What is Bailiff? What Does It Do? How much is his salary?


What is Bailiff? What Does It Do? How much is his salary? 2020 With the announcement of the new year bailiff's purchases, it has become a very curious and researched subject.

What is Bailiff? The question is 2020 It has become a very curious subject with the big purchase to be made in 2012. The bailiffs, who work within the Ministry of Justice and were taken to the status of General Administrative Services (GİH) from the Assistant Administrative Services with the latest regulation, also came to the agenda with their work and salaries. Courthouses, which have the same enduring and loyal personnel What is Bailiff? What Does It Do? and How Much is his Salary? We will try to answer their questions in detail.

What is Bailiff?

What is Bailiff? The brief description of the Bailiff, who served in the Ministry of Justice and the Court of Justice of the Republic of Turkey, staff appointments are made by the Judicial Commission of the Ministry of Justice. Bailiffs must be at least high school graduate and have knowledge of file minutes.

What is Bailiff?

The concept of bailiff It varies from person to person and even from person to person. Today, when asked by many people, the job of the bailiff, which is defined as the person who shouts in the court, is not only this, but also undertakes many open-ended tasks, dealing with the file and record transactions that arrange the trial order, performing the postal transactions, and similarly. However, many people do not know that they have undertaken these duties because they only see themselves as the person speaking at the hearings, and they do not even have the slightest idea about this profession.

What Does a Bailiff Do?

What Does a Bailiff Do? The definition we have explained in the concept of bailiff is also valid for the question of what does it do. The trial order and pen works are one of the main duties of the bailiff. However, when these two concepts are examined, many work such as calling the parties at the hearing, eliminating the problems that may occur in the hearing, file documents and postal transactions can be carried out by the bailiffs.

2020 What are the Bailiff's Salaries?

2020 Bailiff's Salaries Although it has increased a little with the incoming hikes and the inflation rate, the bailiff's salaries are on the agenda every year and they are asked to be improved. The intensity of the work done and the failure to get the reward for the shifts have become a problem for the bailiffs. Looking at the bailiff's salaries, we can say that a new high school graduate received an average salary of 3400 TL. Of course, you should also know that there are certain interruptions and add-ons.

How to Become a Bailiff?

How to Become a Bailiff? 2020 This question, which has been raised a lot with the purchases made in 2015, is being investigated by many people who want to be a civil servant. In order to become a bailiff, you have to pass certain stages. KPSS score and oral interview form the 2 basis of these stages. In addition, you must submit the necessary documents to the commission to be purchased and meet certain application requirements. We will try to share a few information about Application Requirements, necessary information and oral interview in our article. In addition, to get detailed information about the Bailiff's Interview https://www.aylakbilgin.com/mubasirlik-mulakat-sorulari-853/ You can review our article.

Application Requirements for Bailiff's Office

The Bailiff's Application Requirements is the first step you will take to become a civil servant. Application conditions are generally established by the General Directorate of Personnel and announced on the official website of the Ministry of Justice prior to recruitment. We will tell you about the outstanding application conditions. You can find complete and detailed information from official sources. We have listed the terms of application for the Bailiff's Office for you;

  • To be a Turkish citizen
  • To get a score of 70 or more from the KPSS score type
  • Being under the age of 35 as of the first day of January of the exam year
  • Not having any interest in military service or not having reached the age of military service
  • Not to be convicted of the crimes listed in the 48/1-A / 5 clause of the Law No. 657
  • Not having any mental illness that might hinder the civil service
  • Not being deprived of public rights
  • Being positive as a result of archive research
  • To be at least a high school or equivalent school graduate

Required Documents for Bailiff

The documents required for the bailiff are usually the ones required for each purchase. Along with the purchase announcement, the Ministry of Justice writes in detail what the documents are. In addition, some information and documents are requested from you by the Presidency of the Judicial Judiciary Court of First Instance Commission. We will usually try to list some requested documents. You can reach the clearest information from official sources.

  • Application form (to be obtained from Justice commissions and the website of the Ministry (ANNEX-2))
  • Original or a copy of the education certificate approved by the chairmanship of the commission or the relevant educational institution.
  • Computer printout of KPSS-2018 exam result document
  • Copy of identity card
  • 2 Photographs

What is the Bailiff's Oral Interview?

What is the Bailiff's Oral Interview? Candidates who have completed the application stages and who are in the order of success according to the KPSS score type will be included in the oral interview. Here, your knowledge and ability to express yourself will be evaluated and scoring will be made over a certain score. How to Become a Bailiff? You can access detailed information about the bailiff's interview from the link we have given on the subject.

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