What is Tombak Art? How is it done?


What is Tombak Art? How is it done? The question is a subject that has been wondered and researched by many people who have been interested in art branches from the past to the present.

What is Tombak? and What is Tombak Art? Unfortunately, his questions are not asked often today, but let's say that Tombak art has a very important place in Ottoman culture. These items, which are made by the tobogganing method and using certain tools and tools, are still very popular today. This art, which is generally preferred for making ornaments, has unfortunately disappeared with its industrialization. To you as we can Tombak art and construction We will try to give detailed information about.

What is Tombak Art?

What is Tombak Art? Among the forgotten arts, most of the items that are made with delicate and fine touches in the Ottoman period, and today, as industrial production, remind us of the tombak art. We will try to give you a detailed explanation as much as we can about this fine art by remembering our ancestors. Well, What is Tombak Art? How is it done? Let's take a look together.

Tombak Art Definition

Tombak artis a branch of art that produces articles obtained by coating copper and copper alloy products with a mixture of gold and mercury. In the 16th century, we know that this art technique was developed by the Ottomans with the idea that gold and silver were expensive, offering guests over gold items was considered a sin and an intolerance. Let's say that many people used tombak art items to show the value and splendor given to the guests. Even though we are hearing its name as ornaments today, many of us have items made with tombac art in our homes.

What is Tombak Art History?

Tombak art history is not known exactly. The art of tombac, which was on the rise during the Ottoman period in the 16th century, can be seen in many homes today. In fact, when we look at the items created with the tombak art, we can see that it has been used for centuries and its history goes back to very old times. When we take the Ottoman period as a basis, we can easily say how important and economical income this art is.

Tombak Art Painting

Tombak art painting Although the process is generally not preferred, we can see that it is applied quite a lot nowadays. In the Ottoman period, we can see that the coating made with a mixture of gold and mercury was left on the copper material, and today this is achieved with gold paints. At the same time, let's say that after a while, the paint comes off and turns into the copper color, which is the main ingredient of the furniture.

How to Make Tombak Art?

How to make Tombak art? It is almost impossible to come across this question today. Tombak art is created by making copper items with a mixture of gold and mercury. In the tombak art made of copper and a mixture of gold and mercury, we usually encounter food containers, cup envelopes, bowls, pitchers, censer, gulabdane and candlesticks.

What are Tombak Art Types?

Tombak art types I think the first thing that comes to your mind when you say is created items. There is no separate type of this art. Depending on your manual skill, it is possible to produce solid and high quality items with your own techniques. In addition, the quality of the materials you will use in the mixture of copper, gold and mercury will make it easier for you to apply this art in the best way.

Items Produced in Tombak Art

Items produced in the art of Tombak These are items that are generally used as ornaments today. In the past, these items were widely used when entertaining guests, meaning both elegance and value. The biggest reason for this is that the items are very magnificent and flashy. Usually items produced in tombak art are as follows;

  • Food containers
  • Cup envelopes
  • Basins
  • Pitchers
  • Censer
  • Guards
  • Candlesticks

Tombak Art Preparation and Tips

Tombak art making and tips The first thing that comes to mind when you say is that your copper item is good and durable. The better the copper, the longer the item's life will be. In addition, if you are going to use a mixture of gold and mercury while coating, you should pay attention to its consistency. If you want to paint, you need to make sure that your copper item is smooth and you have a paint that will not come off quickly. Paying attention to all these issues will enable you to do Tombak art in the best and beautiful way.

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