What Are the Best Salary Agencies?


Best paying government agencies or those who want to determine a profession for themselves, do the research on the civil servants with the highest salary.

Many people who want to work on state institutions with the best salary are curious about the salaries of state institutions and the civil servants working in these institutions. Even though they work in the same title, the salaries of civil servants differ between institutions. In addition, even if the monthly / staff or degrees and the year of service are the same, the salary varies between institutions. In our article for you top paying government agencies We will try to convey all the details about.

Best Salary Government Institutions 2020

Best paying government agencies Before satisfying your curiosity about it, we would like to give you some information. State institutions receive a raise with the collective agreement and inflation difference, which comes twice a year. In addition to these increases, there are additional payments as well as some deductions. You too top paying government agencies If you want to be a civil servant, you can take a look at our recommendations.

Which State Institution Pays the Most Salary?

Which government agency pays the most salary? If you want to move forward in line with your planned goal and determine a profession for yourself, you can make an analysis by comparing the professions we will mention below and their salaries. Most salaried civil servants We will create a small table at the end of our article about you, I hope it will be useful for you. Well, Which government agency pays the most salary? Let's take a look together.

  • State Economic Enterprises (SOE)
  • Electricity Generation Corporation
  • Eti Maden Operations
  • Turkey State Railways
  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Interior

This situation varies with the title of the personnel in the institutions we have mentioned above. In addition, this issue needs to be evaluated with regard to compensation rights. The rate of compensation to be received by civil servants working in the High Courts, Supreme Election Board, Court of Accounts, Provincial and District Election Boards, Judicial, Administrative, Military Judiciary (including the personnel of penal institutions and enforcement directorates), namely judicial officers, has been determined to be higher than the others.

Which State Institution and Official with the Highest Salary?

Highest paying government agency until highest salary government official The subject is also wondering. The state institutions we have mentioned above give higher salaries to their personnel than other state institutions. In addition, some civil servants working in these institutions receive more salaries than other civil servants. Well, highest salary government official who are For you 2020 based on year data highest paid officers we have listed;

  • Undersecretary - 13280 TL
  • District Governor - 10682 TL
  • Professor - 10060 TL
  • Specialist Doctor - 7270 TL
  • Engineer - 6236 TL
  • Branch Manager - 6108 TL
  • Research Assistant - 5918 TL
  • Corporate Lawyer - 5951 TL
  • Police - 5338 TL
  • Nurse - 4564 TL
  • Officer - 3749 TL

Salaries related to the professions mentioned above are obtained according to certain data. In addition to these, it is possible that there may be additional incomes such as shift and overtime, as well as some deductions such as tax and private pension. Therefore, the price list is constantly changing. Therefore, and as a result of the update of the article, there may be differences in the amount. State institutions with the highest salaries In our article, we suggest that you choose your profession and create your ideals by predicting them.

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