Who Are The Best Female Writers? How to Become a Writer?


Who Are The Best Female Writers? This question is among the issues that many women who want to publish books have asked and wondered about today.

Women put their feelings and thoughts into words and write as a result of the pressure they feel in society. While some women share their feelings and thoughts by talking, others relax themselves by putting these feelings and thoughts into a diary or a book. In addition to these, they also write the world, the people and the lifestyle they want to be, by adding their imagination to the work. In this article for you Why Do Women Want To Be Writers? We will try to answer his question.

Who Are The Best Female Writers?

Considering the role of women in society, the lack of a field of their own or being under pressure and restriction pushes many women to write. When looking at the books written by women writers, most of them tell their readers about the events that happened to women in a novel or story. This is a purely psychological approach or even a tendency to describe women's lives. It is possible to analyze and observe the written books within a certain period. The number of women who put their feelings, thoughts and experiences into books is also very few. Most pages are torn off or put on the dusty shelves of history. We have listed the best women writers who left their mark on you;

  • Halide Edip Adıvar
  • Elif Dawn
  • Love Soysal
  • Oya Baydar
  • Tomris Uyar
  • İnci Aral
  • Gulten Akin
  • İpek Ongun
  • Ece Temelkuran
  • Justice Agaoglu

Why Do Women Want To Be Writers?

Women's passion for writing is realized more emotionally than most men. Many women who transfer their delicate structure to their pen feel this easily to their readers. There are many reasons why women want to be authors, and these reasons differ periodically. While some women write their experiences, others try to fit their dreams about the future into a book.

Best Female Writers and Their Role in Life

Most of the women, on the other hand, end their passion for writing by simply throwing away their diaries or writings. However, if all the life stories or desires for life were written, it would have a great share in the formation of many wonderful novels. But most of what was written was either burned or ended up in rubbish. One of the most important features of all the articles that we think were written with great sincerity is that the sincerity and emotions it contains are at the forefront. This sincerity and emotional bond is the most important feature that drives women to authorship. Many women write books to prioritize these features. Compared to the past, we see that many women easily unearth their books today.


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