Cultural Features and Values of Eskişehir


Cultural Characteristics and Values of Eskişehir, This distinguished city, which is shown as the European city of our country, is wondered by many people.

Cultural characteristics of Eskişehir and with its historical values, it is among the popular cities of our country. Eskişehir has started to increase in its population with its dense student and civil servant mass in recent years. In addition, this distinguished city, where many local and foreign tourists flock every year, has managed to attract a lot of attention with its historical buildings, natural beauties and cultural features. In this article for you Cultural Features and Values of Eskişehir We will try to convey detailed information on the subject.

Properties of Eskisehir

Eskisehir cultural features and with its historical heritage, it has succeeded in fascinating many people. Eskisehir, which attracts a lot of tourists especially with the town of Odunpazarı, has also managed to attract attention with its local clothes and folk songs. With its unique dishes, history and nature Cultural characteristics of Eskişehir We share all the details about the company with our valuable readers.

Information about Eskişehir

Information about Eskişehir And if we tried to write the details literally, I guess we would not be able to fit them on the pages. We will try to give you brief and brief information about this distinguished city. Eskişehir, which has the code of 26 Plate, is also known with the fan group named Es Es, which is the biggest supporter of Eskişehir Spor. Our city, which has beautiful and clean streets, is also known for its warm-blooded and cheerful people. In addition to all these, let's see what other details about Eskişehir province, which attracts people with its unique food, culture and historical texture, together.

Districts of Eskişehir

  1. Alpu
  2. Beylikova
  3. Doubles
  4. Day
  5. Inn
  6. Inonu
  7. Mahmudiye
  8. Mihalgazi
  9. Mihalıççık
  10. Odunpazarı
  11. Saricakaya
  12. Seyitgazi
  13. Sivrihisar
  14. Tepebasi

Population and Geographical Position of Eskişehir

Population of Eskisehir 2020 According to year data, it was updated as 871.187. But let's say that if we take into account the dense civil servant and student population, we can reach more than this number. Our Eskişehir province, located in İçanadolu Region, has fertile and beautiful lands. Ankara is located in the east of Eskişehir, Kütahya and Bilecik in the west, Afyonkarahisar and Konya in the south, Bolu and Ankara in the north.

Historical and Cultural Features of Eskişehir

History of Eskisehir As the name suggests, it dates back to very, very old times. B.C. Eskişehir, which was the center of a great state founded by the Hittites in the 14th century, BC. It was settled in the region by the Phrygians who entered Anatolia in the 12th century and was called Dorylaion. This city, which was used by the Lydians after the Phrygians and later by the Persians, was captured by the Macedonian King Alexander in the 4th century BC. Later, our city, which came under the rule of the Roman Empire, was finally crowned with the Seljuk Empire. Our city, which has been home to many civilizations until today, is also rich in cultural values and historical buildings.

Cultural Features of Eskişehir

Cultural characteristics of Eskişehirhas a very rich culture with its unique dishes, local clothes, folk songs, historical buildings and natural beauties. This distinguished city, which is very old since its establishment and has hosted many civilizations, is also among the rare cities that stand out in our country.

Eskisehir Local Dishes

Eskisehir Local Dishes They are delicious and suitable for every taste. In particular, we recommend you to taste the dishes made with Mallow and Madımak. In addition, let's list some dishes that stand out for you, even though there are many local flavors;

  • Hibiscus
  • Madımak
  • Lamb's Ear
  • Slurry
  • Toyga
  • Milky Scrub
  • Göceli (split) Tarhana
  • Poppy Tissue
  • Tatar Pastry
  • Walnut Dessert

Folk Songs of Eskisehir

Folk Songs of Eskisehir It has survived from the past to the present and continues to be popular. We have listed 10 local folk songs from Eskişehir with a section we selected from the folk song "They Roast Coffee";

"They Roast the Coffee
They hurl them without drinking
The Number of Our Village
They Separate Without Loving "

  • They roast the coffee
  • Fallen to the Ground, Couldn't Get Fezimi
  • Obelisk on the Road
  • There Are No Connections In These Mountains
  • We are all brothers and sisters
  • Miss Ayşe
  • Ringed Candy
  • Let's Go The Other Side
  • Turnam Income Kona Kona
  • Sultan Prayer Rug

Eskisehir's Local Attire and Folk Dances

Eskisehir's Local Clothes At the same time, it is similar to the local clothes of Ankara, Kütahya, Bilecik and Konya. Depending on the region, the color of the embroidery can be purple, dark blue, red, black and cherry rot. In addition, it is possible to see changes in motifs. In our researches, we reached 12 different kinds of clothes belonging to Eskişehir region, and we can say that the most preferred one is Sarka-pesent. Eskisehir Folk DancesWe see folk dances such as zeybek with spoon and welcome with spoon.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Eskişehir

Historical places and cultural characteristics of Eskişehir it is too many to end by counting. This distinguished city, which has hosted many civilizations such as Hittites, Phrygians and Rome, has managed to attract a lot of attention with its historical places and residential areas. Here, we will give you the names of both cultural features and historical places in items. For places to visit in our city of Eskişehir You can visit our article.

  • Meerschaum Embroidery
  • Badger Tea
  • Midas Temple
  • Anatolian University
  • Yunus Emre Tomb
  • Historical Wood Market Houses
  • Yazılıkaya Phrygian Valley (Midas City)
  • Çifteler and Yarıkçı Baths
  • Çatacık Forests and Recreation Area
  • Eti Biscuits
  • İnönü Glider Camp
  • Sivrihisar Armenian Church


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