Cultural Characteristics and Values of Muğla


Cultural Characteristics and Values of MuğlaWith its beautiful sea and clean beaches, it is highly wondered by many local and foreign tourists.

Cultural Characteristics and Values of MuğlaEvery year, it has succeeded in fascinating many local and foreign tourists. Our province of Muğla also contributes to the economy of the country with the tourists it attracts. Since it will be full of pages to convey all the details of our Muğla province, we will try to give you brief and concise information about this beautiful city. You can find in our article what you have wondered about Muğla from local food to folk songs, from clothing to history. Well, Cultural Characteristics and Values of Muğla what is it Let's take a look together.

Properties of Muğla

Properties of Muğla, It has become quite interesting recently. Our Muğla province, which many people have researched and visited for both holiday and trips, is very rich in terms of culture. Although we cannot convey all the details, we will try to give you information in general terms. If there is something you want to add or remove, it will be enough to tell us in the comments section. In addition, if you want to take a look at a different cultural feature, you can see all the details of our Şanlıurfa province. You can reach from our article.

Information about Muğla

Information about Muğla This is what many of us wonder about this beautiful city. I think the first thing you need to know about our Muğla province is that our country is the most distinguished tourism resource. This beautiful city, which hosts many local and foreign tourists with its districts every year, almost sheds light on our country with its historical and natural beauties. If there is an issue that you want us to add, it will be enough to indicate in the comment. Our Muğla province, which has a plate number of 48, has 13 beautiful districts. To list these districts;

Districts of Muğla;

  1. Basement
  2. Dalaman
  3. Datca
  4. Fethiye
  5. Kavaklidere
  6. Koycegiz
  7. Marmaris
  8. Milas
  9. Hinge
  10. Oriya
  11. Seydikemer
  12. Ula
  13. Yatagan

Population and Geographical Location of Muğla

The population of Muğla 2020 It is estimated to be 940.00 according to the year data. You can see that many products are grown in this beautiful city, which has very fertile lands due to its geographical location. When we look at the border neighbors of Muğla, which is located in the Aegean region, Aydın is located in the north, Denizli and Burdur in the northeast, Antalya in the east, the Mediterranean in the south and the Aegean Sea in the west.

Historical and Cultural Features of Muğla

History of Muğla There is no clear information about. However, according to the information we have obtained, the history of Muğla dates back to BC. It dates back to 3000 years. During the excavations and researches, this beautiful city was first settled by the Carians and has hosted many civilizations, civilizations and empires until today. This shows us how deep-rooted the history of our beautiful city Muğla is. As such, we can say that it is very impressive in terms of its cultural richness.

Cultural Features of Muğla

Cultural characteristics of Muğla Bodrum, Marmaris, Datça, Fethiye, Dalyan, Gocek Tourism Centers such as Butterfly Valley, Bodrum Castle, White Bodrum Houses, Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum, Saklıkent Canyon, Dead Sea, Mud Bath, Iztuzu Beach, Sedir Island, Knidos Although Letoon-Kaunos-Labranda-Keramos Ancient Cities, Milas Carpets, Halicarnassus Fisherman, Marmaris Pine Honey, Sweetgum Tree and Oil come to the fore, this distinguished city has many features that stand out.

Cultural Characteristics and Values of Muğla
Cultural Characteristics and Values of Muğla

Local Dishes of Muğla

Local dishes of Muğla Although it generally resembles our other provinces located on the coast, it contains many prominent flavors such as Milas Çaykame and Cowpea sourdough. Let's list the local dishes of Muğla that stand out for you.

  • Straining
  • Milas Teacup
  • Sour Peas
  • Octopus Rice
  • Crumbed Kebab
  • Bodrum Ravioli
  • Rock Grove Salad
  • Juicy Mugla Kebab

Folk Songs of Muğla

Folk Songs of Muğla With its deep-rooted history, it continues to be sung from the past to the present and are popular folk songs. Let's list the other prominent folk songs by sharing a section of the folk song called Deniz Üstü Köpürür, which we have selected among these beautiful folk songs that appeal to almost every musical ear.

"Foams above the sea hey dear
Rinna nay rinna rinna nay
If I get on the boat it will take me hey dear hey
My coming to this world, hey dear.

  • Mugla Zeybegi
  • Collapse
  • Our Home in Ortaca
  • Above the Sea Foam
  • Kadıoğlu Zeybeği
  • Feraye
  • Abdal Zeybeği
  • Karaova Wedding
  • Forester
  • Kerimoğlu Zeybeği
  • A sheep on the top of the Great Mountain
  • Those Köyceğiz Roads
  • Go Go I'm Tired (ShahBoylum)
  • Bodrum Judge
  • Pottery Strait

Traditional Clothing and Folk Dances of Muğla

 Local clothes of Muğla At the same time, it has similarities with other provinces nearby. The local clothing usually includes felt fez, sile cloth white shirt, as well as gold embroidered cepkenes. Both women and men are also embellished with jewelry and lace embroidery.  Looking at Muğla folk dances; Beskaza zeybegi, Bodrum zeybegi, Fethiye zeybegi, Kabardic, Kadioglu zeybegi, Mugla zeybegi, Ortakoy zeybegi, Sogukkuyu zeybegi, Shah boylum, Plateau roads, Elmali pesrevi, Ferayi Zeybegi, Gundogdu zeybegi, Marmaris zeybegi and Milas zeybegi.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Muğla

Historical places and cultural characteristics of Muğla As we mentioned in our article, it is very rich with its deep-rooted history. This beautiful city, which hosts many local and foreign tourists every year, has many beautiful places that you can visit or add to the list of excursions. Well, Historical places and cultural characteristics of Muğla What is it, let's list it immediately.

  • Yediler Monastery
  • Kaunos Ancient City
  • Stratonikeia Ancient City
  • Mugla Museum
  • Hacıkadı House
  • Clock Tower
  • Uzbek House
  • Idyma Ancient City


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