Bilkent University Things to Know


Bilkent University Things to Know It is especially important for students who will enroll this year in terms of what they need to know and learn.

Bilkent University, founded in Ankara in 1984, is the first foundation university in our country. One of the primary aims of the university's foundation is to be among the best universities in the world among the subjects of education quality and scientific research. This is why the name of the university is Bilkent, which stands for City of Science. Among the dreams of students, Bilkent University is one of the leading universities with its service and education. As a result of the researches, it is among the 3 universities that provide the best education from our country. This situation leads many students to achieve the ideal and dream of studying at Bilkent University. Many issues related to Bilkent University such as education level, accommodation, transportation and meal fee have become the common curiosity of the students. We will try to answer all the questions about Bilkent University without further ado.

Things to Know About Bilkent University

The first thing to know about Bilkent University is that the education is in English. But here, Turkish education is given in some courses in Turkish, history and law faculties. Therefore, some departments have a preparatory class, while some departments do not have a preparatory class. Before starting the department with a preparatory class, you are subjected to an exam called COPE organized by Bilkent University. While students who get a grade of C and above in this exam are eligible to pass to the departments, students who cannot achieve this grade are taken into the English preparatory program.

Bilkent University Number of Students

Bilkent University, which has become the dream and target of many students today, is also very impressive with its student capacity. Considering the data of Bilkent University, the number of primary education students currently studying is 12,508. There are no secondary education students studying at Bilkent University.

How is Bilkent University Housing Status?

In addition to the number of students it hosts, Bilkent University is a very popular educational institution with its social and accommodation facilities. There are dormitories with a capacity of approximately 4500 students in the accommodation area consisting of a total of 26 buildings located at two separate points, the east campus and the central campus. To list briefly the features of Bilkent University Dormitory;

  • Rooms are for 1, 3 and 4 people. In addition, there is a choice of suites.
  • In the room; There is a single bed or bunk bed, wardrobe, bookcase, desk, mini fridge, internet connection and TV.
  • In common use of the dormitories; There are kitchen, laundry, study room, TV room and game rooms.
  • In the dormitories, toilets and bathrooms are in the common area and are sufficient.

In addition to the features we have mentioned above, the dormitory is heated with a central heating system and there is hot water for 24 hours. In addition, there are indoor and outdoor sports areas, green areas, cafes and restaurants and a car park in the dormitory area. This is very important for students both physiologically and psychologically.

How to Get to Bilkent University?

Bilkent University is located at the 12th km of Ankara-Eskişehir highway. The university, which is spread over a wide area, is established on approximately 5 thousand decares of land. If you want to reach Bilkent University, you can use the private shuttles located in Tunus Street and Sıhhiye in Ankara city center and depart every hour. These services are free for students studying at Bilkent University. In addition, it is possible to reach the University by using the metro, bus or minibus.

Bilkent University Campus and Food Fees

Bilkent Üniversitesi ana kampüsü, 5000 dönümlük arazi içerisinde ve %60’ı ağaçlık olan bölgede bulunmaktadır. Bunun yanı sıra geniş arazi içerisinde iki kampus daha yer almaktadır. Merkez kampus içerisinde üniversite bölümleri, lojman ve yurtlar yer almaktadır. Orta kampus içerisinde ise akademisyen lojmanları, müzik ve sahne sanatları fakültesi bulunmaktadır. Son kampus olan Doğu kampüsünde ise hazırlık sınıfı, meslek yüksek okulları, lojman ve yurtlar yer almaktadır. Kampüs alanları içerisinde ise yeşillik alanlar, konser salonu, sergi salonu, kütüphane, açık/kapalı spor alanları, sağlık merkezi, kafe ve otoparklar bulunmaktadır. Bilkent üniversitesi yemek ücreti ise öğün başı fiks menü yemek ücreti 5.50 TL’dir. Bunun yanı sıra yemek ücretleri seçiminize göre ve öğün farklılıklarına göre de değişiklik göstermektedir.

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