How to Unblock a Bank?


How to Unblock a Bank? The question is a very important issue today both for the financial situation of people and for the execution of business and transactions.

How to Unblock a Bank? The question has become the most popular topic of recent times. People who are blocked in their bank accounts for various reasons are exposed to various obstacles, especially not being able to withdraw money, and even a criminal complaint is filed against them. Although banks generally block transactions in order to prevent transactions that they consider suspicious, they also block the bank account in accordance with the laws and precautions. In this article for you How is a bank blocked inquiry done? How to unblock a bank? and In what cases does the bank block the account? We will try to answer many questions like.

Bank Unblocking How is it done?

How to Unblock a Bank? We will try to convey information to you in titles regarding the process. If you think that the bank has unfairly blocked your account, there are a few methods you should follow. In addition, if you have been exposed to a different situation, you can share it with us in the comments section. We will try to help you as much as we can. In addition, we think that it will help people who are exposed to the same situation as you.

Blocking a Bank Account

Blocking the bank account, how to unblock the bank account? and in what cases does the bank block the account? It causes us to encounter many questions such as. There are many reasons why banks block your account. When we look at the main reasons, accounts are blocked for suspicious transactions, illegal transactions, precautionary and security reasons. In addition, it is possible to block your account due to legal transactions.

We also know that for those who obtain money illegally, accounts are blocked for many reasons, such as illegal betting, constant fees to accounts even if small amounts, or large amounts of money transfers abroad. In other words, we will understand that banks block your accounts for both legal regulations and security and precautionary purposes. So, how do we learn about this blocking and where can we remove it? Let's take a look at the details.

How to Unblock a Bank?

How to Unblock a Bank? The question is often investigated by individuals who have been unfairly blocked by the bank or for enforcement. When we look at it, we can see that the most popular is the blockages on salaries. In addition to this, there are also unfair blocking in banks.

In order to prevent the blocking process, you must first clarify whether your bank account is blocked or not. After clarifying this situation, you need to write a petition to the Executive Office for the removal of the blockages placed by enforcement or to the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency to remove the blockage unjustly imposed by the banks. Examples of these petitions You can reach from our article.

Is My Bank Account Blocked?

Is my bank account blocked? How can I learn? His questions have become very popular today. Sometimes banks block short-term accounts for security purposes and remove them automatically. If you want to know clearly whether your account is blocked or not, there are a few steps you should follow. In order to clarify this situation, the first way you will follow is contacting your bank. In addition, it is possible to find out whether your bank is blocked or not through the e lien application, which is a different method. So, if there is a blocked transaction, how do you remove it? Let's see it all together.

How to Unblock a Bank Account?

How to Unblock a Bank Account? In fact, the answer to the question is How to Unblock a Bank? We told it under our title. First of all, you need to determine why the blocking process is applied to you. If your account has been blocked due to your debt, the fastest way to prevent this is to reach the lawyer of the institution or organization that issued the execution and request that they give an undertaking of payment and remove the execution.

In addition, if your salary is cut more than your salary due to blockage due to unfair reasons, you can prevent this with a petition to the Enforcement Directorate or if you think your bank has unfairly blocked you, you can complain to the Bank Regulation and Supervision Agency about your bank. We have posted the link above, where you can reach the petitions regarding this. If you have a different problem, you can contact us in the comments section.

  1. Omar

    I am a salary customer of Garanti bank, I have debt to the bank, there is a blockade of my salaries, there is already a cut to someone else, how can I remove the block from the bank.

  2. Saim Önar

    I am a retired civil servant, my retirement account from Denuzbank has been blocked by Vakıfbank for the money that comes to my retirement account with EFT. This is legal.

  3. Saim Önar

    I am a retired civil servant. The money that came to my retirement account with EFT from Denuzbank has been blocked by Vakıfbank. This is legal.Note.I can use my retired salary.

    1. Aylak Bilgin

      Hello, we cannot give information about the segment related to EFT. There are many people who are in this situation and who are victims, but unfortunately we do not know if it is legal. Have you met with your bank?

  4. Mehmet

    Maaşımda hacız var işyerim borcum olan ve maaş haczınde 3.sırada bulunan banka maaş hesabıma bloke koymuş ve maaşımın %25 kesileçegini geri kalanın size iade edileçeğini söylüyor ne yapmalıyım

    1. Aylak Bilgin

      Hello, you can apply to the enforcement office. They will direct you from there.

  5. Bulent

    I already have 2 ssk + old joint attachment in my salary account, now the v office is blocked, what can I do?

    1. Aylak Bilgin

      Hello, you can make a request with the petition we have specified, if you have made it through the enforcement office.

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