What is Miniature Art? How is it done?


What is Miniature Art? How is it done? Its questions have become one of the most preferred ones for hobby seekers and aroused curiosity about miniature art.

Miniature art generally reflects the Ottoman palace culture. Miniature art adorns luxury items just like manuscripts. Miniature arts made in the Ottoman period were generally presented to the Sultan and the state officials who were at high level. Miniature Art, also known as the palace art, also took place in the Islamic world. In this article for you What is Miniature Art? How is it done? We will try to answer your questions with all the details.

What is Miniature Art?

Miniature art It is a type of art that shines especially in the Ottoman period and is admired today. Although it does not matter much today, it has managed to attract the attention of many people with its meaning and color tones. Let's take a look at what Miniature Art, which has many details, is.

Definition of Miniature Art

Brief description of miniature art To be precise, Miniature art is a very striking painting art with paint and gilding that can be seen in old manuscript books. Turks, Iranians and Chinese have used this art a lot. Miniature art is a branch of art that is generally based on a certain subject and summarizes it with pictures in the best way. Although the pictures seem complicated when examined, they actually contain many facts. This meaningful art has many techniques and features.

What is the History of Miniature Art?

History of miniature art It has survived from very ancient times to the present day. Miniature art, which has been known as a painting style since ancient times, is an art that is dominated by the whole world and attracts attention with its way of making. The oldest miniature art, which also differs in the way it is made, was found in Egypt. We can see how old the history of miniature art goes with the art made on papyrus in the 2nd century BC.

What are the Kinds of Miniature Art?

What are the types of miniature art? The question also covers many of the manuscript art used to decorate books in past periods. We do not know how accurate it is to post them in a certain category or under a certain group, but let's list some art types shown as handwriting art types. These;

  • Carving
  • Masonry
  • Ebru art
  • Wallpaper
  • Embroidery embroidery

How to Make Miniature Art?

How is miniature art done? The clearest answer to the question is your technical skills. There are many types of brushes and pens that you can use today, as well as colors. After that, it is entirely up to you how to tell your handicraft and plot. We will also talk about some of the types, materials and tips you can use.

Miniature Art Tradition

The tradition of miniature art It has managed to survive from the Ottoman period to the present day. There are people who are rarely engaged in this fine painting, which is generally based on the palace culture. In order to make art, it is necessary to have a certain experience and knowledge, as well as visual intelligence to reflect the plots in a brief way.

Materials Used in Miniature Art

Materials used in miniature art In fact, it is the same with the painting materials it contains. It is very easy to access these materials today. We have listed the materials used in miniature art for you;

  • Paint
  • Brush
  • Gold (Gelatine leaf or crushed optionally)
  • Paper

The use of gold is to add vitality to the picture. Approximately 1 coffee cup of hot water is used when the gold melts and reaches the gelatin consistency. The consistency of gelatin is very important here and it should be used cold. Although this was easy in the past years, I guess it is not a preferred application today.

Miniature Art Making and Tips

Miniature art making and tricks Although it was not valued as much as it was in the old times, there are rarely people who are engaged in this business today. The miniaturist named Nakkaş spreads a layer of cotton on the marble and polishes it. After reaching a certain degree, he should make a light draft of the shapes he will make. After the draft is completed, the lines are completed with the Indian ink and painted in suitable colors with a brush. Here the trick is the draft you have created in your mind. After you have finished your shape, you will disrupt the order if you play on it. Therefore, you have to be well thought out and perform this art in a single move.

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