Cultural Features and Values of Mersin


Cultural Features and Values of Mersin, with its uniquely beautiful sea and beach, is highly curious by many local and foreign people.

Cultural Features and Values of Mersin, local clothes, folk songs, historical places and natural beauties have managed to impress many people. This beautiful city, which hosts an intense tourist mass every year, has also been a subject of curiosity with its historical and cultural richness. Unfortunately, we cannot pass on all the information about this beautiful city to you. I think our article will turn into an encyclopedia if we try to write them all. But we will bring you the prominent features under the headings. Well, Cultural characteristics and values of Mersin what are Let's see it all together.

Properties of Mersin

Properties of Mersin With its long history, it is too many to fit in the pages. As such, unfortunately we cannot share all the details with you. However, we will share many facts from local clothes to folk songs, from folk dances to historical places. If there is an issue that you want us to add, it will be enough to indicate in the comment section. In addition, if you want to learn about our city with a different culture, you can follow all the details of our Sakarya province. You can reach from our article.

Information about Mersin

Information about Mersinhas been obtained as a result of the research we have done for you, our dear readers. If you see a section that is missing or you want us to correct, you can share it in the comment section without hesitation. The license plate number of our city of Mersin, which has a great importance with its industry, geographical location and cultural richness, is 33. Our Mersin province has a total of 13 beautiful districts. To list these districts;

Districts of Mersin;

  1. Mediterranean
  2. Anamur
  3. Aydincik
  4. Bozyazi
  5. Camliyayla
  6. Virtuous
  7. Gulnar
  8. Mezitli
  9. Mut
  10. Silifke
  11. Tarsus
  12. Taurus Mountains
  13. New city

Population and Geographical Position of Mersin

Mersin population 2020 According to the data, it is estimated as 1 million 796 thousand. When we include the student and civil servant population in this population, this figure can rise to higher levels. Mersin, which is very important in terms of its geographical location, also has very fertile lands. When we look at the border neighbors of our city of Mersin; Adana is located in the east, Antalya and Karaman in the west, Konya and Niğde in the north, and the Mediterranean in the south.

Historical and Cultural Features of Mersin

Mersin history Although it is not known clearly, it is known that it has been used as a settlement from the Cilician period to the present day. It has been observed that the data obtained as a result of the excavations and researches carried out in Yumuklutepe and Gözkule indicate the Neolithic Age. This shows us how deep-rooted its history is. Our city of Mersin; It has hosted many civilizations and civilizations with the Hittites, Assyrians, Persians, Macedonians, Romans and Byzantines, Karamanids and Ramazanoğulları, Seljuks and finally the Ottoman Empire. Even so, we can see how rich it has cultural features.

Cultural Features of Mersin

Cultural characteristics of Mersin Maiden's Castle, Heaven and Hell Potholes, Silifke Yogurt, Anamur Banana, Citrus and Greenhouse Production, Göksu River, Sertavul Pass, Tarsus Waterfall and Çamlıyayla (Namrun) are the first things that come to mind when it is mentioned, but this distinguished city with a deep-rooted history There is also. We will share it with you in titles.

Cultural characteristics of Mersin
Cultural characteristics of Mersin

Local Dishes of Mersin

Local dishes of Mersin It continues to decorate our taste buds since time immemorial. Although the local dishes show similarities with the nearby regions, they contain many prominent flavors such as Tantuni. We will list the dishes specific to Mersin that stand out for you.

  • Tantuni
  • Arabaşı Soup
  • Dip
  • Sunken
  • Cezerye
  • Fried Rice
  • Humus
  • Stuffed meatballs
  • Kerebiç

Folk Songs of Mersin

Folk Songs of Mersin It has survived to the present day in languages since the past ages and continues to be popular. Although we cannot list all the folk songs, we will list the folk songs that stand out together with a section we selected from the named folk song.

“Bad-ı Saba Calls Early Esene
They Call You Crazy
Find a Partner of Distress and Derdin Esene
It looks like he went to the cool highlands "

  • Open O I Have a Lifetime
  • Bad-I Saba Derler Erken Esene
  • Come to the garden, let me go
  • I looked at your neck and at your face
  • Our house is among walnuts
  • Roofed Hearth Stone
  • Front of the Houses Poplar
  • Hafiz Comes From School
  • O my servants, the mother that gave birth to you
  • Silifke's Yogurt
  • Dig My Grave Deep, May It Be Abundant
  • Where Do You Come From Silifke Castle
  • Pınar Başı Let Me Be
  • I hit the spring and dig it
  • I have a plate left on the olive branches

Mersin Local Dress and Folk Dances

Mersin's local clothes Looking at the women, a three-piece suit called three skirts, a shirt made of silk kutnu, and silver (chain) and green-green mawlana turbans are wrapped around the waist. There are road pulls and shalwars in the foot part. In men; There is a salwar with a Tripoli sash on it, an enchanted black leather upright, and a push at the head. Looking at the folk dances of Mersin; Silifke's Yogurt
Spoon games such as Keklim and Mengi, as well as games such as Tek Zeybek, Portakal Zeybeği, and Son's name Hüseyin are the leading ones.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Mersin

Historical places and cultural characteristics of Mersin It is being researched and wondered every day. This distinguished city, which has a long history, fascinates people with its natural beauties and historical places. Although we cannot list all the details, we will list some places you can visit with peace of mind when you come to Mersin.

  • Adam Rocks
  • Aksifat Canyon
  • Alahan Monastery
  • Anamur Castle
  • Anamurium
  • Astım Cave
  • Bolkar Mountains
  • Heaven-Hell Potholes
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