Cultural Characteristics and Values of Bitlis


Cultural Characteristics and Values of Bitlis, natural beauties, places to visit and see are explored and wondered by many people.

Cultural characteristics and values of Bitlis, local clothes, folk dances, folk songs, places to visit and see, historical texture and many features are researched and wondered by many people. We will try to briefly convey the information we have obtained about Bitlis to you in headlines. Unfortunately, if we give all the information, it will not fit on the pages. Well, Cultural characteristics and values of Bitlis what are Let's see it all together.

Features of Bitlis

Bitlis features We will try to give you the prominent information about it as briefly and concisely as we can. If there is something you want us to add or correct, you can tell us in the comments section. In addition, if you want to reach the cultural characteristics of a different city, you can You can reach from our article.

Information About Bitlis

Bitlis information about It is presented to you, our valuable readers, as a result of the resources we have obtained and our research. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, we cannot share all the information unfortunately. But if there is any information you want us to add, you can tell us in the comments section. Our Bitlis province, which has 13 license plate numbers, has 6 beautiful districts. Let's start our article by sharing these districts.

Districts of Bitlis;

  1. Adilcevaz
  2. Wild pear
  3. Guroymak
  4. Alignment
  5. Mutki
  6. Tatvan

Bitlis's Population and Geographical Location

Bitlis population 2020 It is estimated to be 71,000 people according to the year data. Mainly wheat, rye, millet, barley and beans are grown in our province of Bitlis, which has very fertile and fertile lands. When we look at the border neighbors of our Bitlis province, there are Siirt in the South, Muş and Batman in the West, Ağrı in the North, Van and Van Lake in the East.

Historical and Cultural Features of Bitlis

Bitlis history It is based on 5000 and 7000 years of history. Since the Neolithic age, our Bitlis province has also hosted many civilizations and civilizations. Even when we look at its deep-rooted history, we can see how rich cultural heritage and characteristics our Bitlis province contains.

Cultural Features of Bitlis

Cultural characteristics of Bitlis Nemrut Mountain, Nemrut Crater Lake, Ahlat Tombs, Tobacco Production, Suphan Mountain, Adilcevaz Castle, İhlasiye Madrasa, El-Aman Caravanserai, Ahlat Seljuk Cemetery, Five Minaret (Şerefiye, Kalealtı, Ulu, Meydan and Gökmeydan Mosques) even though, our Bitlis province contains many cultural heritages. In titles Cultural characteristics of Bitlis What is it, let's examine it together.

Bitlis Local Dishes

Bitlis local dishes They are very tasty and suitable for all tastes. We cannot list all the local delicacies of our Bitlis province. But in case you fall in your way, we will share the local delicacies that you can taste and stand out. Well, Bitlis local dishes what are Let's list it right away.

  • Corti Vaccine
  • Büryan
  • Bitlis Meatballs
  • Stuffed with Additives
  • Halise's Dinner
  • Liver Taping
  • Gloric
  • Güzbez Dessert
  • Teter

Folk Songs of Bitlis

Ballad of Bitlis It offers us the traces of the times lived, sometimes their love, sometimes their love, sometimes their heroism and sometimes their life. Although we cannot list all the folk songs, "Small Pier Under Ahlat" Let's list the other folk songs by sharing a section we have chosen from the folk song named.

"Small pier under Ahlat
I went to the army at the age of eighteen
Give way to smoky mountains
Give way to the grassy mountains

  • Small Pier Under Ahlat
  • I'm at Ahlat
  • Atem Tutem Men Seni
  • Snow of This Mountain Menem
  • Cigdem Says I'm Ease
  • Dudu Dillim
  • The Nights Rain Quietly
  • There's a Well in Our Ear
  • Memmi, your fan's Olam Memmi
  • Our Army Gone Against Muş
  • You Tired of Playing
  • Tut Tree Ladder
  • Passing Passenger Brother

Bitlis's Local Attire and Folk Dances

Local Clothing of Bitlis It is similar to our neighboring provinces. Headscarves, shirts, vests, sleeves, sashes, baggy trousers and sandals are among the main clothes. Looking at the folk dances of Bitlis, Heavy body, Miller, Dokuzlu - Dokuzayak, Garzani, Harkuşta, Meyroke, Papuri, Timurağa, Tiringo, Üçayak, Bitlis bar, Malafani, Mutki mustache, Sepe, Teşi, Kicking, Kövengin roads, Temirağa, Sippe, Memyane, Perijvan, Dildil Kavaş, Nare and Zeybek are among the main folk dances.

Cultural Features of Bitlis
Cultural Features of Bitlis

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Bitlis

Bitlis historical places and cultural features We tried to provide you with information about it in titles. In addition, we have listed some places that you can visit and see in case you come to your Bitlis province. Ok then Bitlis historical sites and cultural features what is it

  • Nemrut Crater Lake
  • Mount Suphan
  • Bitlis Castle
  • Ahlat Museum
  • Küfrevi Tomb
  • Bitlis Grand Mosque
  • Emir Ali Cupola
  • El Aman Khan
  • Rahva Caravanserai
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