Cultural Features and Values of Erzurum


Cultural Characteristics and Values of ErzurumAlthough it is known for its cold, it has become a very curious place with its warm-blooded people and culture.

Cultural characteristics and historical values of ErzurumWith its warm-blooded people and natural beauties, it has become the pearl of the Eastern Anatolia Region. Erzurum, with its historical monuments and natural beauties, hosts many local and foreign tourists throughout the year. This beautiful city, which is also very large in terms of face measurement, has been wondered by many people recently. In this article for you Cultural characteristics and values of Erzurum We will try to convey the subject.

Properties of Erzurum

Cultural characteristics and historical values of Erzurum, warm-blooded people and natural beauties travel from languages to languages. Erzurum, which has a great interest especially in recent times, hosts an intense tourist mass every year. Well, let's see what are the characteristics of Erzurum with all the details. Besides, if you want to look at a different culture You can find all information about Adana in our article.

Information About Erzurum

Information about Erzurum I think the first thing that comes to mind when it is mentioned is Kadayıf Dolması or Cag Kebab. However, this beautiful city stands out not only with its flavors but also with its many features. Our city, which has a license plate number of 25, is also very curious with its dialect, warm-blooded people and legendary cold. Well, let's explain what are the other details about Erzurum.

Districts of Erzurum;

  • Askale
  • Aziziye
  • Roof
  • Hınıs
  • Khorassan
  • Ispir
  • Blackcoban
  • Blackwriting
  • Köprüköy
  • Narman
  • Was
  • It happens
  • Palandoken
  • Pasinler
  • Marketplace
  • Senkaya
  • Tekman
  • Autum
  • Uzundere
  • Yakutiye

Population and Geographical Location of Erzurum

Erzurum population 2020 It is calculated as approximately 767,848 in year. With the increase in the number of students in recent years, Erzurum, which has shown a considerable population increase, continues this increase. Located in the Eastern Anatolia region, our Erzurum province also has the 4th largest border in our country. In addition, our province with the most border neighbors; It borders with Bayburt, Erzincan, Bingöl, Muş, Ağrı, Kars, Ardahan, Artvin and Rize provinces.

Historical and Cultural Features of Erzurum

Erzurum's history Although it is not known exactly, it can be seen that it has a very rooted settlement. According to the information obtained from the excavations in Erzurum province and its surroundings, it is known that it has been used as a settlement since the Chalcolithic and Old Bronze Age and has witnessed many political events. As can be understood from the Karaz, Pulur and Güzelova excavations, we can see that there are traces of life here for approximately six thousand years. Erzurum, along with its deep-rooted history, also contains rich cultural features. At the end of our article, we will give you details about cultural features.

Cultural Features of Erzurum

Cultural characteristics of Erzurum, it is too many to finish with counting historical works, unique speech, local dishes, folk dances and natural beauties. Erzurum, which has kept many cultures alive from the past to the present with its deep-rooted history, also adds color to our country with the values it provides.

Regional Dishes of Erzurum

Local dishes of ErzurumWith its unique taste, it appeals to many palates. Especially the world-renowned Cağ Kebab and Kadayıf Dolma are among the most preferred foods. In addition, let's share with you special Erzurum dishes that you can choose when you go.

  • Cag Kebab
  • Asotu Soup
  • Stuffed Kadayif
  • Turnip Stuffed
  • Lalanga
  • Hasuta
  • Mulberry Snack
  • Stuffed Curd
  • Churning
  • Water Pastry

Erzurum Folk Songs

Erzurum Folk Songs They are folk songs that are famous from the past to the present and take place in the languages that can be sung. Erzurum folk songs, which are generally preferred on radios and have very pleasant melodies, are still popular today. Let's share a part of Erzurum Mountains folk song and list our other folk songs.

“Erzurum mountains are bursting with snow
It took me in trouble and tuberculosis
Don't you have a set up?
I write, I will not send my desire to beloved.

  • Erzurum Beauties
  • It snowed in Erzurum
  • Come to Erzurum
  • Especially Dadaş
  • Hani Yaylam
  • Erzurum Mountains
  • Roasting I Put on Tasa
  • Erzurum Buildings

Erzurum's Local Dress and Folk Dances

Erzurum's local clothes It is possible to examine them in two sections as male and female. Men's clothing consists of cystic, zigva, vest, shirt, goose, belt, silver shackle, bazubent and handkerchief. Men generally prefer black and white colors and use a mix of orange and broadside belts. In women; Bindallı, lachch, silver belt, shoes and kneeling are used. Women, on the other hand, generally prefer burgundy and dark purple colors, and they get a beautiful appearance with gold embroidery. Erzurum Folk Dances for men Baş bar, Tab, Second Aşırma, Koçeri, Nari, Dello, Temirağa, Chicken Bar, Felek, Uzun Dere, Gypsies, Flat, Haçner Bari and Daldalar for women Poplar, Double White Pigeon, Çember, Nari, Döne, Bazaar It is known as Grape Kara, Sallama, Handkerchief and Bade Var, Crazy Girl, Peasant Girl and Income.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Erzurum

Historical places and cultural characteristics of Erzurum it is too many to end with counting. We will try to list the prominent places that you can choose during your Erzurum trip. Erzurum, which has a long history, has many places that you can visit. We will share them with you as soon as possible. Now let's see what are the historical and cultural places of Erzurum.

  • Palandoken Ski Center
  • Tortum waterfall
  • Narman Fairy Chimneys
  • Erzurum Archeology Museum
  • Castle of Erzurum
  • Three cupolas
  • Çobandede Bridge
  • Yakutiye Meander
  • Aziziye Bastion
  • The double minaret madrasah
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