Cultural Features and Values of Kocaeli


Cultural Characteristics and Values of Kocaeli It has attracted the attention of many people from the past to the present and has been a very curious subject.

Cultural Characteristics and Values of Kocaeli, historical places and natural beauty has managed to impress many people. Especially the recent rise in the industrial area has caused many people to migrate to this beautiful city. This situation has prompted many people to research both cultural and historical values related to this beautiful city. Although we cannot give you all the details, we will go by giving clear and concise information in the headings. Well, Cultural characteristics and values of Kocaeli Let's see what happened together.

Properties of Kocaeli

Properties of Kocaeli it is too much for us to finish counting. As such, unfortunately, we cannot pass on all the information to you. However, as much as we can, we will try to give the information that comes to the fore in the titles with clear and concise information. If there is an issue that you want us to add or we need to change, it will be enough to indicate in the comment. In addition, if you want to get information about different cultures, you can visit all cultural features of our city of Kayseri. You can reach from our article.

Information About Kocaeli

Information about Kocaeli it actually reflects what we all wonder about this beautiful city. This distinguished city, which contains many cultural values along with its deep-rooted history, has also succeeded in fascinating many people with its natural beauties. Our Kocaeli province, which has a license plate number of 41, has 12 districts, each more beautiful than each other. To list these districts;

Kocaeli districts:

  1. Basiskele
  2. Cayirova
  3. Darica
  4. deeply
  5. Dilovasi
  6. Gebze
  7. Izmit
  8. Gulf
  9. Pond
  10. Kandira
  11. Karamursel
  12. Kartepe

Population and Geographical Location of Kocaeli

Kocaeli's population 2020 Considering the data of the year, it is estimated to be 1 million 790 thousand. Kocaeli, which has very fertile lands, gives life to our economy with its geographical location. The population of this beautiful city, which is also highly developed in terms of industry, is increasing rapidly day by day. When we look at the border neighbors of our city of Kocaeli; Sakarya in the east and southeast, Bursa in the south, Istanbul and Yalova provinces in the west, Izmit Bay, Marmara Sea, and the Black Sea in the north.

Historical and Cultural Features of Kocaeli

History of Kocaeli Although it is not known clearly, it can be seen that its history is quite rooted according to the information obtained from the researches and excavations. Our Kocaeli province, which was established in the region called Bithynia in the early ages, respectively; It took the names of Olbia, Astakos, Nicomedia, Iznikmid, Izmid and Kocaeli. This beautiful city, which is known to date back to 712 B.C., has also hosted many civilizations and civilizations. Even this shows us how rich the culture our Kocaeli province has.

Cultural Features of Kocaeli

Cultural characteristics of Kocaeli The first ones that come to mind when it is mentioned are Pismaniye, Değirmendere Hazelnut, Hannibal's Tomb, Petrochemical and Automotive Industry, Osman Hamdi Bey Museum, Old Fortress Castle, Clock Tower, Hereke Carpet, Kandira Yoghurt, Abdulazizin Hunting Lodge, Kaiser Wilhelm Mansion, Ballıkayalar Valley and Beşkayalar Nature Although there are parks, Darıca Bird Sanctuary, Maşukiye, Kartepe and Kuzu Plateau and Çoban Mustafa Paşa Kulliye, this long-established city has many beautiful values. We will try to convey it to you in titles.

Cultural characteristics of Kocaeli
Cultural characteristics of Kocaeli

Local Dishes of Kocaeli

Local dishes of Kocaeli It cheers up our tables in accordance with every taste. This beautiful city, which stands out with its Cızlama and Stew, has many delicious tastes. Although we cannot share all of them, we will list the local dishes that stand out for you.

  • Stew
  • Roasting
  • Chicken Keskek
  • Cheese Roasting
  • Mushroom food
  • Midwife Gümeci
  • Mancar Meal
  • Sizzling (Squirting)
  • Mushroom Pastry
  • Raw Egg

Folk Songs of Kocaeli

Folk Songs of Kocaeli From past years to this day, it has managed to come from language to language. These beautiful folk songs, which sometimes convey heroism and sometimes love, also leave a pleasant cry in the ear. We will list the other songs that we have chosen randomly with a short section we have selected from the folk song called Three Beautiful Seated Gergefin Works.

"The works of three beautifully seated rhinos
Tears pour over the rhinoceros
Everyone donates the environment to their loved ones
I have no patience, my decision, I cry every day
I cry too, moon sir, I will sing one by one "

  • Jobs of Three Well-Seated Rhinoceros
  • Akmeşe Roads
  • Black Sea Rummy
  • Play Darbuka Play

Local Clothing and Folk Dances of Kocaeli

Kocaeli's local clothes At the same time, it is similar to other provinces in the region where it is located. For women, primarily embroidered fez scarves, underwear, collarless, shirt, jacket, woolen socks, for men, klot pants, collarless shirt, shawl belt, tasseled knit fez, black shoes are worn. When we look at Kocaeli folk dances; We see that horon, butcher, zeybek, hora and Circassian plays and their derivatives are highly preferred.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Kocaeli

History of Kocaeli places and cultural characteristics It is too much to ignore. Although we cannot give you information about all places and features, we will try to list the places you can choose with peace of mind in case your path falls. If you want to visit and visit Kocaeli province, you can choose these places.

  • Hannibal Memorial Tomb
  • Izmit Clock Tower
  • Historical Train Station
  • Kaiser II. Wilhelm Mansion
  • Koca Mustafa Pasha Mosque
  • Sirri Pasha Mansion
  • Eskihisar Castle
  • Fatih's Herb - Hünkar Meadow
  • Ancient Aqueduct
  • Kutluca Bridge
  • Kasr-ı Hümayun Palace Museum
  • Gayret Ship Museum
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