What is the Art of Weaving? How is it done?


What is the Art of Weaving? How is it done? The question is wondered by those who devoted themselves to Turkish handicraft and who do research on weaving motifs.

Art of weaving It appeared for the first time in the regions where Central Asian Turks were present. Today, we can see how rare works of carpet weavings, which are remains from the ancestors, are. This art, which has survived from past years to the present, has also become a curiosity and a hobby for many people. Although many countries have entered the carpet weaving business, the unique motifs, colors and patterns created by the Turks have succeeded in gaining fame all over the world. In our article What is the art of weaving? We will try to convey the question to you with its full scope.

What is the Art of Weaving?

What is the art of weaving? Unfortunately, the question is rarely asked and researched today compared to the past years. With the increase in the industry, the value given to the art of weaving has decreased and even almost disappeared. However, this art is still kept alive by people who have devoted themselves or are interested in the art of weaving and can find buyers even at high prices. Well, What is the art of weaving? Let's take a look together.

Definition of the Art of Weaving

Art of weaving It is possible to reach many definitions about. These definitions differ practically and theoretically. We will try to give you the shortest definition. The art of weaving is the general name given to the products obtained by passing the weft and warp threads under and over each other in a vertical angle. The art of weaving varies according to the way it is made and the motifs created. To the details about the art of tile, which is another branch of art https://www.aylakbilgin.com/cini-sanati-nedir-nasil-yapilir-1061/ You can reach from our article.

History of Weaving Art

History of weaving art Although it dates back to ancient times, its exact date is not known. However, the first woven carpet in the world was found in Pazırık excavations in the Altay region on Siberia. It was seen that the Turkish knot was used in the art of weaving encountered here. It is estimated that the history of this carpet was made between 5 and 3 centuries BC.

What is the Art and History of Weaving in the Turks?

Weaving art history in the Turks It is known that many of the carpets found and valued today were made by the Turks or were made using techniques developed by the Turks. We can see that the carpet weaving technique was first found by the Turks living in Central Asia and the Turkish knot technique, which has reached its reputation until today, is uniquely used in the processes. The art of weaving was first encountered in the Turks in the excavations carried out in the bargain bunkers in the Altay region. This is also shown as one of the first woven carpets in world history. Turkish knots are seen on these carpets, which are claimed to have been made between the 5th and 3rd centuries BC and are said to have been made by the Turks.

How is the Art of Weaving Made?

How is the Art of Weaving Made? These beautiful weavings, which are woven knot by knot with great patience and determination, have attracted the attention of many people today. The weaving process is started by making a connection by passing the loop yarns between the warps with the help of hand. These threads, which will form the surface called pile, are compressed together with a tool called kirkit to create the carpet surface. Although it is easy to make, you can see that the labor and time given are very valuable in the art of weaving.

The Art of Weaving
The Art of Weaving

What are the Kinds of Weaving Art?

What are the Kinds of Weaving Art? Before answering the question, it should be known that knots are very important in the art of weaving and that varieties are like this. The applied knots, the motifs given to the weaving and the patterns created constitute the type of weaving art. So what are these nodes or, in other words, the varieties? We have listed for you;

  • Turkish Knot
  • Iran Knot
  • Node on a Single Cross
  • Physician Node

Materials Used in the Art of Weaving

Materials used in the art of weaving And it is very easy to access other materials you have requested on the internet today. The quality of these materials is also almost directly proportional to the quality of the carpet or other products you will make in the art of weaving. Therefore, materials should be selected carefully and carefully. We have listed the basic materials used in the art of weaving for you;

  • Shuttle Weaving Loom
  • Warp Yarns
  • Kirkit
  • Adjustable Scissors
  • Weaving Knitting Scheme
  • Weft Yarns
  • Multiplier Cards
  • Comb
  • Shuttle
  • Pattern Papers
  • Bobbin
  • Comb Crochet

What is the Art of Weaving and Its Tips?

Making the art of weaving Nowadays, with the increase of industrialization, it has become quite depreciated. However, it has managed to come back to the agenda with the popularity of recent times. It is made as a result of knitting the carpet warp yarns on the shuttle loom by looking at a connected scheme and tightening them with the help of kirkit. The key point of the art of weaving is your patience and determination. The art of weaving really requires patience and perseverance. Providing this will allow you to perform beautiful hand-made weavings.

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