Cultural Features and Values of Hatay


Cultural Features and Values of HatayIt is wondered by many local and foreign people with its flavors, nature and historical structures.

Cultural Features and Values of Hatay, historical places and natural beauty has managed to impress many people. Unfortunately, we will not be able to fully share all the cultural characteristics and values of Hatay in our article. Our transfer of all the details will not fit on the pages. However, we will try to share with you the features that stand out in a clear and concise way. Well, Cultural characteristics and values of Hatay Let's see what happened.

Features of Hatay

Features of Hatay too many pages to fit. As such, we had to share with you the most curious and researched topics. However, it will be enough to share with us what you want us to add or think need to be corrected in the comments section. In addition, if you want to learn cultural values related to a different city, you can learn about the cultural features of our Tekirdağ city You can reach from our article.

Information About Hatay

Information about Hatay In fact, it reflects the subjects we researched and wondered about. We present to you information about this beautiful city, which has a long history, by compiling it from the sources we have researched. As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, unfortunately, we cannot share all the details with you. But we will try to convey many features you need to know. If we go back to our main subject, our Hatay province, which has a plate number of 31, has 15 beautiful districts. To list these districts;

Districts of Hatay;

  1. Altinozu
  2. Antioch
  3. Arsuz
  4. Belen
  5. Bay
  6. Dortyol
  7. Erzin
  8. Precision
  9. Iskenderun
  10. Kirikhan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  11. Sandy
  12. Payas
  13. Reyhanli
  14. Samandag
  15. Yayladagi

Population and Geographical Location of Hatay

Hatay's population 2020 Considering the data of the year, it is estimated to be 1 million 610 thousand. When we include the student and civil servant population in this population, the population increases considerably. Many products are grown in our province of Hatay, which has very fertile lands with its geographical location. When we look at the border neighbors of our city of Hatay; The Mediterranean in the West, Syria in the South and East, Adana in the Northwest, Osmaniye in the North and Gaziantep in the Northeast.

Historical and Cultural Features of Hatay

Hatay history Although it is not known exactly, it is said to be one of the oldest settlements in our country as a result of the researches. It is known that it was used as a settlement between 100.000 and 40.000 BC as a result of archaeological researches. This city, which was founded with the name of Antakya in 300 BC, has hosted many civilizations and civilizations until today. When we look at its deep-rooted history, we can see how rich cultural features this city has.

Cultural Features of Hatay

Cultural characteristics of Hatay Antakya Mosaic Museum, Harbiye Promenade, Arsuz Beaches, Iskenderun Iron-Steel Factories, Sogukoluk Recreation Site, Kunefe Dessert, Sen Piyer Church and Erzin Hot Springs are the first ones that come to mind when it is mentioned, as well as it contains very rich values with its deep-rooted history. We will transfer them to you in the headings.

Cultural characteristics of Hatay
Cultural characteristics of Hatay

Local Dishes of Hatay

Hatay's local dishes, has managed to impress many people today. It contains very good flavors together with its rich cuisine. We will list the flavors specific to Hatay, which stand out in sharing all the flavors with you.

  • Paper Kebab
  • Oruk
  • Tattoo (ashshur)
  • Semirsek
  • Tray Kebab
  • Humus
  • Thyme Salad
  • Kunefe
  • Semolina Halva with Cheese
  • Pumpkin dessert
  • Walnut Pepper
  • Moldy Curd Salad
  • Radish Tarator
  • Humus
  • Eggplant Yogurt
  • Sarmaiçi
  • Egg Death

Hatay Folk Songs

Hatay Folk Songs It has managed to reach by maintaining its popularity from past years to the present. When we look at the songs, their words full of love show us both their heroism and the traces of the period in which they lived. We will share with you other folk songs that stand out with a short section we selected from the folk song I am a Yüce Beydim.

"I was a great lord, you downloaded the flat
I was fifteen years old and he grew up to face
I released a thousand grateful people, that Turkmen giza
For Mevla's sake, you killed me "

  • I was a Almighty Lord
  • If I climb up those mountains
  • Bride (One Month Born)
  • He held back again, the Boran of those mountains
  • My Loving Eye is Back to the Sky
  • Rose Pruned Branch Twisted
  • Dried Rose Lyrics
  • I Saw a Beautiful in Aleppo
  • Carving Hasan Mountain
  • Are there any Huri Melek in your family?
  • I went down to mow
  • They Taked Off From The Fortress
  • Boiler-Boiler Black
  • Rock Behind Lofça (Lofçalı)
  • Samandağı (Musa and Khidr)
  • I Thought You (In The Darkness)
  • Love To Love (Me)
  • I Tell You Gentlemen Aghas
  • There Is Snow On That Opposite Mountain
  • Yayladağı (None of my district)
  • Herbs Finished On The Road
  • Walk Oh Yiğitde, Walk With The Road

Hatay's Local Dress and Folk Dances

Hatay's local clothes Although it is not used much today, it can be seen in some events, weddings and fairs. In women; While fez, Tarbuş, Kefiye, Şako, Cepken, Yemeni, waist belt are worn in men; Arakcik, arachik ties, pouches, kefiye, Aba, shalwar, shirt, vest, socks, yemeni, edik, waistband and posi are worn. Looking at the folk dances of Hatay; The plays named Heavy Halay (Şihhani), Çiftetelli, Depki, Düz, Garibin foot, Kayser, Kuseyri, Kırıkhan, Mendilli, Şenköy, Üçayak, Bahcivancı girl, Crazy Arab, Eli touched, Pamuk and Şergiye Şerji are the leading plays.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Hatay

Historical places and cultural characteristics of Hatay too many pages to fit. This beautiful city, which has a long history, has a very rich culture with its values. We will list historical places with cultural characteristics that you can visit in our city of Hatay, in case you fall in your way.

  • Besikli Cave
  • Titus Rock Tunnel
  • Saint Simon's Monastery
  • Hell Boatman
  • Vespasian and Titus Tunnel
  • Payas Castle
  • Bakras Castle
  • Habib-i Neccar Mosque
  • Hatay Grand Mosque
  • St. Pierre Church
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