What is the Art of Copperwork? How is it done?


What is the Art of Copperwork? How is it done? The question is that they will work on copper art and it is a matter of curiosity for those who want to make money from this business.

Copper art, It is the name given to make items from copper. We know that many household items and ornaments are produced with coppersmithing. The main products are boilers, jugs, basins, bowls, pots, taca, sahan, bakers, barbecue, pitcher and tray. In addition, many used household items and interesting ornaments are produced. In this article for you What is coppersmith art? How is it done? We will give detailed information by answering the questions.

What is the Art of Copperwork?

What is the Art of Copperwork? We tried to answer the question a little bit in the introduction. The history of coppersmithing, which is used in many fields, is very old and has managed to attract the attention of many people, especially the course subjects. One of the oldest types of art from the past to the present day Coppersmith art We will try to cover all the details as much as we can in our article about. In addition, detailed information about the art of Tombak, a type of fine art similar to coppersmithing. https://www.aylakbilgin.com/tombak-sanati-nedir-nasil-yapilir-1428/ You can reach from our article.

Definition of Copperwork Art

Brief description of coppersmith art if necessary; The art of coppersmithing is a profession that enables copper to be processed using various techniques and transformed into household and ornamental items. Generally, as we mentioned at the beginning of our article, products such as esti, basin, bowl, pots, taca, sahan, bakrac, barbecue, pitcher and tray are produced. In addition, very interesting and decorative ornaments are also produced.

What is the History of Copperwork Art?

History of coppersmithing art Although it is not known exactly, it is known that it has been used for many years and reached today. It is known that the first findings regarding the existence of mining date back to 10 thousand years ago and these findings were detected in Çayönü in Anatolia. Considering that copper is also used here, we can easily say that coppersmithing has reached the present day from the history of mining.

Who Are the Artists of the Copperwork Art?

Who are the artists of the coppersmith art? When we investigate the question, we can see that generally three names come to the fore on the sites. These; Ebu Burak, Selçuk Derinöz and Rozita Kasuto. But when we look at the back streets of our cities, we can see the deep-rooted coppersmiths ranging from grandfather to grandchild. Let us state that there are many anonymous and high quality copper masters and you will continue this profession for a long time, even though it is through factories.

Places where coppersmithing is found in our country

Places where coppersmithing is located in our country It is quite a lot in our country. One of the biggest reasons for this is that many civilizations such as the Hittites, Urartians, Phrygians, Romans and Byzantines gave importance to the copper art of Anatolian soils. Of course, the Ottoman Period, in which the most beautiful techniques were applied and the most popular was shown, has a great share in the survival of the art of coppersmithing. It is possible to see that the art of coppersmithing continues in many provinces in our country, especially in Konya, Mardin, Diyarbakır, Cizre, Erzincan and Erzurum, and that beautiful works are produced.

How to Make Copper Art?

How to Make Copper Art? Before answering the question, let's state that copper is mined as an ore. After the ore obtained from the copper mine is extracted, it goes through many stages in order to be processed. The process of making copper workable by softening it at high temperatures is called annealing. It should be noted that the copper art was first started to be made in Anatolia and after the annealing process, it was transferred to the desired molds, shaped and cooled and prepared for use.

What are Types and Techniques of Decorating the Art of Copperwork?

Types and Techniques of Decorating the Art of Copperwork actually varies according to the hand skill of the master. You can create the type of ornament and the technique you will use in the coppersmith art, but there are certain stages in this art. These;

Tattoo: The most used and preferred technique in copper forming is the forging technique. It is forged by turning the copper continuously with the help of a pull until it is shaped. When the given shape is completed, the forging process is terminated and other decoration stages are started.

Scraping: After the process of softening the copper by heating, the tip of the copper ware, which is shaped in a part, is shaped by scraping with the help of a flat and pointed metal. It is generally preferred when carving and scraping is carried out by applying coal dust. This process is called niello copper.

Forging with Staples: Staple tattoo art is generally preferred when applying relief copper art. It is a very common technique used by drawing shapes on copper objects and engraving and embossing the lines.

Materials Used in Copper Art

Materials used in copper art Looking at the past years, it is made by hand and nowadays as a result of mechanization. We will share the commonly used materials with you. If you want to make this art in your hobby room or small manufacturing house, it will make your job easier to acquire these materials. The materials used in the copper art are as follows;

  • Hammer
  • Staple
  • Drill
  • Hair Saw
  • Chisel
  • Meter
  • Scissors
  • Cutting, Bending, Crimping, Polishing Machines
  • Processing tools

How to Make Copper Art and Tips

Making of coppersmith art and trick points When you say, the first thing that comes to your mind should be the copper you will choose. Choosing the most suitable copper in the style that can be processed is the most important point of this work. The operations you will make on a quality copper will also make your item of high quality. Coppersmithing art making stages are as follows;

  • Copper should be selected according to the item to be made,
  • If ready copper is purchased, the determined shape should be drawn and cut,
  • If the copper is to be shaped by heating, the determined mold should be prepared,

If you have decided on one of the steps above, the next step you will do will be to shape your copper item. By shaping with the techniques we have mentioned above, you can finally perform the tinning process to remove the roughness.

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