Cultural Features and Values of Diyarbakır


Cultural Features and Values of Diyarbakır, With its warm-blooded people and natural beauties, it has become a place that is highly wondered by travel lovers.

Cultural characteristics and values of Diyarbakır, Its historical works, unique dialect, warm-blooded people, crowded bazaars and even more natural beauties have managed to impress many local and foreign tourists today. If we try to convey all the information in this beautiful city, which has a long history, I guess we will not be able to fit it into the pages. Therefore, we will try to give you brief and concise information in titles. In addition, we would like you to know that if there is any information you want to add or add, we will edit our article if you specify it in the comment. Well, Cultural characteristics and values of Diyarbakır what is it Let's take a look together.

Features of Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir featuresIts natural beauty, historical values and warm-blooded people have fascinated many people. Our city, which has very fertile lands and beautiful geography, has hosted many civilizations, civilizations and empires. This situation shows us how rich it is in terms of culture. Although we cannot give you all the information, we will try to convey these features to you in titles as much as we can. In addition, if you want to reach the cultural characteristics of a different province, you can  You can reach from our article.

Information About Diyarbakir

Information about Diyarbakir, helps us a lot in removing the dusty pages of history. This city, which has a long history, is still among the most distinguished cities of our country both spiritually and financially. Although we cannot convey all the information to you, we will try to share with you the most concise and beautiful information as possible in the headings. Our beautiful city, which has a license plate number of 21, has 17 beautiful districts.

Diyarbakir Districts;

  1. Ties
  2. Bismil
  3. Cermik
  4. Plane
  5. Crumbling
  6. Tigris
  7. Bend over
  8. Ergani
  9. Behold
  10. Hazro
  11. Kayapinar
  12. Kocakoy
  13. Handle
  14. Lice
  15. Silvan
  16. Sur
  17. New city

Diyarbakır's Population and Geographical Location

Diyarbakır's population in 2020 Considering the data, it is calculated as approximately 1 million 735 thousand. When the number of students and civil servants are taken into account, the population of this city, which is quite crowded, is more. This beautiful city, which has very fertile lands, also revitalizes the economy by growing many products. Diyarbakır's border neighbors are; Siirt and Muş in the east are Mardin in the south, Şanlıurfa, Adıyaman and Malatya in the west, and Elazığ and Bingöl in the north.

Historical and Cultural Features of Diyarbakır

Diyarbakir history Although it is not known exactly, it has been proven by studies that it is a very old settlement. Our city, which takes the names of Amida, Amid, Kara-Amid, Diyar-Bekr, Diyarbekir and Diyarbakır in the historical adventure, is located in the north of Mesapotamia region. It is claimed that the history of this village, known as Çayönü Hill and said to be among the oldest villages of the geography, goes back to approximately 10,000 years ago. This situation shows us how deep-rooted and old the history of Diyarbakır is.

Cultural Features of Diyarbakır

Cultural characteristics of Diyarbakır Diyarbakır Berries, Malabadi Bridge, Diyarbakır City Walls, Ergani Copper, Behrampaşa Mosque, Delilo Halkoyunu, Deliller Hanı, Diyarbakır Streets, (Küçeler) Hilar Rocks, Çermik Spa, Virgin Mary Church, Sarı Saltık Tomb are the first ones that come to mind when it is mentioned. It also includes richness. Well, Cultural characteristics of Diyarbakır Let's see what happened together.

Cultural Features of Diyarbakır
Cultural Features of Diyarbakır

Local Dishes of Diyarbakir

Diyarbakir's local dishes They are legendary and highly admired dishes for all tastes. Especially with the recent events and fairs, the dishes unique to our city of Diyarbakır were met with great interest on the stalls where local flavors are exhibited. Well, Diyarbakir's local dishes Let's see what happened.

  • Roasting with Quince
  • Mumbar Stuffed
  • Eggplant Sequencing
  • Cartlak Kebab
  • Veiled Rice
  • Burma Kadayif

Diyarbakir Folk Songs

Diyarbakir folk songs sometimes it includes heroism and sometimes vuslat. These beautiful folk songs, which have been sung by many artists from the past to the present, and are still being sung today, have enthroned our hearts. Let us list our other prominent folk songs by sharing a section of the folk song called Çul Serer on Dam Üstünde Çul Serer.

"Sack on the Roof  
I don't know who he likes
This Has a Favorite 
Ten Kinds of Gayers a Day "

  • I Want a Jacket
  • Which Connection Are You Big?
  • Suzan Suzi
  • Do not Cry my darling
  • I hit the road Mardine
  • There is Honey in the Bazaar
  • Bring Watermelon and Eat It
  • What You Call Homeland
  • Diyarbakir Four Doors

Diyarbakır's Local Attire and Folk Dances

Diyarbakır's local clothes among men; While Cemedan, Shalwar, Vest, Shirt, Girdle, Yemeni, Socks, Pazubent, Hamayli, Kostek and Handkerchief are in the first place, in women; Kofi, Şeer, Cheesecloth, Sushi, Şirik, Fistan, Kotik, Üçetek, Peştemal, Agabani (Waist Belt), Derpi, Socks and Yemeni are preferred. In terms of colors, black, green and gold embroidered yellow colors are preferred for clothing. When we look at the folk dances of Diyarbakır, Beri, Çepik, Delilo, Brunette, Halay, Two feet, Meryemo, One foot, Teşi, Üçayak, Çaçan, Girani, Keso, Kurt lamb, Shuru metal-Sword shield are the main ones.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Diyarbakır

Historical places and cultural characteristics of Diyarbakır If you look at its rooted history, you can see how important it is. We will not be able to fit this much information into our article. However, we will list the historical places that stand out and admire many local and foreign tourists, especially history lovers.

  • Historical Diyarbakır Houses
  • Hasan Pasha Inn
  • Hevsel Gardens
  • Caravanserai
  • Sülüklü Inn
  • Grand Mosque
  • Assyrian Castle
  • Virgin Mary Church
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