Is it Useful to Update Old Posts?


Is it Useful to Update Old Posts? The question is the choice of those who want to gain more visitors by updating old articles in accordance with SEO.

It is useful to update old posts But what should be considered here is to set these update times and periods well in terms of SEO. Websites are periodically audited by Google bots. As a result of this inspection, the changes in your articles and your new articles are re-indexed and removed in search engines. However, frequent updates can sometimes damage sites. With all the details Is it useful to update the article? or isn't it? We will answer the question.

Is it Useful to Update Old Posts?

Is it useful to update old posts? The question is among the questions that new website owners or those who create article titles using certain date intervals on their websites are quite frequently asked. For example, you wrote 2018 at the end of a title you created, but the search volume after 1 year 2020 continues as. Keeping this article updated will give you an advantage. However, the constant updating of your articles also causes you to fall behind in the rankings. Therefore, you have to progress in certain periods.

How to Update Old Posts?

How to Update Older Posts? Before answering the question, you need to create an analysis and set a strategy for yourself. Determining all the content you will update and making them in groups within days will ensure your site to be indexed faster. Otherwise, if it is determined by Google bots that the content of the article is out of date and is old, this will cause you to be behind in the rankings and to drop your hits. Therefore, it is very important for your website to keep the contents up to date. Well, How to Update Older Posts? Let's take a look together. Also if you want to increase your site hits You can take advantage of our article.

Updating Post Titles 2020

Updating post titles It is usually a process at the end of the year. General titles that do not receive hits should be rearranged in a narrower field and an index should be obtained. In addition, by keeping up-to-date in your articles such as 2018 a prices, 2018 x transactions, 2020 should be adapted to the year.

Keeping the Content of the Articles Updated

Keeping the content of the article up-to-date is as important as updating the article title. Keeping the content of the article up-to-date will also enable your visitor to perform the action that he / she has requested from your article in an up-to-date manner, allowing more navigation on the page.

Updating the Meta Description Tag

Updating the Meta Description Tag will actually allow you to play with the keyword of your article. As a result of the article title and content change, you will have done the indexing process both in accordance with SEO and in accordance with the content by keeping this tag up-to-date.

Indexing for Updating Post

Indexing for Updating the Post Your article title, content and It is included after the changes you have made on the Meta Description Tag. If you want your article to be indexed faster and faster with its current version, you should request an indexing process through Google Search Console. 

Is it Useful to Update Old Posts?

Is it Useful to Update Old Posts? The answer to the question is absolutely yes. However, the issue you need to pay attention to here is that you constantly update your content and do not apply an index process. Updating your articles that do not get hit twice a year or even once a day, together with your title content and keywords will make your site stand out. Making it permanent will leave your writing more in the background. You should be very careful about this distinction and behave carefully.

What is the Impact of Content Update on SEO?

The Impact of Content Update on SEO is in a positive way. Continuous change and updating of content has a negative effect. As we mentioned in our article, Google bots visit your site periodically and index your site with the updates in the article. It is also beneficial to do this in certain periods in order for your article to sit properly. Otherwise, the continuous change will harm your site in terms of SEO.

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