Cultural Features and Values of Trabzon


Cultural Features and Values of Trabzon, With its green plateaus, pleasant dialect and beautiful people, it is very interesting and curious.

Cultural characteristics and values of TrabzonWith its unique dialect and natural beauties, many local and foreign tourists are flocking. Our city of Trabzon, which is loved by every part of our country and visited quite a lot, also represents our country together with Trabzon Spor. We will try to convey information about this beautiful city, which has burgundy blue colors and has very conservative supporters, in headings. If we go back to our main topic, what are the Cultural Characteristics and Values of Trabzon, let's see together.

Features of Trabzon

Trabzon's features, Its historical values and cultural wealth have fascinated many people. Our city of Trabzon, which has a very long history, tries to keep its cultural heritage alive with the festivals and fairs organized every year. With its unique dialect and historical buildings, it also hosts an intense tourist mass every year. We will try to convey the values of our province of Trabzon to you under headings. In addition, the cultural characteristics of Adana, which has a different culture, You can reach from our article.

Information About Trabzon

Information about Trabzon It is studied on a wide spectrum. We will try to convey this information to you as much as we have acquired and researched. Our city of Trabzon, which has a license plate number 61, has succeeded in establishing a throne in the hearts of many people with its natural beauties, historical values and good-humored people. These beautiful districts with 18 districts, each of which are valuable from each other, strengthen their economy with the local and foreign tourists they provide.

Districts of Trabzon;

  1. Akcaabat
  2. Arakli
  3. Arsin
  4. Besikduzu
  5. Carsibasi
  6. Caykara
  7. Dernekpazarı
  8. Duzkoy
  9. Charity
  10. Bridgehead
  11. Macka
  12. Ugh
  13. Ortahisar
  14. To drive
  15. Şalpazarı
  16. Tonya
  17. Vakfikebir
  18. Yomra

Trabzon's Population and Geographical Location

Trabzon's population 2020 It is shown as approximately 765,500 in the year data. This beautiful city, which has an intense tourist flow every year, fascinates many people, especially with its natural beauties. Due to its geographical location, it has very fertile soils. The border neighbors of our city of Trabzon are; It is the Black Sea in the north, Gümüşhane and Bayburt in the south, Rize in the east and Giresun in the west.

Historical and Cultural Features of Trabzon

Trabzon's history As far as it is known, it dates back to 4000 years ago. Trabzon has hosted many civilizations, civilizations and empires due to its geographical location. Trabzon, which is used as a commercial and administrative center, has a very rich cultural background as well as its deep-rooted history. When looking at both its history and natural beauties, it can be seen how rich its cultural assets are. That is why it is visited by many local and foreign tourists throughout the year.

Cultural characteristics of Trabzon
Cultural characteristics of Trabzon

Cultural Features of Trabzon

Cultural characteristics of Trabzon Sümela Monastery, Atatürk Mansion, Uzungöl, Zağanos Bridge, Hamsiköy Sütlacı, Kadırga Plateau, Trabzon Bracelet, Akçaabat Meatballs, Boztepe, Concrete Halva and Vakfikebir Wood Bread, Hagia Sophia Museum, Horon, Kisarna (Bengisu) Mineral Water, Sultan Murat Plateau and many elements such as the Girls' Monastery. In addition to these, it has a very wide and rich culture.

Trabzon's Local Dishes

Trabzon's local dishes has been legendary. In addition to its delicious dishes that appeal to every palate, it is also well-known for its skill in cooking. Let's share with you some specific dishes from the province of Trabzon, which uses anchovies in every field and for every taste.

  • akcaabat meatballs
  • Anchovy Pan
  • Hamsiköy Rice Pudding
  • Anchovy Rice
  • Nettle Soup Advertisement
  • Well
  • Black Cabbage Soup
  • Cabbage Rolls

Folk Songs of Trabzon

Trabzon folk songs It is almost a source of inspiration for the Black Sea Region. It is said that many Turkish folk songs, which are prominent in our city of Trabzon, which has become the main source of the most beautiful folk songs in the Black Sea, which are entangled from languages to languages, are also said to belong to Trabzon. Let's share a part of the folk song called Duman Aldi Dağlara and list the other folk songs.

"Smoke Aldi to the Mountains,
I stayed in the highlands
You burned me beautiful
You fell to love "

  • Golden Rose Dried Rose
  • I Love You So Much
  • Crying Nightingales Do Not Come Bagban
  • Didou Nana
  • Endless Crazy Heart
  • They Carve The Cup From The Stone
  • I came to your door at night
  • I wrote a letter, Alas
  • High Up On Your Grass

Trabzon's Local Dress and Folk Dances

Trabzon's local costumes and folk dances At the same time, it is close to our other provinces in the Black Sea Region. In men; Short and long-sleeved linen shirts, underpants, grooms, potur, shalwar, mintan, and fez feet are worn with flared boots. In women; Bindalis, cepken and velvet dresses are preferred. It is known that local games of the Black Sea are highly appreciated. We will list the folk dances that stand out in our city of Trabzon.

  • Maple shake
  • Knife horon
  • Straight horon
  • Horon arming
  • Girl horon
  • Come cocoon
  • Macka horon
  • Siksara game
  • Tonya horon
  • Vakfikebir horon
  • Sergeant horon
  • Besikdüzü girl horon 
  • Macka plain
  • Surmene horon
  • Shift horon

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Trabzon

Historical places and cultural features of Trabzon is quite rich. The province of Trabzon, which has been attracted by many local and foreign tourists recently, continues to increase this audience. This beautiful city, which is highly admired with both its deep-rooted history and natural beauties, also stands out with its historical artifacts. Let's list some of the historical places that stand out for you.

  • SUMELA Monastery
  • Trabzon castle
  • Vazelon Monastery
  • Long Lake
  • Hagia Sophia Museum
  • Peristera Monastery
  • Bedesten
  • Boztepe
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