Crawled - Not Currently Indexed Issue


Crawled - Not Currently Indexed Issue It is a problem caused by the fact that your articles on your site cannot be fully indexed on Google Search Console.

You can also see it on Google Search Console Crawled - Not Currently Indexed Issue It worries the website owners a lot. If the articles are not indexed on the site with SEO settings, it will decrease both your website hit and your website quality a lot. If you want to get more hits and improve the quality of your website, you should resort to ways to fix this error. If you want to get rid of this error, you must follow certain factors and make adjustments. We will try to share all the details with you in our article about the problem not indexed.

Crawled - Not Currently Indexed Issue

Crawled - Not Currently Indexed Issue It is among the subjects that those who have opened a new website are very curious and researched. With the experience and knowledge we have gained, we will try to overcome this problem together. With the elimination of the problem, your indexing process will be performed quickly and your website hit will increase. Otherwise, the articles that are not indexed will not appear on the search engine, so visitors will not be able to find your article and will not be able to enter your site and you will have very low hits. Well, let's look at the indexing error solution with all the details. In addition, if you are getting the Noindex Tag Excluded Error, You can reach from our article.

What Are Not Indexed Issues?

Not indexed issues It usually occurs on newly opened websites that are not well established. The main reasons for this are that Google bots cannot fully crawl the site and some plugins you have installed on your site, especially SEO plugins. At the same time, some problems arising from the contents cause your article not to be indexed. Therefore, you should be very careful and careful in the content you create and the add-on settings you will install.

Discovered - Currently Not Indexed Issue

Discovered - Currently Not Indexed Issue The old version was on Google Webmaster Tools. To solve this error, it was mostly enough to "fetch like Google" via Webmaster Tools. However, with Google updates, we reach this error via Google Search Console with its new name. Discovered - Currently Not Indexed The issue tells us that the article has been seen by Google, but the URL has not been indexed, that is, to the search engine. These URLs are usually sent to Google with the sitemap map we create on our site. However, even though the URL appears, Google sometimes does not perform the indexing process. For this, you will need to apply some solutions, let's solve the problem in a subheading.

Scanned - Not Currently Indexed Issue Solution

Scanned - Not Currently Indexed Issue If you are living, there are a few tactics you should follow. If you think this problem is not caused by Seo plugins, it means your article has not been visited by Google bots yet. This situation causes your articles to get indexed later and your competitors to stand out more than you. It is known that the articles of the sites that get indexed quickly are in the foreground faster. Elimination and solution of this error will both increase your hit and make your site stand out. We will offer you two solution suggestions to detect and resolve this.

Solution 1: Instead of the "Bring as Google" feature in the old system, you can use the Scope from the Search Console section. Crawled- Not Currently Indexed You can request your article to be re-indexed by clicking the tab, then the page URL and clicking REVIEW URL. This again depends on how Google bots visit your site. However, doing this will help your non-indexed articles to be prioritized and crawled by bots.

Solution 2: If you think that Google bots have visited your site but did not perform the indexing process, the first thing you will do is Search Console - Scope, click on any tab and text from here to check the "Test Robots.txt Blocking" tab and check whether there is a blocking command in your Robots.txt file. After this check, you can check if your article has been indexed after a few days.

Solution 3: To find out how much your site gets indexed and your articles, images and subtitles are indexed in Google search results, you can search as site: Just below the Google search, it will present you a small report like "Approximate results found (0, xx seconds)". You can follow your articles here and learn your index number to act. In addition, if you want to know when your site was last crawled by Google bots, you can find out the date of the last crawl via the cache: URL.

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