Excluded by Noindex Tag Error


Excluded by Noindex Tag ErrorIt has become a problem for many people who monitor the development of the website using Google Search Console.

Noindex tag errorWith the updates made by Google Search Console, it has become a curiosity for many people. The error excluded by the noindex tag is also not indexed for many people after the newly added updates? has begun to create anxiety. The Noindex tag is very related to Seo work on websites, uploaded plugins and your article content. In this article Noindex Tag and Excluded Error We will try to give you detailed information about the solution.

Excluded by Noindex Tag Error

Excluded by Noindex Tag Error has always remained a question mark in the mind of those who want to make their articles stand out on search engines? Many people wondering whether the articles are indexed or not have started a search to find out why this error is caused and what the solution is. In order to fix this error, you first need to know about the Noindex and Noindex tag. To get detailed information about Google Search Console with its new name, formerly known as Google Web Master Tools https://www.aylakbilgin.com/google-webmaster-tools-nedir-435/ You can visit our article.

What is Noindex?

What is Noindex? The short answer to the question is that the pages cannot be crawled due to a reason that prevents the pages specified by Google crawling bots from being indexed. As can be understood from the word No index, it will be understood that there is no indexing process. Noindex is usually caused by the frequently used tag in the texts and pictures on the website. Since the use of excessive tags directly affects SEO directly, restrictions are applied to the pages and causes noindex tag errors. Although Noindex is called a problem by many people, it is actually completely in your preference and can be removed.

How is the Noindex Tag Created?

How is the Noindex tag formed? Before answering the question, let's give you a few information about the noindex tag. The noindex tag shows the value of HTML robots on the meta tag. It prevents the indexing of the article by excluding the noindex tags detected by Google bots with automatic scans. These tags can be formed as a result of your text, visuals and add-ons. It is up to you to prevent and remove this. To get rid of the noindex tag error, you can troubleshoot your problem by reading a subheading right away.

How to Fix the Noindex Tag Excluded Error

How to Fix the Noindex Tag Excluded Error There are a few basic things you need to do to make it happen. If you think that you do not use a "no index" tag in any of your content and images and you encounter a Noindex tag error in the Google Search Console, Scope menu, excluded tab, there are some situations that go wrong on your website. It is possible to prevent this in 2 steps.

Step 1: In the generally used SEO plugins, the option of prevent search engine bots from reaching the page in the content settings section is turned on, causing a "Noindex error". If you have a page blocked for browsing by carefully reviewing the settings on your plugin, removing it and comparing the tags in your Seo plugin with the tag excluded from Search Consolde and removing it if there is an obstacle will resolve the error.

Step 2: Another problem caused by the Noindex error is the disallow commands in your robot.txt file. Check your records by entering the www.sitename.com/robots.txt file. If you see an error, you can fix the problem by updating it from your home directory section. Since this error will also be related to your other plugin settings, you should also check if there is a block on the page that is excluded on the plugins you use and do not know exactly how to work.

Step 3: You need to be a little patient after performing the first two steps. The problem solution phase does not occur immediately. After completing the procedures, it may take some time for the site to be crawled again by Google bots. You need to wait for this scan time and look at the error again after the scan has been performed. In about 1 week, your site is automatically scanned by bots. If the problem still persists, you can contact us in the comments section.

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  1. Ali Samet Kizil

    I get the response Excluded by Noindex Tag.

    Google Search Console> Scope> Excluded> I get an error that is excluded by the "noindex" tag, but I don't have an html page with no index on my site, if you wish, there are picture details in the post I posted on the google community page.

  2. Ali Samet Kizil

    My robo.txt is like this, so what I have to do is convert the Disallow ones to Allow?

    User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
    Disallow: User-agent: *
    Disallow: / search? Q = *
    Disallow: / *? Updated-max = *
    Allow: /

    1. Aylak Bilgin

      Hello, unfortunately we had to remove your site link. Can you tell us the exact error you received?

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