What is bradykinesia? Symptoms and Treatment Methods


What is bradykinesia? Symptoms and treatment methods are among the subjects that are investigated and wondered especially by Parkinson's patients.

Bradykinesia It is one of the disorders that describe the slow movement of the body or the difficult movement of the individuals despite the demand. Bradykinesia is usually seen as a result of Parkinson's disease. It is said that bradykinesia is associated with muscle weakness, stiffness and tremors. In our article for you What is bradykinesia? We will try to convey all the details regarding the symptoms and treatment methods. However, the information we will give is not a doctor's recommendation. For a complete and accurate diagnosis and treatment, you should definitely go through a specialist doctor's control.

What is bradykinesia? Symptoms and Method of Treatment

What is bradykinesia? The question is often investigated by Parkinson's patients. While it can be seen with this disease, bradykinesia can also be seen as a result of the side effects of drugs or other neurological problems. We will share with you all the details about bradykinesia, which is shown as the main symptom of limitation of movements and insufficient functioning of the muscles.

What is the Definition of Bradykinesia?

Definition of bradykinesia; Bradykinesia is often referred to as a slow or difficult body movement. Bradykinesia usually seen with Parkinson's disease is divided into degrees. In bradykinesia, there may be problems in raising the arms or moving the legs sufficiently.

What are the Symptoms of bradykinesia?

Bradykinesia Symptoms are closely related to Parkinson's disease as we mentioned in our article and description. In bradykinesia, difficulty in speaking can also be seen. If we characterize it with regard to muscle, I guess we would not have made a mistake in the definition. We have listed the symptoms that are usually observed and indicate bradykinesia for you;

  • Lack of Movement
  • Frozen and Stiff Muscle Structure
  • Limited Facial Expressions
  • Irregular Gait
  • Interruption in Speaking
  • Inability to Complete Daily Self Care Jobs

Bradykinesia Treatment Methods

Bradykinesia The type of treatment is usually determined by the patient's condition. As we mentioned in our article, you should definitely go through a specialist doctor's control for a complete and accurate diagnosis of these symptoms and treatment methods. The information we will give you is generally seen, applied and generally valid. However, we have listed a few information that can be useful in terms of both your health and bradykinesia disease that you can apply in daily life;

  • Eating Regularly with a Healthy Diet List
  • Swimming
  • Starting the Physical Therapy Process
  • Regular Exercise to Get Your Muscles Moved
  • Taking a walk
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