Cultural Features and Values of Bursa


Cultural Features and Values of Bursa it has been a very curious subject with its streets smelling history and warm-blooded people from the past to the present.

Cultural characteristics and values of BursaWith its warm-blooded people, geographical location, deep-rooted history and historical importance, it has succeeded in fascinating many local and foreign tourists. In this article, you will be able to find a lot of information about our city of Bursa, from local clothes to folk songs, from its history to its cultural richness, from food to folk dances. Unfortunately, we cannot share all the information as it will be pages full of information. However, we will share the beauties and prominent features of our Bursa province with you under the headings. Well, what are the cultural characteristics and values of Bursa? Let's take a look at it together.

Features of Bursa

Bursa features In fact, it reflects what many of us are curious about with the province of Bursa. There is so much information we can obtain about this beautiful city that if we tried to write all of them one by one, I guess we could not even fit them into encyclopedias. We will try to convey the information we have acquired in titles so that you do not get bored while reading. If there is something you want us to add or correct, it will be sufficient to state this in the comment section. In addition, if you want to reach the cultural characteristics of a different province, you can visit the cultural features of our Malatya city. You can reach from our article.

Information About Bursa

Information about Bursa I think the first thing that comes to mind when it is mentioned is its deep-rooted history and the importance of this deep-rooted history for our country. However, our city of Bursa not only includes this, but also includes culturally rich elements. As a result of the information and research we have obtained, we will try to give you as much detailed information as we can about our city of Bursa. This beautiful city, which has 16 plate numbers, has 17 districts, each more beautiful than the other.

Districts of Bursa;

  1. Osmangazi
  2. Lotus
  3. Buyukorhan
  4. Lightning
  5. Gemlik
  6. Gürsu
  7. Harmancik
  8. Inegol
  9. Iznik
  10. Karacabey
  11. Keles
  12. Kestel
  13. Mudanya
  14. Mustafakemalpasa
  15. Orhaneli
  16. Orhangazi
  17. New city

Population and Geographical Location of Bursa

Bursa's population 2020 It is estimated as 2 million 994 thousand 521 people according to the data of 2011. Our city, which has very fertile lands, has developed in terms of industry with its geographical location. Let's add that the trade of the produced and grown products gives life to the economy. When we look at the border neighbors of our city of Bursa, which is located in the Marmara Region, Bilecik in the east, Kocaeli, Yalova and Marmara Sea in the north, Kütahya in the south and Balıkesir in the west.

Historical and Cultural Features of Bursa

Bursa's history Although it is not known exactly, we can say that it has been used as a settlement since ancient times together with the researches and archaeological excavations. I think we would not be wrong if we define this beautiful city, which has hosted many civilizations, including the Ottoman Empire, as the Cradle of Civilizations. Considering its deep-rooted history, we can say that Ilıpınar Höyük has a long history dating back 5200 years before Christ. Even this shows us how rich his culture is.

Cultural Features of Bursa

Cultural characteristics of Bursa The first things that come to mind when it is said; Green Tomb, Ulu Mosque, Kozahan, İznik Tiles, Cumalıkızık Village and Houses, Uludağ National Park, Candied Chestnut, Peach, Knife, Towel, Olive of Gemlik and Mudanya, İnegöl Meatball, Çekirge-Oylat Thermal Springs, İskender Kebab, İnkaya Plane, Although there are Mihaliç Cheese and İznik Lake, this beautiful city contains many valuable cultural heritage and richness. We will examine these cultural riches in headings.

Cultural characteristics of Bursa
Cultural characteristics of Bursa

Bursa Local Dishes

Bursa local dishes It also constitutes the dishes that many of us do not miss in our kitchens. Bursa cuisine, which has won the hearts with its desserts, has succeeded in making a name for itself in the world with its taste. Although we cannot list all the dishes, we will share with you the highlights of the dishes specific to our city of Bursa.

  • Iskender kebab
  • Inegöl meatballs
  • Kemalpasa Talisi
  • Pita Kebab
  • Turkish delight filled with walnut
  • Tahini Pita
  • Cendere Baklava (Heaven Kundan)
  • My housemate
  • Candied chestnut

Folk Songs of Bursa

Bursa's folk songs It includes folk songs that have survived to the present day since the past years and are still popular today. These folk songs sometimes express the events experienced, sometimes heroism and sometimes love. To you "I Want to Buy My Yemen" Let's list the other folk songs by sharing a section we have chosen from the folk song named.

"I Want To Buy My Yemen (Oh Oh Oh)
I want a branch in the middle (A dear, too)
A Beautifully (Aman Aman) I Want a Benefit "

  • Cici Papucum Cici
  • I am above the boxy spring
  • Oak Mountains Oaks
  • Let the mountains be overcome
  • Can't Eat Olive Oil
  • I Want to Buy My Yemen
  • Bursa Village Trustworthy
  • My Blue Vest
  • Your Boy Name Ismail

Bursa's Local Attire and Folk Dances

Local Clothing of Bursa At the same time, it is similar to the surrounding areas. In the traditional men's dress of Bursa; While crescent shirt, shalwar, Crossed Vest, Shark, Felt Cone, Kefiye, Socks, Waist Girdle, Shawl and Cone Belt are used, in women's clothing; Shalwar, Trotter, Scaly Grep, Mintan, Göynek, Üçetek, İçli, Closing, Squeezing, Sarka, Stump, Apron, Back Belt, Socks and Çetik Yemeni are used. It is possible to see these clothes at events and fairs. Looking at Bursa's folk dances, Low game (Small game), Al yemeni, small stones of Bursa, Algeria, Eminem, Safe, Sword shield, Menevşesi pinch, Tab, High game (Big game), A Fadimem, Anadolu zeybek, December game, İnegöl welcome and Üvendirme zeybeği are among the main folk dances.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Bursa

Historical places of Bursa and cultural featuresWe tried to mention information about, albeit partially, in our article. As we have stated many times, our city of Bursa is a very rich city with its cultural heritage and features. As you can imagine, it will take pages to share all the information with its details. Therefore, we will try to list the historical and sightseeing places that stand out in case you visit Bursa province or your way falls. Well, let's see what are the historical places and cultural characteristics of Bursa.

  • Bursa Grand Bazaar
  • Tümbüldek Thermal Spring
  • Desolate Inn
  • Oylat Waterfall
  • Bursa Grand Mosque
  • Uludag Ski Center
  • Green Mosque and Tomb
  • Tirilye Houses
  • Kyrgyz Tomb
  • St Tryphonos Church
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    Thank you. Undoubtedly, every corner of our country has a special importance and beauty. Bursa is one of the rare cities of our country with its thousands of years of history, rich cultural heritage, great industrial potential and unique natural beauties. In your study, you have included the titles about the promotion of our scholarship with clear and understandable expressions. I congratulate you for your work as a road map, which includes summary information for those who change their travel route to Bursa. I greet you with love and respect, as a person who beats with his heart, Bursa love and affection.

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    You have given misinformation about the population of Bursa. The population of the center of Bursa (Osmangazi, Yıldırım, Nilüfer, Kestel, Gürsu) is approximately 2 million 250 thousand, and its total population is 3 million, together with 17 districts according to the whole city law. I hope you correct this mistake, I wish you everything to your liking ...

    1. Aylak Bilgin

      Hello Mustafa, thank you for your attention and warning. In the latest research we have done, we have reached the population data of 2 million 994 thousand 521 of our city of Bursa. These numbers are estimates. Official institutions will give a clear answer. We immediately updated our article.

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