FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease and Disability Report


FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease and Disability Report Today, it has become an issue of concern with the report received within the scope of both military service and the disabled.

FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease and Disability Report The topic has become popular day by day. Many people who want to get a Disability Report as a result of FMF disease, namely Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease, also want to benefit from some advantages, especially military service. But many people wonder if they can get information about FMF and get a disability report as a result of this disease. In this article, in order to satisfy this curiosity, FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease and Disability Report We will try to convey all the information we have obtained about.

FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease

FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease, It comes from the English word "Familial Mediterranean Fever". This disease, which is a genetic disorder, usually presents with severe abdominal pain. Many diagnoses can be made for FMF disease. In this article for you FMF i.e. Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease and Disability Report We will try to give information as much as we can about it.

What is Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) Disease?

FMF disease Familial Mediterranean Fever, also known as Familial Mediterranean Fever, is a familial disease and is frequently encountered especially in people living on Anatolian lands. Although typical abdominal pain is usually the subject in the diagnosis of FMF disease, it is also very important to have a family history, to have a (+) gene called MEF, or to decrease complaints after starting a drug called colchicine. In FMF attacks, abdominal pain, fever, redness and swelling in the feet or ankles, difficulty breathing and a feeling of stinging in the chest often occur.

What are the Symptoms of Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) Disease?

Familial Mediterranean Fever (FMF) Disease Symptoms The first thing that comes to mind when called is abdominal pain. However, as observed in attacks, some symptoms related to this disease were detected. For a complete and accurate diagnosis of this disease, it is absolutely necessary to go through a specialist doctor's control. We will try to convey the FMF symptoms that are usually seen to you in items.

  • Fire
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Chest Pain
  • Painful Swollen Ankles
  • Diarrhea Following Constipation
  • Especially Under Knee Flushing
  • Muscle pains
  • Swollen and Stretched Testicular Bag

FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease and Disability Report 2019

FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease and Disability Report 2019 It has almost become a topic that many people are curious about and researched in. Among the biggest reasons of this curiosity and research are the advantages that disability reports provide to our citizens. In addition to the treatments of the patients, we will try to tell you this subject that they have been curious about in detail in headings. I hope you get the information you are looking for.

FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease and Disability Report

FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease and Disability Reporthas become very popular with the advantages offered. It is known by everyone that this disease, which is experienced in certain attacks, puts many people in a difficult situation. As a result of this illness, we will focus on the most frequently asked questions as a result of our research, knowing that some questions are posed and quite curious. So, what is the subject of the FMF disease disability report? Is FMF sick exempt from military service? and FMF patients get a disability report? In addition to your questions, let's answer many questions you have in mind.

What is the subject of FMF Disability Report? How did it come about?

FMF Disease Disability Report The subject of this disease has emerged as a result of the constant and drug addiction. However, in order to obtain a disability report regarding this disease, some criteria of the disease are evaluated. This criterion is to determine the rates of FMF disease if it has caused a problem in the organs. We think that there is no rate given for FMF alone. Again, you can apply about it and follow the result.

FMF Disability Report Frequently Asked Questions

FMF Disability Report Frequently Asked Questionsare questions that you are also curious about the answers of. At the beginning of our article, we made a definition about this disease and explained its symptoms, and gave a brief information about the disability report. Now, let's try to come and answer the questions that you actually asked.

I am an FMF patient. Can I get a Disability Report?

I am an FMF patient, can I get a disability report? diye soruyorsanız. Bunun için hastalığınız üzerinde belirli bir oran belirlenmesi gerekmektedir. Hastalığınız neticesinde belirli organlarınız zarar görmüş ise %40 ve üzeri raporunuz mevcut ise sakat statüsünde sayılarak engelli raporu alabilir ve belirli haklardan faydalanabilirsiniz. Yine de tam ve doğru olarak tespiti için başvuruda bulunmanız ve sonuca göre hareket etmeniz gerekmektedir.

FMF Patients and Military Matters

FMF Patients and Military Matters FMF disease is examined under the title of Digestive System Diseases in Article 45 of the Turkish Armed Forces Health Ability Regulation. According to paragraph 9 of paragraph B of Article 45 of this regulation, “Tuberculosis peritonitis or digestive system tuberculosis that has been histopathologically or microbiologically proven and healed leaving sequelae (a certified report from official health institutions and pathology report is required), uncomplicated familial mediterranean fever (FMF) (Official It can be processed with the health board report obtained from the health institutions.). provision is included. In addition, in the 5th paragraph of item (D) of Article 45, “Familial Mediterranean fever (FMF) with complications and unresponsive to treatment (procedure can be performed with a medical board report obtained from official health institutions), brittle ileus and common peritonitis sequelae and adhesions with similar complications, chronic ( intestinal pseudo obstruction syndrome that persists for at least six months. provision is included. In other words, as can be understood from these articles, FMF disease is included in the (B) and (D) slice of the List of Diseases and Faults and is exempted from military service. FMF patients with complications, uncomplicated and unresponsive to treatment cannot perform military service and are exempted from military service.

FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease and Disability Report Conclusion

Can a Disability Report be obtained with FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever Disease? We tried to share the result of the question in our article. To summarize briefly, you need to have a disability report at a certain percentage in order to receive a disability report and to benefit from certain rights. As a result of the existence of reasons to be exempted in accordance with the Turkish Armed Forces Health Capability Regulation regarding military service, FMF patients cannot perform military service. If you want to get a clear result about all these, you can apply for the report and you can reach a clear result by following the application steps.

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