PUBG Mobile Server Authentication Error


PUBG Mobile Server Authentication Error login failed I think there is no one who does not experience the problem while connecting to the game, PUBG server verification solution details in our article.

PUBG Mobile server verification issue It usually occurs with players trying to log in via the social media platform called Twitter. In this article for you PUBG Mobile server error We will offer all solutions regarding. By taking advantage of these solutions, you can have fun and have fun with PUBG.

PUBG Mobile Server Authentication Error

PUBG Mobile server verification error It can develop depending on many reasons. One of these reasons is your network setting and connection errors caused by the windows firewall. PUBG, which has become the popular game of recent times, has also caused many players to be unable to log in with the mistakes it has made. Server Authentication Error Login Failed We will present you detailed solutions in our article about the problem. In addition, if you are wondering how much Internet Spends PUBG Mobile You can learn from our article.

PUBG Mobile Server Authentication Error Solution

PUBG Mobile server verification error If you are encountering the error %70, the case that this error is related to the system is %70. The remaining %30 is due to your temporary disconnection. The server verification problem experienced before the visual update for Erangil, which is located on the classic PUBG map, has victimized many gamers. Although the authorities state that they will rectify the situation, we will offer you a few solutions. If you are connecting via wifi, try logging in to the game by plugging in an ethernet cable, and you also need to update your network adapter hardware. In addition, you can enter the game by setting your DNS settings – on your PC or mobile device. If the problem is not fixed in this way, we will have other solutions.

Access by Correcting Network Settings

Server authentication errors are usually due to network settings. In order to fix such errors, you need to keep some of your hardware up-to-date and configure some settings. There are some factors that gamers who connect with Router, Splitter, Wi-Fi, and Mobile data should pay attention. These;

  • Keeping the game up to date
  • Performing the DMZ Setup
  • Keeping the Lan Card driver up to date
  • Configuring Network and Mobile Data settings

You can fix this error, usually caused by the old version of the lan card driver, by checking if it is up to date in Control Panel> Device Manager> Network adapter> Your network card name is not up-to-date and updating it.

Troubleshooting with Windows Firewall

Windows firewall sometimes blocks the codes in games and programs for security reasons. It is possible to eliminate the server verification error by removing these blocks. To do this, you can solve the problem by first clicking the Control Panel, then the firewall, then the restore factory settings, and making the updated wall to the first day.

Checking the Antivirus Program Block List

Antivirus programs and firewalls cause problems in many existing computer game logins. If your computer is inclined in this direction, you can check the list of blocks. If the PUBG Mobile game is on the block list, removing this obstacle will ensure that this problem is solved. However, you need to be very careful that the game you download does not contain malware and where it was downloaded from. otherwise, this may damage your computer.

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