Places to Visit in Eskisehir


Places to Visit in Eskisehir It has become the most preferred and popular place in recent times. Well, let's take a look at these beautiful places to visit.

Eskisehir sightseeing and attractions With the increasing number of domestic and foreign tourists recently, it has managed to become the center of attention. This beautiful city, which attracts a lot of attention both in terms of transportation and with its geographical location, has also managed to stay in the forefront with its historical artifacts and natural beauties. In addition to the historical buildings, we can say that the park and excursion areas have become quite regular, especially with the increase in the number of students. Well come together Places to visit and see in Eskişehir Let's look at the features with.

Places to Visit in Eskisehir

Places to visit in Eskişehir Although it is quite abundant, I guess it will bore you, our readers, to explain all of them. Eskişehir is among the most visited cities today, with its historical structure, natural beauties and warm-blooded people. We will only talk about the prominent and most preferred places. If you want to visit a different city in İçanadolu region You can visit our article.

Historical Odunpazarı Houses

It draws attention with its Odunpazarı houses, which are close to Eskişehir city center. This area, which has the oldest houses in the city, is also kept in the foreground with its Ottoman architecture and museums. Today, most of the houses are still used for accommodation, but many of them have started to be used as boutiques, hotels, cafes and gift shops. You can have a nice time by visiting the historical wood market houses on your Eskisehir tour.

Kurşunlu Mosque and Complex

Kurşunlu Mosque and Complex is one of the most beautiful historical buildings of the city, built by Çoban Mustafa Pasha in 1525. It is also possible to visit the Meerschaum museum, handicraft bazaar, photography museum, hot glass processing workshop and other souvenir shops around this beautiful historical building in the Odunpazarı region.

Wax Museum

This museum, which is especially preferred by travelers visiting Eskişehir, has become very popular recently. Nearly 200 wax sculptures are exhibited in the museum. You can see the sculptures of many deceased celebrities and take photos in the beeswax museum, which provides a great advantage for photography lovers.

Meerschaum Museum

It is stated that the Meerschaum Museum was established in 1989, and it is the first and only meerschaum concept museum in the world. The museum, which was restored and opened by the Odunpazarı municipality in 2008, is visited by many local and foreign tourists throughout the year. You can reach this museum from the Kurşunlu Mosque and Complex.

Alaaddin Mosque

It is possible to come across the Anatolian Seljuk artifact, which is located in Anatolia and has few works, in our city of Eskişehir. This beautiful mosque, built by the Anatolian Seljuk in 1267, was also used as a museum between 1944 and 1951 until the Eskişehir Archeology Museum was opened. You can add this beautiful historical mosque to your Eskişehir travel list.

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