Cultural Features and Values of Antalya


Cultural Features and Values of Antalya Recently, it has been attracted by many local and foreign tourists and it has been very curious.

Cultural characteristics and values of Antalyahas succeeded in fascinating many local and foreign people with its historical and natural beauties, friendly people, clean sea and beautiful beach. Unfortunately, we cannot share all the information about this beautiful city, which has rich cultural features along with its deep-rooted history. However, you will be able to reach many features from local dishes to clothes, from history to geographical location, from folk songs to folk dances through our article. Well, Cultural characteristics and values of Antalya Let's see what happened.

Features of Antalya

Features of Antalya As we mentioned in our article, it is too much to remember. Although we cannot share all the features, you will find many details you need to know about this beautiful city in our article. Also, if there is an issue that you want us to add or correct, it will be sufficient to state this in the comment section. In addition, if you want to get information about a different province, you can find all the details about our province of Mardin. You can reach from our article.

Information about Antalya

Information about Antalya It was compiled as a result of the resources we obtained and researched and presented to you, our valuable readers. In addition, if there is an issue that you want us to add or need to correct, it will be sufficient to state it in the comment. Our city of Antalya, which has the license plate number 07, hosts a very busy tourist mass every year. Let's list the districts of this distinguished city, which has 19 beautiful and valuable districts.

Districts of Antalya;

  1. Akseki
  2. Aksu
  3. Alanya
  4. Demre
  5. Dosemealti
  6. Apple
  7. Finike
  8. Gazipasa
  9. Gundogmus
  10. Ibradi
  11. eyebrow
  12. Belt
  13. Kepez
  14. Konyaalti
  15. Korkuteli
  16. Kumluca
  17. Manavgat
  18. Muratpasa
  19. Serik

Population and Geographical Location of Antalya

Population of Antalya 2020 Considering the data for the year, it is estimated as 2,366 million. In addition, there are many local and foreign tourists accompanying this population. Our city of Antalya, which has very fertile lands due to its geographical location, gives life to the economy with the greenhouses established and the food produced. Considering the border neighbors of Antalya located in the Mediterranean Region; To the south are the Mediterranean, to the east, İçel, Konya and Karaman, to the north, Isparta and Burdur, to the west, Muğla.

Historical and Cultural Features of Antalya

History of Antalya Although it is not known exactly, it is said to have a very long history in the information obtained and the researches. II. Claiming to be founded by Attalos and being an independent city with the end of the kingdom of Pergamon (133 BC), Antalya has hosted many civilizations and civilizations. It is possible to come across many ancient cities and old settlements in the city. Even when we look at it in this form, we can see how rich cultural structure our city has.

Cultural Features and Values of Antalya

Cultural Features of Antalya

Cultural characteristics of Antalya Düden-Kurşunlu-Manavgat Waterfalls, Dim-Damlataş-Karain Caves, Olympos-Beydağları-Köprülü Canyon National Parks, Konyaaltı-Lara-Patara Beaches, Turunçgil and Greenhouse Production and Alanya, Side, Manavgat, Kemer, Kalkan, Although there are tourism centers such as Kaş, Historical Kaleiçi Houses, Golden Orange Film Competition, Cut Flower Production, Aspendos, Perge, Fhaselis, Termessos and Olympos Ancient Cities, it contains many cultural riches and values. Let's explain them in headings.

Local Dishes of Antalya

Local dishes of Antalya They are very tasty and suitable for all tastes. This beautiful city, which hosts many local and foreign tourists every year, also makes a strong impression with its dishes. Although we cannot list all local dishes, we will share with you the prominent dishes of our city of Antalya.

  • Kölle (Boiled Wheat, Beans, Chickpeas and Broad Beans)
  • Hair Roast
  • Tomato Civesi
  • Hibeş
  • Arapaşı
  • Tandoori Kebab
  • Bergamot
  • Bergamot jam
  • Stuffed zucchini flowers
  • Cowpea Salad
  • Taurus Salad (Al Embers-Al Eye)
  • Laba
  • Eggplant Jam
  • Gömbe Ice Cream
  • Tarhana soup

Folk Songs of Antalya

Folk Songs of Antalya Sometimes his heroism, sometimes his loves, sometimes he provides us with information about the period in which he lived. These folk songs, which have been able to reach since the past years, are still popular today. Let's share with you a section we selected from the folk song called purple grape of Antalya and other folk songs that stand out.

“Antalya's purple grape
Lovers tall
Imam's little daughter
When I'm dizzy, when
Will the arms around you get tired?

  • Rosary of my Osman
  • Between Kalkan and Kapıtaş
  • Red Camel Purple Cornered
  • I Bought One Kilo of Chestnut, Fifty
  • Happens in streams
  • I Filled The Test From Tea
  • I Could Not Take The Migration Of The Akça Girl
  • A My Daughter To You
  • Alyazma (Tea Is Mine, My Fountain)
  • If I Go On The Roof
  • Dinar Road
  • Purple Grape of Antalya
  • Look Over The Side Is Coming

Local Attire and Folk Dances of Antalya

Local clothes of Antalya the environment is similar to the region. In women; Göynek, göcek, triple skirt - zubun bodysuit, apron, fermile - fermene, girdle, fez, crepe, uladu veil, tan, linen ear, long ceki al, ceki, ilmecer, dulakcak, scaly ball, socks and shoes. In men; Don, kneepads, shirts, fillers - piercing, armament, camel, pocket, leggings, shoes, fez, workshops and boots are preferred. Looking at the folk dances of Antalya;Al yaz Yazeybek, Antalya's purple grape, Antalya zeybe, Gölhisar zeybeği, Hasanbey zeybeği, Kabardıç, Mengi, Sektirme, Serik lively zeybe, Yayla paths, Gönen zeybeği, Karasu zeybeği, Menevşesi pinch pinch, Yellow zeybek descends from the descent and Serenler zeybeği It is among the main folk dances.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Antalya

Historical places and cultural features of Antalya it is too many to end by counting. As you know, this beautiful city, which has been visited by many local and foreign tourists and followed with admiration, especially during the tourism season, is also known for its places to visit and see. We will list some of the places you can visit and see in our city of Antalya.

  • Historical Kaleiçi
  • Christmas father church
  • Fluted Minaret
  • Myra Ancient City
  • Historic Port
  • Termessos Ancient City
  • Hadrian's Gate
  • Olympos Ancient City
  • Phaselis Ancient City
  • the Apollon Temple
  • Aspendos theatre
  • Perge Ancient City
  • Xanthos Ancient City
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