your investment while building your action figure collection. Failure to properly store your action figures can cause significant damage. Even if you don't plan to sell any of the action figures, if they turn into a molten gray speck, they will no longer have the appeal.

Follow these tips to ensure a long life for your action figures:

  1. Keep all action figures out of the sun. Many plastics shrink and bend when exposed to direct sunlight. Action figures are known to turn into humpbacks or pancakes in sunny windows. Dyes and colors also fade when exposed to sunlight. Action figure packaging is particularly susceptible to damage in sunlight.
  2. Avoid heat and humidity. Heat will have the same effect as sunlight. Moisture can cause mold, dampness, condensation and melting of the package. If your collection is stored in a basement, a dehumidifier may be all you need to prevent moisture damage to your collection.
  3. Protect the action figures from dust and dirt. Action figures have moving parts and fine details. Dust and dirt will accumulate at joints and tissues. Not only does this look bad, it can both age your figure and damage your action figure irreversibly.

Action Figure Storage and Display

While building your collection, you will undoubtedly want to showcase some of your precious pieces. You can purchase several different display systems. Glass displays are a great option as they protect your action figures from dirt, dust, and moisture. If you don't have showcases, you can also use bookshelves or any other shelving unit. Some collectors like to build displays that mimic those found in comic shops. Every action figure with box can be hung on the wall with a hook.

Cleaning Action Figures

A simple dusting may be enough for your collection. However, if you buy a new piece or your collection needs some spring cleaning, follow these instructions to avoid unnecessary damage to any of the action figures.

  • Fill a bowl with slightly lukewarm water. Do not use hot water under any circumstances. Your action figure becomes soft and can be damaged during cleaning.
  • Soak your action figure in lukewarm water for at least five minutes. This will allow the accumulated debris to soften and loosen.
  • Gently brush your action figure using a small, soft-bristled brush (a powder brush or toothbrush works well) and a small amount of moisturizer-free soap.
  • Let the action figure rest for at least a minute while covered with soap.
  • After the action figure gets wet, brush it thoroughly to remove tough dirt and debris from the joints and grooves.
  • Thoroughly rinse the action figure by rotating it under water to remove the soap from the joint seats.
  • Dry it and let it dry in a cool, dry place for 12 hours. Do not dry your action figure in the sun or with a blow dryer. You can destroy your action figure.

Action Figure Value: Evaluation and Insurance

Whether you plan to sell your collection or not, knowing the value of action figures can be important. Without an accurate assessment, your collection has no value in the eyes of an insurance company.


Do not charge your action figures by a dealer. Dealers buy and sell for profit. Dealer ratings almost always result in a lower value than the actual action figure. Online evaluations will have a similar result. If the evaluator cannot look closely at the action figure, a good evaluation cannot be made. If you choose to have your action figure collection evaluated, independent assessors certified by the International Association of Assessors (ISA) are your best option.


Your landlord or tenant insurance does not cover the full value of an action figure collection. Many insurance companies will require you to purchase a separate policy for any collectible product. However, if you manage to receive any compensation, the coverage offered by these policies is low.

You can purchase collectible insurance if your policy is worth more than a few thousand dollars. Unlike personal property policies, collection insurance covers products that can be shipped or shipped anywhere in the world.

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