How to Apply for Google News?


How to Apply for Google News? The question is an issue that is among the sine qua non for news sites and that site owners are curious about.

How to Apply for Google News? and other operations are very important for news site owners. If they are registered with Google News, Google news sites publish their articles under the heading of news and help them get indexed quickly. This helps the sites to increase their organic hits and make good money from their advertising revenues. Considering this situation, many people have researched How to Apply for Google News? We will try to answer his question.

How to Apply for Google News?

How to Apply for Google News? Before answering his question, we needed to give you some information about Google News. Although the Google News application approval process is a bit difficult, your registration is very important for the future of your website. It is also very important for your income to get your articles instantly indexed and your site to meet organic hits. Let's see what Google News is about.

What is Google News?

Google Newsis one of the indispensable factors for news websites. This application, which brings the published news to the forefront to interact with users as soon as possible, is followed by many site owners and they are trying to register. News sites published on Google news sites and registered with News stand out in the News category in the search engine. This increases the number of visitors, namely organic hits, considerably.

What are the Benefits of Google News?

Google News Benefits We talked about it a little bit in its definition. The first benefit that comes to the forefront is that the news gets organic hits by contacting users at the earliest. In addition, there are many factors that will benefit those who register for News. If you want to have a quality news site, you must definitely be registered with Google News. Well, What are the Benefits of Google News? Let's take a look together.

  • Alexa Helps You to Get a Good Rank
  • You can create a special ad space on your site with a sudden click and earn high revenues.
  • Provides Quick Indexing of Published Articles
  • Keeps Your Site In The Foreground By Increasing Your Organic Hits

Things to Consider in Google News Application

There are some points that you should pay attention to and pay attention to when applying for Google News. Usually, website owners complain that their application is rejected after the approval process. Some of the tips in Google News applications help you in the approval of your application. Let's see what are these?

  • Make sure you have an Imprint Page on your site.
  • Must Have a Privacy Policy Page
  • There Should Be Enough Content on Your Site
  • Make sure that the Privacy Policy and About Page is on the Top or Bottom Menu
  • If Your Content Is Low, Apply By Increasing Your Content
  • The Theme You Will Use Is An Advantage For You To Be A News Site Theme

How to Apply for Google News?

Google News Application process We will try to give you information about it. In addition, what you need to know is to show patience for approval after the application process is over. Many site owners do not show this patience and apply again and again. These applications do not matter for your site. Because your only application for the same site will be evaluated. Now, Google News Application process Let's list what happened;

  • Login to Google My Apps Homepage
  • Click on News from the application that comes up.
  • If your e-mail address is open and you have registered sites, these sites will appear. Otherwise, you can add your site via Google Webmaster Tools and return to this page after adding, and choose your site registered on the same mail.
  • After selecting your site, a page will appear, click the "Request to be added to Google News" tab.
  • You will see a forum. Fill in your information completely here.
  • Do not forget to write your site address in the resource section.

With the steps above, you can easily apply for Google News. If you want to get detailed information about Google Webmaster Tools You can review our article. After the application process is completed, your approval process will now start. Google evaluates your site and completes the approval process by performing some analyzes, especially whether it is a news site. This process may take some time.


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