What is Ebru Art? How is it done?


What is Ebru Art? How is it done? The questions are the subjects that those who are in search of a hobby use their preference on the art of Ebru and are very curious.

The art of marbling is among the decorative arts that are very popular today. Since the Ottoman times, it has managed to reach the present day with its master-apprentice relationship. While the art of marbling was used to decorate the covers or inner parts of books in the past, today it has made enough progress to be put on portraits. The art of Ebru, which has become the choice of those who want to get rid of the intensity of business life or the stress of social life, has become a curious subject among many hobby lovers. Well, What is Ebru Art? How is it done? Let's look at the answers to your questions together.

What is Ebru Art?

What is Ebru Art? It is one of the decorative arts we usually come across on special occasions, fairs and fairs, preferred by hobbyists to relax and relieve some stress. In our article about the art of marbling, we will suggest you with all the details, but we want you to know that the art of marbling is a coy art, it requires effort and love. Providing this is one of the main foundations of this art. If you can achieve this, you may encounter beautiful paintings.

Marbling Art Definition

Marbling Art Definition of: In paper decoration, it is an art of decoration made by the use of adhesives such as tragacanth or cola and the density of water and oil paint, which is liquefied with naphtha, on this water and pass the final form on the paper. The word Ebru comes from the word "Yüzsuyu". The person who performs the art of marbling is called marbling and has managed to reach the present day with the relationship between apprentice and master. The art of marbling has been used in many book covers and in-book decorations from the past to the present. In addition to this, the Ottoman Empire is also used to create the paper floor and it is also seen on the floor of many documents used today, especially checks, bills and bonds.

History of Ebru Art

History of Marbling Art It is not known exactly where and when it occurred. However, there are traces that it was used in Turkistan, Samarkand in the 13th century and in the city of Herat in the Iranian country in the 14th century. Ebru art, like many other arts and products, was transferred to the west via the Silk Road. The oldest Marbling Art, whose exact date has been determined, belongs to 1447 and this beautiful work is located in Topkapı Palace. The first marbling identified in the history of marbling art is Mehmet Efendi, mentioned in the work named Tertib-i Risale-i Ebri. In addition, the work named “Tertib-i Risale-i Ebri” is the oldest work describing the production and composition of Marbling Art.

Types of Marbling Art

What are the Types of Marbling Art?

Types of Marbling Art It examines in 2 main branches. These; It is traditional Ebru and Flowered Ebru. Traditional Marbling contains the most preferred pattern types by marbling in the known history. Patterns that are generally used on book covers and page bases are included in the Traditional Marbling type. In addition to this, another type of Ebru art that has been used recently and has become very popular is the Flower Marbling Art. We will talk about some of the most preferred traditional marbling art that you can use easily. If you want to choose another branch of art for your hobby search, you can see all the details about wood art. https://www.aylakbilgin.com/ahsap-sanati-nedir-nasil-yapilir-34/ You can look at our article.

Request Types of Marbling Art;

  • Battal Marbling: It is called as the oldest known style of marbling art. It should be known that all the patterns created in the Marbling Art come out of the battal pattern. If we briefly call this pattern the foundation or mother of marbling art, I guess we would not be mistaken in the simile. The production of Battal art takes place according to the order of bile. In other words, the paint with the least sacrifice is thrown in the correct order. You can choose one or more colors.
  • Tidal Marbling: After the battal pattern is thrown, your boat is formed by drawing a pattern parallel to the edge of the boat with the help of garbage, needle or awl, starting from the sides. It is possible to determine your line spacing in the size you want.
  • Scalloped Marbling: It is possible to apply tidal marbling on the oversized pattern and comb marbling on the tidal marbling. With the help of a comb, you can create patterns with oval or straight movements on the lines you have given in tidal marbling.
  • Nightingale Slot: These are the patterns you will create by drawing oval spirals inward, starting from the outside, after creating small-grained oversize patterns. In addition, these spirals can also be from the inside out. Let's say that when you combine several types and use different colors, you can get very beautiful patterns.
  • Double Printed Marbling: Although it is a bit troublesome compared to other Ebru varieties, it is one of the most pleasing Ebru varieties with the color tone and pattern variety it provides. It is a type that is formed as a result of drying your Ebru paper that you have applied with any pattern and variety and making another marbling on it, and it gives a very beautiful appearance.

How To Make Marbling Art?

How To Make Marbling Art? If you are devoted to this hobby, or more precisely, beautiful art where you can improve yourself, you need to know how to do it to the finest detail. It is possible to do this art in a hobby room at your home or in a corner of your balcony decorated with flowers. We share all our information with you, from the materials used to the techniques and the main points of this work.

Marbling Art Materials Used

Materials Used in Marbling Art It differs slightly from other arts. However, the quality of these materials and the correct knowledge of their intended use allows you to make a smooth and beautiful marbling. So, What Are The Materials Used In Marbling Art? Let's take a look together.

  • TragacanthTragacanth: Tragacanth is formed by scratching the plant known as agave in Anatolia and the flowing milk dries and gives white particles. It is necessary for a quality marbling to soak these particles in water, strain them after two days and take their water.
  • PaintYou can use a type of paint called earth paint that you can find easily.
  • Brush: Choosing your brush from the ones made of rose branch and the tip of horse hair will make you more traditional.
  • Boat: We recommend that the boat you will purchase be approximately 2-3 cm larger than the paper size. This is because your paper swells in water. The large size of the boat will allow you to obtain a more beautiful and smooth marbling.
  • That: We recommend that you use water without hardness. The waters commonly used in marbling art are distilled water.
  • Paper: The most ideal paper in the art of marbling is the paper made by hand. It can be used on papers that do not have a glossy and lacquered surface due to its difficulty.
  • Bile: The most important material used in Marbling Art is the scar. The edema enables the paint to be opened in the water. In addition, it prevents the colors from mixing with each other and allows the paint to adhere to the paper.

Marbling Art Techniques

What is Marbling Art Techniques?

Marbling Art Techniques, It is a very important issue for marbling to take its best form and to have a smooth appearance. The varieties we have mentioned at the beginning of our article also constitute the techniques of Ebru art. You can create various patterns by using your hand skills on these varieties and add innovation to the art of marbling. Generally used techniques are battal, tidal and scalloped marbling techniques. In addition, the Floral marbling technique has recently gained popularity. It is possible to apply the floral marbling technique on the varieties we have mentioned.

Marbling Art Preparation and Tips

Marbling Art Preparation and Tips It is an issue that should be emphasized especially by those who decide to make this art. The first thing you will do is determine a place for your boat. If you are going to do this job at home, we definitely recommend that you do it on the balcony. After placing your marbling boat, fill it with an appropriate amount of tragacanth water. Then, sprinkle your lengths into your water with the help of a brush. Do not forget to use pay to adjust the color of your paint. Then create your patterns with the help of an awl or needle. Gently put your paper on the patterns you have created, and after waiting for a while, peel it off. Although your first attempts result in disappointment, it is possible for you to do good work by improving your manual skills and adding your emotions to the work.

Request Key Points of Marbling Art;

  • Choosing Quality Materials
  • Working Area at Room Temperature
  • Being Patient and Adding Water at the Ideal Rate
  • Reflecting Your Emotions on Patterns
  • Not to be in a hurry
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