Historical Places to Visit


Historical Places to Visit It has become a common meeting point with historical places in our country by many travelers and history lovers.

Our country has a very rich structure in terms of historical places. With its natural beauties, architecture and historical buildings, you can create a beautiful holiday route for yourself in our country, which is visited by domestic and foreign tourists every year. As much as we can in our article historical places to visit We will try to convey information about.

Historical Places to Visit

Historical Places to Visit It is often wondered by travelers with a passion for history. Our country has a very rich cultural and architectural structure in this respect. You can create a nice holiday route for yourself by taking advantage of the suggestions we will give you. Well, historical places to visit what is it Let's take a look together. In addition, if you are researching places to visit in summer https://www.aylakbilgin.com/yazin-gezilecek-en-guzel-yerler-423/You can take advantage of our article.

Ephesus Ancient City - İzmir

Ephesus Ancient City, one of the most popular historical monuments of our country, is located in our city of Izmir. Although the 6th millennium BC is stated as the date of establishment, the exact date is known. Ephesus Antik, which was home to Roman and Greek civilizations in ancient times, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2015 and hosts tens of thousands of tourists every year.

Hasankeyf - Batman

Hasankeyf, located in our city of Batman, also gave its name to the district where it is located. Hasankeyf, one of the most popular historical artifacts of our country, has hosted many civilizations. The Hasankeyf structure is a rare structure where you can see the cultural values of the civilizations separated as Byzantine and Islamic periods.

List of Historical Places to Visit

There are many places in our country regarding historical places to visit and see. If we try to explain all of them, I guess we will not be able to fit them on the pages. We have listed the most preferred and prominent historical places for your convenience;

Here is a list of historical places to visit;

  • Aksaray - Ihlara Valley
  • Sanliurfa - Fish Lake
  • İzmir - Ancient City of Ephesus
  • Mugla - Oludeniz
  • Hasankeyf - Batman
  • Adiyaman - Mount Nemrut
  • Bursa - Cumalıkızık
  • Denizli Pamukkale
  • Nevsehir - Cappadocia
  • Antalya - Aspendos
  • Ağrı - İshak Pasha Palace
  • Muğla - Kaunos King Cemetery
  • Balikesir - Devil's Table
  • Amasya - King Rock Tombs
  • Bursa - Lake Uluabat
  • Antalya - Church of St. Nicholas
  • Aydin - Aphrodisias
  • Mugla - Kayakoy

Mount Nemrut - Adıyaman

Nemrut Mountain, located in the Kahta district of Adıyaman province, is visited by local and foreign tourists every year. Nemrut Mountain, which has a height of 2150 meters, was declared as a UNESCO Cultural Heritage in 1987. Especially the Greek and Persian sculptures, which are said to have been built by the Commagene King Antiochos Theos, located on the top of the mountain, attract attention.

Sumela Monastery - Trabzon

Sümela Monastery, which has become quite beautiful with the renovation works carried out in recent years, is located in Trabzon. Although there is not much information about the early periods of the church, the Sumela Monastery has a very old history. We know that many tourists who have come to visit our country in recent years have included this beautiful structure on their travel list. You can add this beautiful place to your list on your historical trips.

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