How Much is the Minimum Wage in Germany 2020


What is the Minimum Wage in Germany? The question is 2020 with year data minimum wage Although it seems like a lot In germany living standards have increased considerably

Minimum wage to buy It is one of the topics that the workers who will go to work are very curious. With its official name, the Federal Republic of Germany, which is shown as the production center of Europe, it is very impressive with the salary it provides. You too In germany wants to work and minimum wage If you are wondering about the amount, you can find all the details in our article.

What is the Minimum Wage in Germany 2020

Minimum Wage in Germany 2020 It has reached a very good number by being updated as of year. In Germany, since 2014, the minimum wage has been updated at the beginning of each year within the scope of the Minimum Wage Law. These updated fees are highly curious and investigated by our citizens. In titles for you Minimum in Germany we will refer to the fee amount.

What is the Average Salary in Germany?

Average salary in GermanyThe job varies according to the sector. As a result of an analysis conducted in 2015, it was determined that the average salary of all employees was around 2,155 Euros. But every year increases to the minimum wage 2020 has increased this average in the year. Engineering salaries in Germany range from 4 to 5 thousand Euros. In professions such as doctor, lawyer and economist, this salary varies between 5 and 10 thousand Euros. 2020 Germany for the year of the nurse recruitment You can reach from our article.

How to Get a Minimum Wage in Germany?

Minimum wage in Germany the higher the cost, the higher the standard of living. While you can easily make a living in our country in exchange for the minimum wage you will receive in Germany, we cannot say the same for Germany. If you want to live with the minimum wage, you should definitely pay attention to your rental price and shopping amounts. Let us give you some information about prices.

  • Average rent for 1 month in Germany = 689.33 €
  • 1 Pair of Leather Shoes = 103,13 €
  • Dress = 32,60 €
  • Tomatoes = 2,62 €
  • Cheese = 8.97 €
  • Water = 1,80 €
  • For an inexpensive restaurant = 10.00 €

How Much is the Minimum Wage in Germany 2020

Minimum Wage in Germany 2020 As of year, it is approximately 1.498 Euros. Although this amount varies according to subcontractor and permanent workers, there is no difference in terms of social rights. Subcontractors and permanent workers have equal rights. You can earn good money by keeping accommodation and shopping expenses to a minimum. If we calculate from the current exchange rate of 6, Minimum wage in Germany It corresponds to approximately 8.988 TL.


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