What is Generalization? What are the Types of Generalization?


What is Generalization? What are the Types of Generalization? His questions are a topic that those who take steps in order to have an original thought are curious about the answer.

What is the generalization? Generalization word meaning It is examined in many areas as of the structure. In daily life, we apply quite a lot of generalizations. Generally, we use it to classify common or similar objects. In addition, we are describing a phenomenon or generalizing in order to characterize its similar features. However, generalization is used in different meanings depending on the fields it is used in and different similarities are loaded. Well, Generalization features and its varieties what? Let's take a look together.

What is Generalization? What are the Types of Generalization?

Generalization is one of the forms of classification that we use to describe a phenomenon that we use very often in daily life or to show similarities in classifying an object. It is possible to examine the generalization in many areas and make different meanings. For you Generalization features and types We will share detailed information about.

What is Generalization? TDK

What is Generalization? If it is necessary to define the question as it is included in the Turkish Language Institution; Generalization "The process of mind making general thoughts, or the transition from private to general " It is called. And also "The general concept, judgment, law of science or theory that is the result of an operation" It is defined as. As an example of the sentence structure of the Turkish Language Association;

  • By Tomris Uyar "Be prone to generalizations, but it allows you to get to know what you know again. "  shared his word.

What is the Scope of Generalization?

Scope of generalization It has a very wide structure with its sub-branches, especially Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, Mathematics and Social Sciences, and other majors. Although the generalization is similar in meaning within these branches, there is a difference of opinion on various issues and a change of meaning is observed.

What is Scientific Generalization?

Scientific Generalization, It is a concept that emerges from the observation of a similar item, phenomenon or factual situation in its general form. Scientific generalizations; matter, fact or factual situation (thought) is considered as a situation determined by taking place under a single roof.

Scientific generalization example to give it; As it is known, liquid substances take the shape of the container in which it is located. When we say that the water takes the shape of the container in which it is located, so is the olive oil, so is the cologne, so is the ayin, that is, by gathering all these under a single roof, we make scientific generalization when we say that the liquids take the shape of the container. I think it became clearer and more understandable with this example.

What Are Examples of Generalization?

Generalization examples Before mentioning the subject, let us state that generalization explains some relationships between concepts and is used when addressing the principles and facts accepted in the society. We will share with you some examples used in generalization. It is possible to reproduce these examples by changing them according to your own. Some examples used in generalization are;

Request Generalization Examples;

  • While women generally prefer shopping, men prefer to watch a sports program.
  • Those in the 5-10 age range have a more noisy structure than the 10-15 age range.
  • People living in hot climates usually have dark skin.
  • Large cities have a large population, as well.
  • In low-developed societies, women's rights are less respected.
  • Women have a more delicate and elegant structure than men.

What are the Types of Generalization?

Types of generalizationshas a very broad structure as we have stated in the definition and scope. It appears as a description and classification form, in which we examine the generalization with its general scope. We will talk about some of the branches in which generalization is used in general and that comes before us a lot.

What is Generalization in Literature?

Write literature, in other words; It is the art of expressing thoughts, events and feelings in a fancy and aesthetic way through language. Generalization in Literature if; It is meant to classify the thoughts that do not have an exact connection, which are shown as a basis for a subject or phenomenon described.

What is Generalization in Philosophy? What Are The Examples?

The word philosophy comes from the Greek word philia. Based on reflection on existence, source, meaning and cause and the study of knowledge Generalization in Philosophyis expressed as thinking in common the characteristics of beings that are alike. For example, we can generalize an animal family by understanding that their characteristics are common without examining them one by one. By looking at the common features of a Stork or a sparrow, it is possible to make many examples such as both being called a bird.

What is Generalization in Psychology?

Psychology, also known as Mental Science, is the branch of science that studies the complex mental processes of people such as mind, behavior, thinking, and imagination. Generalization in Psychology It can be defined as the result of explaining facts or thoughts based on common characteristics. It is the ability to express crying, joy or surprise in people with a single emotion word. For example; "Ali is having very emotional days." Here, the word emotion is used as a generalization, and it is not stated whether it is happy or sad.

How to Use Generalization in Mathematics?

Maths; It is a branch of science that deals with arithmetic, algebra and geometry, which examines the structure, properties and relations between shapes, numbers and quantities. Generalization in mathematics It is generally used in grouping. Gathering similar topics or expressions under the name of Algebra is among the most obvious generalizations. Gathering the concepts called negative, positive, natural or rational under Numbers can be given as an example.

What is Generalization in Social Sciences?

Social sciences are the science that studies the human or social structure of the world or life. Generalization in Social Sciences It is the classification of an object or phenomenon in a particular class or set based on experiences or observations. For example, liquids take the shape of the container in which it is located. The liquid here can be water, olive oil or lemonade. Generalization is made as a liquid.

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