Cultural Features and Values of Kayseri


Cultural Features and Values of Kayseri, With its warm-blooded people and natural beauties, it has been very curious recently.

Cultural Features and Values of Kayseri, its unique dialect, historical places and natural beauties have been a subject of curiosity by many people. Kayseri, which has been a famous and distinguished city for centuries with its deep-rooted historical and geographical importance, also impresses with its economic contributions. I guess it will not fit on the pages to convey all the details about Kayseri. Therefore, we will try to convey to you clear and concise information in the prominent headings. Well, Cultural characteristics and values of Kayseri what is it Let's take a look together.

Features of Kayseri

Properties of Kayseri too many pages to fit. Although we will not be able to share all the information with you, we will publish the features that stand out in the headlines with clear and concise information. If there are features you want to add or if there is a part you want us to remove, it will be enough to indicate in the comment. In addition, if you want to get information about a province with a different culture, you can get all the information about our Muğla province. You can reach from our article.

Information About Kayseri

Information about Kayseri it also reflects what many of us are curious about this beautiful city. There are places with many historical and natural beauties in this beautiful city, which has a long history and has hosted many civilizations. As such, it attracts many local and foreign tourists throughout the year. This beautiful city, which has 38 plate numbers, has 15 districts.

Kayseri districts;

  1. Akkışla
  2. Bunyan
  3. Felahiye
  4. Pilgrims
  5. Incesu
  6. Sagittarius
  7. Melikgazi
  8. Ozvatan
  9. Pinarbasi
  10. Sarioglan
  11. Sariz
  12. Sawdust
  13. Tomarza
  14. Yahyalı
  15. Yesilhisar

Population and Geographical Location of Kayseri

Population of Kayseri 2020 Considering the data for the year, it is estimated to be 1 million 380 thousand. Of course, when the student and civil servant population is added, it is obvious that it has a very high population. Many products are grown in our city of Kayseri, which has very fertile lands, and the economy is strengthened with its trade. When we look at the border neighbors of our city of Kayseri located in İçanadolu Region, we have Sivas in the east and northeast, Yozgat in the north, Nevşehir in the west, Niğde in the southwest, Adana and Kahramanmaraş in the south.

Historical and Cultural Features of Kayseri

Kayseri's history It is very rooted and dating back to a long time. As a result of our researches, the settlement of the settlement in BC. IV. We see that it has come since the Chalcolithic ages. It has hosted many civilizations such as Assyrian, Hittite, Phrygian and Roman, as well as the Seljuk State and the Ottoman Empire. This situation shows us how rich culture our city of Kayseri has, which has hosted many civilizations and civilizations.

Cultural Features of Kayseri

Cultural characteristics of Kayseri The first ones that come to mind when it is mentioned are Erciyes Mountain Ski Center, Kayseri Pastrami, Bünyan Carpet, Sultansazlığı Bird Sanctuary, Kapuzbaşı Waterfalls, Gesi Vineyards, Talas City and Gevher Nesibe Medical Center, this glorious city also has many cultural features. We will convey all of these to you in titles.

Cultural characteristics of Kayseri
Cultural characteristics of Kayseri

Local Dishes of Kayseri

Kayseri's local dishes It also reveals many local flavors of Anatolia. But among these delicacies, such as pastrami, such as ravioli, come to the forefront and are available in local dishes that are unique to our city of Kayseri. Let's list the prominent local flavors of Kayseri cuisine.

  • Bacon
  • Pasty
  • Lubrication
  • Lead Vaccine
  • Poc
  • Sausage Meatballs
  • Stuffed Leaves with Tahini with Quince
  • Hand Cut Kadayif

Kayseri Folk Songs

Kayseri folk songs Sometimes he conveyed heroism, sometimes love, sometimes the living conditions of the period and continues to be popular today. Although we cannot list all these folk songs for you, we will list the songs that we have chosen randomly with a section that we have chosen from the folk song named Yarim Istanbul, Mesken Mi Tuttun.

"Did you settle for my half Istanbul?
You saw the beauties, you forgot me
Did you swear to come back to sila?
There is no solution left to endure informally
I have no more words to write in the letter "

  • The Evening Is Gone With You
  • If I take a vile, the mountains opposite will collapse
  • Our Rocks Tumbled Off The Mountain
  • Erkilet Breaking Beautiful Bonds
  • My fader wanders
  • I am wandering in the vineyards of the gesi
  • They Kidnapped My Cock
  • Because of Remove Writing from Kandilli
  • Pomegranate tree
  • Oy Tissue Lace Handkerchief
  • I am wandering the mail routes
  • Come on the swing, let the challenge girl see
  • Shallow Haymana
  • Let me embody the writing you gave
  • Did You Settle My Half Istanbul?
  • Did your cruel knight mill return
  • My Circassian

Kayseri's Local Attire and Folk Dances

Kayseri's local clothes At the same time, it is similar to the local clothes generally used in the Central Anatolia Region. Looking at women; Fez, Silver crest and Gazi (gold) string on it, Shirt (embroidered dominant collar, embroidered cuffs), Three skirts (kutnu, floral velvet, broadcloth), Dolama skirt, Cepken, Shawl belt, Shalwar, Cardigan, Salta, Entari , Bindallı, Vest and Wool socks for men; Fez, Poşi (white), Papak (made of goat mohair), Hakim collar shirt (white calico), Diril shirt (this is called workmanship), Camedan (sleeveless with sleeves), Sako (jacket), Cepken, Meslek (with silk embroidery), Tripoli belt and Shalwar is worn. When looking at the colors, black and white and gold embroidery are generally preferred. In Kayseri's folk dances; Avşar hospitality, Bızdık (Çiçekdağı), Develioğlu, Dokuzbüyük (Öteyüz), Emine, Karanfilli, Kırıkhan, Coastal, Sparrow, Topal sparrow, Cranes, Bünyan halay, Kirman, Öteyüz, Safayi and Sinsin.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Kayseri

Historical places and cultural characteristics of Kayseriis a subject that has been researched a lot by those who create a travel list for themselves or who want to get information about this city. Our city of Kayseri has a very rich culture with both its deep-rooted history and geographical location. We are the ones that you can choose with peace of mind. Historical places of Kayseri and we will list its cultural features.

  • Hunat Hatun Complex
  • Doner Kumbet
  • Kayseri Castle
  • Kanesh Ancient City
  • Ağırmas Underground City
  • Seljuk Museum
  • Camii Kebir (Great Mosque)
  • Gevher Nesibe Hospital
  • Kursunlu Mosque
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