What is Glass Art? How is it done?


What is Glass Art? How is it done? His questions have become a very popular question, leading many people to get caught up in the splendor of glass art and wonder.

What is glass art? The question is explored by people who have come across glass art in certain symposiums or fairs or who are interested in it. Glass, which is called transparent or translucent and whose main material is silicon, is actually an inorganic liquid in its original form. This beautiful material, which is turned into a hard and fragile form by processing, has a very old and deep-rooted history. The main ingredient of glass that has survived from ancient times to the present day is sand, which contains rich amounts of silicon. In this article, What is Glass Art? and How To Do It? We will try to share such questions with all the details.

What is Glass Art?

What is glass art? The question is generally preferred by those who are affected by glass art or who want to turn this business into a hobby. Glass art, which is generally used in making ornaments and consisting of very elegant works, has succeeded in fascinating many people. We will pass on all the information we have compiled for you by doing research on glass art. In addition, if you are doing research on a different branch of art, you can follow all the details about sand art https://www.aylakbilgin.com/kum-sanati-nedir-nasil-yapilir-1470/You can reach from our article.

Glass Art Definition

Brief description of glass art if necessary; They are artifacts created by processing transparent or translucent glass, the main material of which is silicon, with certain techniques. After being liquefied, the glass, which is removed in certain molds, is left to the cooling process and becomes hard and fragile. Since the silicon material is rich in sand, glass is formed and shaped by melting the sand at high temperatures. Glass art, which has a history dating back to ancient times, is still present in many areas, especially ornaments, kitchenware, construction sector and household goods.

What is the History of Glass Art?

Glass art history Although it is not known exactly, we can see as a result of the excavations and researches that it has a very long history from the past to the present. In archaeological studies, we can see that many civilizations have been able to produce various items by taking advantage of the glass art of civilization. We can think that this is just like the processing of iron, that is, it has come from the Ancient Ages to the present day and it is used in every field as it is now shaped.

Glass Art Tradition

Glass art tradition Especially the art of glass blowing succeeded in reaching the present day by passing from father to son. We see that the art of glass blowing, which is seen as a heirloom of the ancestors, is frequently mentioned and admired in people as a result of fairs and symposiums. This is the greatest proof that the tradition of glass art is being maintained without losing its popularity.

What is Glass Art?
What is Glass Art?

How to Make Glass Art?

How is glass art made? The question is investigated by those who want to take this art as a hobby or to earn income from this business. As in every profession and art, there is a certain challenge in glass art. However, we know that you can overcome these difficulties with your effort, patience and determination. So, how is glass art made? Let's take a look at all the details.

What are Glass Art Types and Techniques?

Glass art types The first things that come to mind when it is mentioned are man-made glasses and natural glasses. Glass, which is an inorganic liquid, has turned into a hard and fragile structure when it is processed by human hands. In addition, glass is formed by the cooling of the lava formed as a result of the eruption of the volcano at the foot of the volcano. These are called natural glass. At the same time, these natural glasses are also used as semi-precious stones and put up for sale by turning them into ornaments.

Glass Shaping Technique with Mold

Glass shaping technique with mold It is usually made using an oven. It is formed by pouring glass, which is an inorganic liquid, which is made liquid by heating in the oven, into the prepared molds and leaving it for cooling. We can say that this technique is used a lot in today's industry.

Glass Fusion Technique

Glass Fusion technique is called visual processing on the determined glass shapes. These images, especially landscapes, on the glass, which is shaped in molds or obtained without shaping, have succeeded in fascinating many people.

Cameo Glass Technique

Cameo glass technique Just like the fusion technique, it is a technique that many people admire. Glass, which is formed by melting glasses of different colors and layers and adding one on top of each other, is shaped by carving and presented to the taste of the people.

Glass Blowing Technique

Glass blowing technique I think it is the only factor that made glass art popular. The art of glass blowing, which has attracted a lot of attention recently, is now shown in organizations such as fairs and symposiums, and is followed with admiration.

Materials Used in Glass Art

Materials used in glass art are generally industrial type materials. In this art, which is a heirloom to the ancestor that we have mentioned in our article before and has reached the present day by passing from father to son, you must be very good in your hand skills. If you want to do this job in a fully professional way, you should follow the people who deal with this job and learn the techniques and materials used well. Let's list some of the materials used in this art.

  • Ready Glass Rods
  • Didymium Glasses
  • Graphite Tools
  • Torches
  • Oxygen Masks
  • Mandrels
  • High Temperature Furnace

Glass Art Making and Tips

Glass art making and tricks At the same time, it will enable you to perform this art in the best way possible. The key to this job is the raw material of glass and your furnace that you have used. Especially if the oven is at 1200 to 1500 degrees Celsius, it will give you a great advantage. But when you process at this temperature, you must first be safe and cautious. It is also very important for your health to be careful in a way that prevents high temperatures from harming you.

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