Cultural Features and Values of Sakarya


Cultural Characteristics and Values of SakaryaWith its recently rising population and historical beauties, many people wonder.

Cultural characteristics and values of Sakarya, population, geographical location, folk songs, local flavors, unique clothing and historical places, we will share with you information under headings. This beautiful city, which has many riches with its deep-rooted history and warm-blooded people, welcomes many local and foreign tourists every year. We have decided to give you information about this distinguished city by emphasizing this issue. Well, Cultural characteristics and values of Sakarya what is it Let's see it all together.

Properties of Sakarya

Sakarya's characteristicsWe will try to convey to you the cultural characteristics and values that stand out under the headings, since it will be full of pages to share all the information about the historical and cultural values. If there is something you want us to add or remove, it will be enough to indicate in the comment. In addition, if you want to reach the traces of a different culture, you can visit the cultural features of our Şanlıurfa province You can reach from our article.

Information About Sakarya

Information about Sakarya, is conveyed to you, our valuable readers, as a result of the research we have done and the information we have obtained. Although we cannot share all the features and information, we will try to convey all the prominent features under headings. This distinguished city, which has a license plate number of 54, has 16 beautiful districts. In addition, let's add that there is a very conservative love for the football team of the city, together with the fan group called Tatangalar.

Districts of Sakarya;

  1. Adapazari
  2. Akyazi
  3. Arifiye
  4. Erenler
  5. Ferizli
  6. Geyve
  7. ditch
  8. Karapürçek
  9. Blackwater
  10. Thermal water
  11. Kocaali
  12. Pamukova
  13. Sapanca
  14. Serdivan
  15. Willowy
  16. Scalloped

Sakarya's Population and Geographical Location

Sakarya's population 2020 Considering the data for the year, it is estimated to be 920,000. This beautiful city, which has very fertile lands with its geographical location, gives life to the economy with the production and sale of many products, especially potatoes and onions. Our Sakarya province borders with Düzce in the East, Bolu in the Southeast, Bilecik in the South, Kocaeli in the West and Black Sea in the North.

Historical and Cultural Features of Sakarya

Sakarya's history has been around for a very long time. It is known that the name of the province of Sakarya is from the Phrygian period. It is said that the name of the river, which gave its name with, was Sangari during the Phrygian period. This beautiful city, which has been used as a settlement from ancient times to this day, has hosted many civilizations, civilizations and empires. Looking at its deep-rooted history, it can be seen how rich it is in terms of cultural features.

Cultural Characteristics and Values of Sakarya
Cultural Characteristics and Values of Sakarya

Cultural Features of Sakarya

Cultural characteristics of Sakarya Although the first ones that come to mind when it is mentioned are Sapanca and Poyrazlar Lakes, Akyazı Kuzuluk Hot Springs, Sakarya River, Potato and Onion Production, this city, which has a long history, has many features. We will tell you all the details you need to know about local dishes, folk songs and folk dances.

Local Dishes of Sakarya

Local dishes of Sakarya Quince Stuffed with Molasses, Ezme Beans and Islama Meatballs are among the leading ones, but they also contain many Czech flavors as well as these dishes. We share with you the prominent flavors of this beautiful city that is suitable for every taste.

  • Stuffed Quince with Molasses
  • Adapazarı Style Lamb Leg
  • Islama Meatballs
  • Anchovy Rice
  • Pumpkin Bread
  • Circassian chicken
  • Crushed Beans
  • Black Cabbage

Songs of Sakarya

Folk Songs of Sakarya Sometimes his loves, sometimes heroism, and sometimes he conveys the life of the age to us. Let's list some of the folk songs that we have chosen randomly by sharing a section of the folk song called Geyve Mountains belonging to this beautiful city, which has many folk songs.

"I have a ball of roses in the Geyve mountains
Hey not afraid of God, you have death to me
Don't throw my mother, don't throw me behind the mountains
There is nobody, my mother, reflects on my problem "

  • Allı At the Beginning of Writing
  • In Geyve Mountains
  • Pear Stands Upright on Branch
  • Let's Make the Apple Balls
  • I could not reach their home from Gazel
  • There is Azan in the minaret
  • I go to Karasu

Sakarya's Local Attire and Folk Dances

Sakarya's local clothes It is similar to the surrounding provinces. When we look at the variety of local clothes, it is seen that the headdress with money, the embroidered lace-up yemeni, the necklace, the shirt made of kutni fabric, the lase embroidered vest and the embroidered etamin work apron are the leading ones. Looking at the Sakarya Folk Dances; Four arms, Geyve zeybeği, Two arms, Thin air, Bully, Meşed, Mısratlı, Pamukova zeybeği, Three arms, Vara gele, Karagözlüm, Butcher, Korudere zeybeği, Sisdağı and Taraklı horo plays are the main ones.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Sakarya

Historical places and cultural characteristics of Sakarya Unfortunately, we cannot share with you all the details about it. Our transfer of all the details will not fit on the pages. But we will list some of the places that are most interesting and visited by local and foreign tourists.

  • Rahime Sultan Mosque
  • Sakarya River
  • Akyazi Kuzuluk Hot Springs
  • II. Bayezid Bridge
  • Rüstempaşa Mosque
  • sapanca Lake
  • Şeymuslihiddin Mosque
  • Hasanfehmipaşa Mosque
  • Yunuspasa Mosque
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