What is Google Analytics? How to use?


What is Google Analytics? How to use? The question is a very important and sensitive issue for those who will start a new site or for those who are new to this sector.

One of the issues closely related to new website owners is the easy control and analysis of the visitor flow. Google Analytics allows you to access all the details of these reports and analyzes in a comfortable and fast way. Google Analytics will ensure that your website will get more hits in the future and improve more in terms of SEO. So, What is Google Analytics? Let's look at the answer to the question together.

What is Google Analytics?

What is Google Analytics? It is a free-to-use web site analysis tool that Google has offered to its users with the purchase of the company named Urchin. Having a very useful interface with the recent updates, Google Analytics offers a wide range for website owners to track and analyze users. Well, let's look at all the details of Google Analytics together. Details of another Google tool, the web mastertool https://www.aylakbilgin.com/google-webmaster-tools-nedir-435/ You can reach from our article.

What Does Google Analytics Do?

What Does Google Analytics Do? How can I find the details of the visitors to my website who come to us? is the question. Google Analytics provides you with the most detailed information of your website visitors with Real Time, Audience, Acquisition, Behavior and Conversions categories. At the same time, it is possible to see in detail which of your articles are read more, how many people are on your site simultaneously and the number of visitors to your site.

How to Set Up Google Analytics?

How to Set Up Google Analytics? First, you need to create a google account for yourself. After creating a Google account, Google's official Analytics page is entered. After selecting register here, you will be filled in a few forums by Google Analytics. You must fill this form accurately and clearly according to your website. These stages usually include questions such as your website name, account name, website URL, and your website category. When you complete all these steps, your Google Analytics account will be created.

Where to Add Google Analytics Code?

After you create your Google Analytics account and fill in the forums, you will be given a tracking ID that starts with UA. You can easily track your site with this tracking ID. If you are using a wordpress system, it is possible to add this code in the settings section. However, some themes do not allow this. In order to prevent this, you can use your tracking ID of your site. It will be sufficient to place them between the labels.

What is Google Analytics? How to use?
What is Google Analytics? How to use?

How to Use Google Analytics?

How to Use Google Analytics? It is one of the most important issues that those who have a new website should know. This issue is very important in determining the articles that want to direct the site and the visitors who want to direct the site by making certain analyzes. Getting this right is very important both for SEO and for your hit increase.

What's in Google Analytics?

It is possible to obtain different data on the categories in Google Analytics. We will inform you about the categories and their contents. But we want you to know that these statistics are entirely related to your visitors. Explaining these categories can be confusing if you're new to this business. Therefore, you can easily see what information you can reach by searching and trying categories.

  • Real time
  • Mass
  • Acquisition
  • Behaviour
  • Conversions

Google Analytics Site Analysis

From the moment you add your Google Analytics tracking code to your site, it is possible to see the number of visitors to your site and at what time intervals, in which city, which article they read. This is very important both for the future steps you will take and in terms of which audience you are visited for the past.

What are the Advantages of Google Analytics?

The statistics tracking you will do with Google Analytics will always keep you one step ahead. In addition, your use with Adsense and Search Console also provides you with the most detailed and beautiful report you can make for your site's hit status. In line with these reports, it will be a great advantage for you to determine your article or your category and to create new articles. In addition, it provides you with great information about which country your article has hit, how many people have visited it, why your number of visits has decreased and why it has increased.


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