How to Delete FaceApp Photos?


How to Delete FaceApp Photos? The question has become a concern for many people who have security concerns and have used FaceApp.

FaceApp is among the most popular aging applications of recent times. Although such applications have gained fame with their popularity, many people think, will my photos be used? It has turned into a state of concern, causing the question to come. Although these artificial intelligence supported applications are popular today, they are among the most regrettable issues with the security concern. Likewise, this concern is also How to Delete FaceApp Photos? It also causes the answer to the question to be sought.

How to Delete FaceApp Photos?

FaceApp is one of the most preferred artificial intelligence and face aging applications of recent times. People wonder how their faces will be in the future and use this application. However, many people try to delete their photos for security concerns. Well, FaceApp photo deletion how is it done? Let's take a look at all the details.

FaceApp Photo Deletion Process

The FaceApp application has caused many people to be concerned as a result of the terms in the usage and confidentiality agreement. It is possible to delete photos in this application which is used for entertainment purposes only. It was stated that the photos can be deleted if requested by Yaroslav Goncharov, the founder of FaceApp. For you FaceApp photo deletion and we have listed what to do;

  • First, enter the FaceApp application
  • Click on the cog icon in the upper left corner
  • Enter the support section in the menu that appears
  • Click on the complain section at the bottom

Here you will see a screen, send a message to this screen saying "I request that all the photos I have used and uploaded in the application be deleted and the photos not shared with a third party person or organization. You can also submit this in English. Soon FaceApp photo deletion You will see that the process is done.

Should I Delete FaceApp Photos?

Should I Delete FaceApp Photos? or in other words Is FaceApp Safe? These questions are usually asked by many people who do not read the privacy and contract policy that use excessive applications and then worry and want to remove these applications with their content. With the FaceApp application; You are granting access to many content such as cameras, captured photos and videos. There are also rumors that reasonably necessary information may be shared and accessed. Taking these into consideration, we recommend that you evaluate the applications in general.

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