Cultural Features and Values of Mardin


Cultural Features and Values of MardinWith its unique historical structure and natural beauties, it has been a highly researched subject recently.

Cultural characteristics of Mardin and its valuable, warm-blooded people, deep-rooted historical and natural beauties have managed to impress many local and foreign tourists. Especially recent promotional days and fairs reveal all the cultural beauties of our province of Mardin. Although we cannot share all the details in our article, we will try to convey the features that stand out in the headings. Well, Cultural characteristics and values of Mardin Let's see what happened.

Features of Mardin

Features of Mardin It is too many to tell. I guess sharing all the features wouldn't even fit encyclopedias. However, we will try to convey the prominent details about this beautiful city, which has hosted many civilizations and civilizations, in titles. If there is something we want you to add or correct, it will be enough to indicate in the comment. In addition, if you want to reach the culture of a different city, you can learn the cultural characteristics of our Trabzon You can reach from our article.

Information About Mardin

Information about Mardinis shared with you as a result of the resources we have acquired and the research we have done. In addition, if there is something you want us to add, it will be enough to share it with us from the comments section as we mentioned at the beginning of our article. This beautiful city, which has 47 plate number, has 10 beautiful districts from each other. To list these districts;

Districts of Mardin

  1. Dargecit
  2. Leather
  3. Red Hill
  4. Mardin Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  5. Mazıdağı
  6. Midyat
  7. Nusaybin
  8. Omerli
  9. Hurl
  10. Green

Population and Geographical Location of Mardin

Mardin's population 2020 Considering the data for the year, it is estimated to be 832,000. This beautiful city, which is frequented by many local and foreign tourists every year, also has very fertile lands. Mardin province, which draws attention with its geographical location, is located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. Looking at the border neighbors of Mardin, Syria is located in the south, Şanlıurfa in the west, Diyarbakır and Batman provinces in the north, Siirt in the northeast and Şırnak in the east.

Historical and Cultural Features of Mardin

The history of Mardin Although it is not known exactly, it is known to have a very long history. It is known that Mardin was used as the first settlement place in the 4500s BC. Our province of Mardin can be studied in Subari, Sumer, Akkadian, Babylon, Mitaniler, Assyrian, Persian, Roman, Byzantine, Arabs, Seljuk, Artukid and Ottoman periods. Even when we look at the history of this distinguished city, which has hosted many civilizations and civilizations, we can see how rich culture it has.

Cultural Features of Mardin

Cultural characteristics of Mardin Although the first ones that come to mind when it is mentioned are Deyrul-Zafaran Monastery, Mardin Castle, Stone Houses, Filigree Silver Processing, Dara Ruins and Zinciriye Madrasah, this beautiful city contains many cultural values and riches along with its deep-rooted history. We will try to tell you the features that stand out in the headings.

Cultural characteristics of Mardin
Cultural characteristics of Mardin

Local Dishes of Mardin

Local dishes of Mardin They are suitable for all tastes and very nice flavors. These flavors, which have survived from the past to the present, also decorate the Turkish Cuisine. Although we cannot list all the special dishes of the province of Mardin, we will share the local flavors that stand out.

  • Almond candy
  • Walnut sausage
  • İkbebet (stuffed meatballs)
  • Semberuk
  • Iroque
  • Kibe
  • Mass relief
  • Lebeniyye

Folk Songs of Mardin

Folk songs of Mardin has managed to survive to the present day. These beautiful works accompanying every musical ear continue to be popular today. Let's list a section we have selected from the song called Eyelashes Ok Mudur, as well as other prominent folk songs.

"Are Your Eyelashes Ok (Vote Vote)
Sinking to My Heart (Missing Diyar Mardin)
Are your eyes the sun? (Vote Vote)
It Burns Me (Missing Diyar Mardin) "

  • I fell in love new
  • I left my rose from you (Sabiha)
  • Bagiye (To my lover in the mornings)
  • Spring Has Come Rose Bloomed
  • This Cruel Love
  • Mosques Churches
  • Dalal (A Month Is Born On The Way)
  • O the seller of the rose roses
  • Bride Mihalmi Bride
  • Are Your Eyelashes Ok
  • I have fabric I have a diaper
  • Mawla Takes Life
  • Mihalmi's Daughter Wanders on the Tea
  • Mihalmi I Want Half
  • Sabiha is in Mardin
  • Şehhane (Ninova)
  • Şevko (Would Be Very Nice)
  • I hit the road to Mardin

Local Clothing of Mardin and Folk Dances

Mardin's local clothes Today it is used in certain events and fairs. These local clothes, which are similar to the surrounding regions, are also used at weddings. While these local clothes are used for men, posi, poplin shirts, vests, woven belts and shalwars are used for women; Shawls, writings, necklaces, belts, shirts, bindalli, shalwar and shoes are preferred. Looking at Mardin's folk dances; Botani, Delilo, Steep play, Çepik, Çepikü, Govent, Hınne, Hurtpani, Koçeri, Malaya, Reyhani, Güle, Haftano, Hurse, Lorke and Meryemo are the main folk dances.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Mardin

Historical places and cultural characteristics of Mardin it is too many to end with counting. Although we cannot give you detailed information about all these places, we will try to list the places you can visit with peace of mind when you come to the province of Mardin. Well, what are the cultural characteristics and values of Mardin? Let's take a look together.

  • Dara Ruins
  • Mardin Houses
  • Altunboğa Madrasa
  • Deyrulzafaran Monastery
  • Zinciriye Madrasa
  • Savurkapi Madrasa
  • Sabanci City Museum
  • Mardin Castle
  • Great Mosque of Mardin
  • Mor Gabriel Monastery
  • Kasımiye Madrasa
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