What is the Art of Philography? How is it done?


What is the Art of Philography? How is it done? The question is a matter of interest to those who have devoted themselves to nail art and who have researched on philography.

What is Philography? Philography art Nail art, with another name, has recently become the most distinguished gift item. What is philography? how is it done? Those who investigate the questions usually have two reasons. While the first of these is to acquire a hobby, the other is to gain from this business. For both reasons, knowing and applying this art well will allow you to reach the best Philography. In addition to these, materials and tips are also very important factors for this job. Well, let's share with you all the details about Philography Art.

What is the Art of Philography?

What is the Art of Philography? The best answer to the question can be described as the most preferred type of art by those who want to acquire a hobby and earn money from this business. Interest in the art of philography has increased considerably today compared to the past years and many people have started to apply for philography courses. We tried to compile all your curiosities about the art of philography in our article. If you want to choose another handicraft, Calligraphy is just for you. https://www.aylakbilgin.com/hat-sanati-nedir-nasil-yapilir-1398/ You can find details in our article.

Definition of Philography Art

Philography artIt is a type of handicraft created by transferring a designed motif or pattern to the paper and fixing the paper on a wooden material, nailed between certain lines and passing colored threads or wires. Philography, also known as nail art, is created as a result of a certain effort and determination. It is possible to create beautiful works with the quality of the materials used and your hand skills.

What is the History of Philography Art?

History of philography art Although it is not known exactly, it has been determined as a result of research that it is a handicraft that spread from the Middle East to the west. Philography, which was used as a traditional handicraft in the Ottoman period, has recently been used in our country. This fine art, whose rise was realized in the Ottoman period, has managed to turn into a profit gate for many people today.

Philography Art Models and Examples

Philographic art models and examples If you are doing research for it, it is completely up to your imagination. If you are starting a new beginning, you can choose easy patterns. For your convenience, sticking the paper on the wood you will use, hammering the nails on that paper and continuing in this way will allow you to finish the job quickly. Below we share photos of some models made on Philography art.

How to Make Art of Philography?

How to Make Art of Philography? The main factor you need to know before moving on to the question is that you benefit from some techniques and facilities. The art of philography is created by transferring the pattern you have seen in your mind to the paper and processing the patterns on the paper with nails. After the nails are processed in a certain interval and order, you can perform the process of giving color to your art by using some techniques with the help of colored thread or wire.

What are the Types of Philography Knitting?

Philography art knitting types, It is carried out after the nailing process is completed. After the nail process is completed, the two materials you will use are thread and wire. If you want a more vibrant color and magnificent appearance, you can choose the wire. In the wire bonding process, you should benefit from certain types. Cross-linking, star technique and straight wire bonding process are among the most preferred. This choice is entirely up to your discretion. How you like it and how you want it to look, you can tie your wire that way.

Materials Used in the Art of Philography

Materials used in the art of philography The higher the quality, the better your art will be. It is possible to easily obtain these materials over the internet or from your region. Since there is noise in the nail driving process, we recommend that you arrange a hobby room for yourself and strengthen the sound insulation of the room. What are philographic art materials now? Let's take a look together.

  • Chipboard (According to your table height)
  • Fabric
  • Nail
  • Hookup
  • Screwdriver
  • Packing needle
  • Copper wire
  • Gilding Paint
  • Brush
  • Stapler
  • Dusting Brush

Philography Art Making and Tips

Art of philography There are some tricks you need to know on it. As in its other name, nail art is the key point of this job that the meticulous dimensions of the nails are the same and do not damage the floor you use. In addition, making your wire binding process in a certain order and ratio will make your art look better. Although this job may be a bit difficult for you at the beginning, we think that you will do good work after a certain period of time. Good luck already.

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