7 Reasons Why You Want to Consume Salty


Salty Consumption Request and the causes are investigated, especially by those who want to adopt a healthy eating habit and prevent illnesses.

Desire to consume salty food It is shown among the main problems in a healthy diet. It is said that salty foods, which have become a common problem especially in recent years, threaten human life. In researches, it has been determined that the desire to consume salty food occurs as a result of certain reasons. One of these reasons is biological factors. Well, Salty Consumption Request and what are the causes? Let's take a look together.

Why does the desire to consume salty arise?

Reasons That Increase The Desire To Consume Salty In fact, it threatens our health. The desire to consume salty, which develops due to psychological or physiological disorders, also causes some discomfort. Many individuals who want to live a healthy life by creating a healthy diet have chosen to reduce salt. Very, The desire to consume salty and what are the causes? Let's take a look together.

Nervous and Stress

Nervousness and Stress are the main reasons that trigger salt consumption. With the increase in nervous and stress levels, individuals want to consume the foods they love. The foods that people frequently prefer are foods with high fat, sugar and salt ratio. This situation leads to an increase in salt consumption in individuals.

Sleep Disorder

It is stated that people who have bad sleep patterns, do not sleep enough or sleep more than necessary, have a desire to consume salt. It has been observed that individuals with sleep problems have a high desire to consume the foods they want or love. This situation causes the consumption of salty foods by pushing individuals to an unhealthy diet.

Psychologically the Desire to Consume Salty

Psychological reasons often lead people to a constant desire to eat something. This situation also wears people out physiologically. Many individuals who are caught in negative thoughts tend to spend most of their time in their homes and tend to eat constantly. In this diet, we can say that salty and fatty foods are highly preferred.

Excessive Sweating and Fluid Loss

Excessive sweating and fluid loss are one of the reasons that increase the desire to consume salt in people the most. It is known by everyone that sweat contains salt. This situation causes individuals to consume salty foods together with the decrease in the lineage in the body. Likewise, insufficient fluid intake also triggers this situation.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Premenstrual Syndrome occurs when women trigger psychological and physiological development before the menstrual period. This situation, which primarily affects the emotions, physical health and behavior of women, also affects their diet. During this period, we can see that most of the women prefer fatty and salty foods.

Salty Consumption As A Result of Addison's Disease

Addison's disease occurs when the adrenal glands do not produce enough hormone. This causes salt erosion and causes adrenal insufficiency and hormone supplementation at the same time. In this case, very low blood pressure occurs and people experience sudden pleasure for salt.

Bartter Syndrome

Bartter syndrome is a disorder that occurs at birth. People with Bartter syndrome also usually do not get sodium in the kidneys. This causes much more sodium to accumulate in the urine and consequently the sodium to be excreted. People with low sodium levels, on the other hand, resort to salty food consumption as a result of the pleasure that occurs in them.

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