Cultural Features and Values of Gaziantep


Cultural Features and Values of Gaziantepis very curious with its historical buildings, warm-blooded people and natural structure.

Cultural characteristics of GaziantepLet's say that we have written this article in order to reveal its natural beauties and historical values, to pass it on to future generations and to create a knowledge reservoir about our city. Together with its unknown beauties, Gaziantep is a very important city for its contribution to tourism and determination of the beauties in our country. With its local dishes, historical places and natural beauties, GCultural Characteristics and Historical Values of Aziantep We will share with you all the details you need to know about the subject.

Gaziantep Properties

Cultural characteristics of GaziantepToday, with its historical values and flavors, it has managed to impress many people. Our city, which has an intense flow of local and foreign tourists every year, is being brought into tourism day by day and it is both economically developed and brought to the fore with its culture. Well, let's look at all the details of Gaziantep's features. In addition, if you want to get information about the cultural characteristics of a different city, you can visit the cultural features of our Manisa province. You can reach from our article.

Information About Gaziantep

Information about Gaziantep If we try to write all the information about and its values, I think it will become an encyclopedia. We will try to share information about our Gaziantep province in titles without bothering you. This city, which has a license plate number of 27 and hosts warm-blooded people, has 9 districts.

Districts of Gaziantep;

  • Your car
  • Islahiye
  • Carcass
  • Nizip
  • Nurdagi
  • Oguzeli
  • Sahinbey
  • Sehitkamil
  • Yavuzeli

The Population and Geographical Location of Gaziantep

Gaziantep's population 2019 Considering the year data, it showed an increase and approached the figures of 2.069.134. Located in the Southeastern Anatolia region, our city of Gaziantep has Urfa in the east, Adıyaman in the northeast, Kahramanmaraş in the north, Adana in the west and the Sura in the south of Hatay. When the border neighbors of Gaziantep are evaluated, it can be seen how important geographical location is.

Historical and Cultural Features of Gaziantep

Historical and cultural features of Gaziantep This beautiful city, located on the Silk Road route between Mesopotamia and the Mediterranean, shows how old a settlement was. With the establishment of the Anatolian Frigra State, the Hittite Kingdom was shaken and Gaziantep became an independent Hittite city state for a while. The Assyrian State established in Mesopotamia, on the other hand, BC. It became dominant in the region in 850. B.C. Gaziantep, which remained under the Assyrian rule until 612, has also reached today by hosting many civilizations.

Cultural Features of Gaziantep

Gaziantep cultural features Considering its values and values, it contains many elements such as Pistachio, Baklava, Baths, Bedestens and historical Antep houses. Our beautiful city, which contains many cultural values and heritage with its warm-blooded people, excellent historical buildings and natural beauties, has managed to come to the fore in recent times. We will try to convey the topics of cultural characteristics to you in titles.

Local Dishes of Gaziantep

Local Dishes of GaziantepIt is consumed in many parts of the world for every taste. It is possible to find many flavors in this beautiful city, which has many patented dishes, especially baklava. Without further ado, let's list the Regional Dishes of Gaziantep, which come out before you.

  • Antep Katmer
  • Beyran
  • Nesting
  • Eggplant kebab
  • Onion kebab
  • Wrap / Peanut Wrap
  • Chickpea Wrap
  • Stuffed meatballs
  • Sobiyet
  • Simit Kebab

Gaziantep Folk Songs

Gaziantep Folk Songs It is a concept that stands out as we have stated in other cultural features. The folk songs of our province of Gaziantep, which has quite nice and beautiful songs, are still being sung. Let's share a part we have chosen from the Telli Turnam song with you and add other folk songs.

"My wire crane take me hi
To the land of my beloved
Don't be upset, don't cry
Maybe I'll come to my dear tomorrow "

  • Ceren
  • Stringed Turnam
  • Strange
  • Enamel Tiny
  • Cute Pomegranate
  • Karacaoglan
  • Praise of Antep
  • Our Way Has Come Mahi Güzele
  • Gone Winter Has Come Spring
  • By The Clerk Wrote It Wrong

Gaziantep's Local Dress and Folk Dances

Gaziantep's local clothes In ancient times, it was made from kutnu cloth that was produced only in Gaziantep province in our country. Today, we can see that many different fabrics are used. Local clothing is used in the center and surrounding villages in the form of a pouch on a silver crown, or in the form of hilly or fez on a fez. It is also known that many local clothes such as chador, chair, grave, herd, and jug are preferred. In terms of color, the clothes are generally preferred in Golden yellow, white, black and green. When Gaziantep folk dances are mentioned, the ones that come to mind are Dokuzlu, Oğuzlu, Çepikli -Çibikli (also called Havarişko), Fatige demune, Mani, Şirin Pomegranate, Handkerchief and Leylim. In addition, let's say that there are many varieties.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Gaziantep

Historical places and cultural characteristics of Gaziantep it is too many to count. We have listed the prominent places where you can take a sightseeing tour, thinking that you will visit the city of Gaziantep. As soon as possible, we will create a beautiful travel guide for our city of Gaziantep. Now let's talk about Gaziantep's History and its attractions;

  • Gaziantep Zeugma Mosaic Museum
  • Antep Castle
  • Gaziantep Defense and Heroism Panorama Museum
  • Elmaci Bazaar Gaziantep
  • Gaziantep Coppersmiths Bazaar
  • Handanbey Mosque
  • Historical Zincirli Bedesten
  • Kaleoğlu Cave
  • Gaziantep Botanical Garden
  • Gaziantep War Museum
  • Mevlevihane Foundation Museum
  • Medusa Glass Works Museum
  • Gaziantep Zoo
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