Cultural Characteristics and Values of Ordu


Cultural Characteristics and Values of Ordu, Its natural beauties, its streets smelling of history have become a topic that travel lovers are very curious about.

Cultural Characteristics and Values of Ordu, If you are doing research about warm-blooded people, local food, dress code, history, places to visit and see, folk songs and so on, you are just right. The curiosity of Ordu, which many people follow with interest, is increasing day by day. We will try to convey to you the prominent details of this beautiful city, which is visited by many local and foreign tourists every year. Well, Cultural Characteristics and Values of Ordu what is it Let's take a look together.

Features of the Army

Characteristics of the army We will try to share with you, by summarizing the researches I have done and the information we have acquired about it to our esteemed readers. Adding all the information will not fit on the pages. However, you will be able to see the prominent features in titles. If there is something you want us to add or remove, it will be enough to share it in the comment. In addition, if you want to get information about a different city, you can go to all details about Van You can reach from our article.

Information About The Army

Information about the army These are the issues that many of us are curious about about this distinguished city. You can find all the information from local dishes to folk songs, from clothing and costumes to folk dances in our article. In addition, as we have stated what you want to be added, if you share them with us in the comments section, we can add them during the day. Returning to our main subject, our distinguished city, which has a plate number of 52, has 19 beautiful districts.

Districts of Ordu;

  1. Akkus
  2. Golden army
  3. Aybasti
  4. Washing
  5. Catalpinar
  6. Caybasi
  7. Fatsa
  8. Golkoy
  9. Gülyalı
  10. Gurgentepe
  11. Twin
  12. Kabadüz
  13. Kabatas
  14. Korgan
  15. Dove
  16. Mesudiye
  17. Thursday
  18. Ulubey
  19. Unye

The Population and Geographical Position of Ordu

Ordu population 2020 It is estimated to be 745,000 according to year data. Many products are grown in Ordu, which has fertile lands due to its geographical location. In particular, it is the leading producer of hazelnuts and honey in our country. When we look at the border neighbors of our city of Ordu; We have Black Sea in the north, Sivas and Tokat in the south, Giresun in the east and Samsun in the west.

Historical and Cultural Features of Ordu

Army's history is quite rooted. According to the data obtained from the researches and archaeological excavations, the first settlement of our city of Ordu was VII. It is said to date back to the century. It is known that the first settlement in the city center was Bozukkale, formerly Kotyora, located near the Kirazlimanı cemetery. This beautiful city, which has hosted many civilizations, civilizations and empires in its history, also draws attention with its historical places and cultural features.

Cultural Features of Ordu

Cultural characteristics of Ordu is mentioned first that come to mind are Turkey's Hazelnut and Honey Tank, Gray Hill, Pine Grove Recreation Area, Cape Yason and Church, Keyfalan Plateau though, comes to the fore quite other historical and cultural beauty that is housed within our this city. Let's share the cultural features that stand out for you under headings. Also, let's briefly list its main features.

  • Army Hazelnut
  • Cotyora (Bozukkale)
  • Chard Mucveri (Local Food)
  • Kemençemin Strings (Ordu Folk Song)
  • Unye Castle
  • Army Honey
  • The Streams of the Army (Ordu Folk Song)
  • Kadılar Slope
  • Melet River
Cultural Characteristics and Values of Ordu
Cultural Characteristics and Values of Ordu

Ordu's Local Dishes

Ordu's local dishes It is one of the indispensable ingredients of Turkish cuisine. These delicious delicacies that we still consume today appeal to every taste. Although we cannot list all the dishes, we will share the local flavors that stand out.

  • Clumsy Slippery
  • Fresh Pea Butter
  • Bean Dip
  • Baked Beans
  • Corn Sliced Soup Rolls
  • Chard Mucveri
  • Galdirik Roasting
  • Beet Layer

Folk Songs of Ordu

Folk Songs of Ordu It has survived from years ago to the present day and still continues to be sung from languages to languages. In the Black Sea folk songs, which are very popular especially in recent times, Ordu is one of the leading folk songs of our province. To you Streams of Ordu Let's share the songs we have chosen randomly by sharing a section of the folk song named.

"Streams of Ordu
Aksa Yukari Aksa
I do not give you to hands
If the Army Rises On Me "

  • Streams of the Army
  • No Hazelnut Left on the Branch
  • Inside the flat neighborhood
  • Kemençemin Strings
  • I'm in Christmas
  • Come To The Garden
  • Al Ceiling Bellies
  • Hekimoğlu say on my behalf
  • Eminem Are you Sunday?
  • I Couldn't Reach The One I Love
  • I'm out of Unye and my head is Selamet
  • Must Climb Boztepe, Look At That Army

Army's Local Dress and Folk Dances

Ordu's local clothes women wear a white linen shirt, white socks from feet to knee, fistan over shirts, shirt, black colored baggy trousers, socks called alacordup and sandals for men. While these dresses are generally in burgundy, green and gold embroidery colors for women, they are preferred in black and white for men. Among the folk dances of the Army; Steep horan, Straight horon, Horon, Arm game, Laz horon, National horon, Pıçak game, Greek horon, Sallama, Yellow girl, Arabian game, Elifoğlu, Hazelnut branches, Ordu welcome and Zamah games are the main ones.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Ordu

Historical places and cultural characteristics of Ordu Unfortunately, we will not be able to list all relevant information to you. However, we will list the prominent places that are popular with domestic and foreign tourists related to this city, which has a deep-rooted and rich cultural structure. You can choose and visit these places during your visit to Ordu.

  • Cotyora (Bozukkale)
  • Melet River
  • Army Hazelnut
  • Taşbaşı Cultural Center
  • Kadılar Slope
  • Board Rock
  • Army Honey
  • Sebile Hanım Mansions
  • Bolaman Castle
  • Unye Castle
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