What is Tile Art? How is it done?


What is Tile Art? How is it done? His questions are among the subjects that those who are in search of a hobby are looking for answers by losing their hearts to the art of tile.

Tile art what? and How is tile art made? Questions are very popular nowadays. Recently, it has become an item that has come to the forefront and is found in almost all of the holiday resorts. Tile art, which we encounter quite a lot in the decoration arts, is also among the subjects that hobby lovers have been curiously researching. We can say that it has impressed many people with its beautiful colors and exciting patterns. With all the curiosities What is tile art? and how is it done? with questions tile art We will share with you all the details about it.

What is Tile Art?

Tile Art It is one of the art types generally preferred by those who want to get rid of the intensity of work or daily life, and those who want to relax, and who are in search of a hobby. Today, hobby lovers prefer this beautiful work of art, which we usually see in holiday resorts, fairs and fairs, on decorative stands. Well, What is tile art? Let's look at all the details.

Tile Art Definition

Tile art definition of It is possible to reach many definitions about. We will try to give you general information about both its brief description and its features. Tile artis an ornamentation handicraft made on items in the form of pots or vases, which are shaped before the soil is cooked. If it is to be handled in detail, Tile Art: It is called the ceramic piece, which is decorated with various colors and motifs, on the surface of which is glazed and baked in the oven, obtained from a kind of clay soil.

Tile Art History

Tile art history is not known exactly. However, with the information obtained, it is known that the art of tile was first made in Asia. It is emphasized that the handcraft on polished stones, which are found on Sumerian and Assyrian works, is the art of tile.In addition, it is known that tile art was used effectively in the Karahanid period in Turkish history, and it is also possible to find tile art in many Turkish State works that have come so far.

What are the Kinds of Tile Art?

What are the types of tile art? Although the question remains a little simple, it can be distinguished between its own types. The tiles, which are examined in two branches as large plates of tile art and mosaic tile art, take beautiful shapes from each other with different techniques. The tiles that are embroidered on the wall, that is, large slab tiles, are generally shaped as hexagonal or square. Mosaic tiles, on the other hand, are created by dividing the tile plate into small pieces before it is baked. We will also transfer information about these techniques in our article. Our suggestions about the art of weaving for those looking for a hobby https://www.aylakbilgin.com/dokumacilik-sanati-nedir-nasil-yapilir-1074/ You can look at our article.

How to Make Tile Art?

How to Make Tile Art? Before answering the question, let's state that you can arrange the techniques you will apply and the shapes you will give yourself. Tile art consists of 5 separate parts. These; Shaping, first baking, glazing, decoration and final firing. In shaping, the preparation of the article is formed by rotating the plastic dough or pouring the liquid dough into gypsum molds. In the first cooking process, the glazed pieces are fired between 1200 and 1300ºC. In the glazing process, the parts are re-glazed by dipping, irrigation or spraying. You can make drawings with the color and pattern you want on the glaze layer with the help of a brush after the glazed item dries in the seaming stage. Finally, you will have achieved the art of tile by making the last firing event at 950 - 980 ºC.

Materials Used in Tile Art

Materials used in tile art less than other arts. However, it is very difficult to establish the tricks between the processes passed compared to other arts. Among the materials you will use in tile art, the most important item will be the brush. A quality and useful brush will help you to give more comfortable and to create the pattern you want. In addition, you need to pay attention to the quality of the paints you will use with the good preparation and glazing of the item you will give shape.

What Are Tile Art Techniques?

What Are Tile Art Techniques? The question is actually determined by the techniques you will create. There are 5 commonly used techniques. These; Underglaze Technique, Overback Technique, Minai Technique, Luster Technique and Lacvardina Technique. Used in tile art it techniques We will briefly inform you about it.

Underglaze Technique

Ornamentation is made on the thin lining layer drawn on the baked soil in the underglaze technique. This method is one of the fastest and fastest methods. The decorations are made on the glaze that is drawn and cooked. It is the most common method in the Seljuk and Ottoman periods.

Over the Back Technique

In the glaze technique, the terracotta is first covered with a matt glaze. Before the furniture is baked, paint and ornaments are made on the parts and re-firing is applied. This process is called the finishing process.

Minai Technique

The Minai technique is created by the combination of underglaze and overhead techniques. The application of this technique allows obtaining a multicolored surface. This technique can be seen most in Iran.

Luster Technique

It is possible to give a metallic luster to the tiles you will make with the Luster Technique. Luster is made by adding sulfur and vinegar into silver and copper oxide with red or yellow earth. It is obtained by coating a white glaze on the ready-made tile and patterning it with a luster and then applying the firing process again.

Lacvardina Technique

The Lacvardina technique is similar to the minai technique. He said that the underglaze and over-the-back techniques were used together in the Minai technique. The difference of the Lacvardina technique from the Minai technique is that the patterning process is applied only with over-the-back painting.

Tile Art Preparation and Tips

Making Tile Art We tried to convey information about and techniques to you. To summarize briefly, it is a type of art created by glazing the material obtained with special clay soils, in other words, creating a smooth and slippery surface, and the decoration art made on it by firing at certain degrees and passing on the object. The key point of tile art It depends on the quality of the brush and paint you will use. In addition, the cooking level and time must be adjusted well. Providing this will enable you to make a masterful tile art.

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