Cultural Features and Values of Van


Cultural Characteristics and Values of VanEveryone is curious about its unique flavors, historical streets and natural beauties.

Cultural Characteristics and Values of Van I think certain things come to mind for everyone. Van attracts a lot of attention with both its deep-rooted history and values. This city, which is called the pearl of the east and is quite large in terms of population, is visited by an intense flow of local and foreign tourists every year with its natural beauties, historical and touristic areas, warm-blooded people and all other values. This article is for you Cultural characteristics and values of Van We will try to convey the subject in headings.

Features of Van

Van's features, Its warm-blooded people, with its unique accent, historical values and natural beauties, has succeeded in enchanting many people. This city, which has very fertile lands and is very important geographically, has hosted many civilizations, civilizations and empires along with its deep-rooted history. This reveals how rich its cultural features are. We will tell you all the details about our city of Van. In addition, if you want to examine a city with a different culture, you can get all the information about Eskişehir. You can reach from our article.

Information About Van

Information about Van We have compiled it for you by researching the dusty pages of history. If we try to convey all the information about our city of Van, which has a very long history, I guess we will not be able to fit it on the pages. But we will try to share with you many features that stand out in the headlines. Well, let's go back to our main topic and start transferring the features. Our city of Van, which has 65 license plate number, has 13 districts in total.

Districts of Van;

  1. Bahcesaray
  2. Baskale
  3. Chaldiran
  4. Çatak
  5. Edremit
  6. Ercis
  7. Looseness
  8. Gurpinar
  9. Silk Road
  10. Muradiye
  11. Ozalp
  12. Palace
  13. Tusba

Van's Population and Geographical Location

Van's population in 2020 Looking at the data, it is estimated to be approximately 1.125.000. When we add the number of students, civil servants and tourists coming during the year to this population, we can say that it is quite crowded. We know that many products are produced and offered for sale in this beautiful city, which has very fertile lands. Among Van's border neighbors; Lake Van, Siirt, Ağrı and Bitlis in the west, Şırnak and Hakkari in the south and Iran country in the east.

Historical and Cultural Features of Van

Van's history It dates back to the early Catholic period. According to the researches M. Ö. Between the years 5000-3000, the city structuring started, by the Hurrians BC. We can say that the state was established in 2000, with its capital in Tusba, and later on, the Urartu state, which was the continuation of the Hurrians, was established and accompanied many civilizations and civilizations until today. Even when we look at the deep-rooted structure of the history, we can see how rich the cultural features of our city of Van are.

Cultural Features of Van

Cultural Features of Van

Cultural characteristics of Van Although the first ones that come to mind when it is mentioned are Van Cat, Akdamar Island, Van Lake, Hoşap Castle, Muradiye and Bendimahi Waterfalls, this city, which has a long history, has many historical and natural beauties. Let us tell you about the details by saying that it attracts a lot of attention with its folk songs, local clothes and unique dishes.

Local Foods of Van

Van's local dishes I think all of us think of their beautiful breakfasts when it is said. Van breakfasts, which have become very popular especially in recent times, appeal to many tastes. But let's say that it has many local dishes that should not be ignored. Well, what are the local dishes of Van? Let's see together.

  • Çiriş Rice
  • Van Fish
  • Dry Vaccine
  • Sengeser Dinner
  • Murtuga
  • Borani with Spinach
  • Ayran Vaccine Soup
  • Kurdish Meatballs

Folk Songs of Van

Van's folk songs Even today it continues to be popularly sung from languages to languages. Listing all songs will unfortunately extend our list. We are for you We will publish the songs that we have chosen randomly by sharing a section from the folk song called Arpa I Planted I Did Not Style. 

"I Sowed Barley, I Could Not Cut It
I Had a Dream, Couldn't Choose
I'm used to cold water
I Could Not Drink Heat Waters "

  • I Sowed Barley I Could Not Cut
  • What Beautiful Hands Are Our Hands
  • If you go, get lucky
  • Delivery on the Table
  • Toycular
  • Pasha Came to Urfa
  • I'm Above The New Bath
  • Zap Water Flows Deep
  • I pulled the sock to my knee

Van's Local Dress and Folk Dances

Van's local clothes Among them, there are shekmen, sable, girdle, fez, to wear dagger, robe, vest, shirt, slipper, crochet and heather. In addition, a dagger is worn on local clothing. It is possible to see the local clothes of Van with the fairs and events organized today. Van folk dances Bablekan, Gaz gaz, Kelek Van, Kersi, Lorke, Nare, Sincani, Toycular, Ağır Bodyenk, Temürağa and Yargüzel are the leading ones. In addition, we can see that the games of the surrounding regions are frequently played and preferred.

Historical Places and Cultural Features of Van

Historical places and cultural characteristics of Van It is too many to end with counting. Before ending our article, we would like to list the historical places that are highly preferred by local and foreign tourists about this beautiful city. Of course, we want you to know that there are many places as well. So, what are the historical places and cultural characteristics of Van? Let's take a look together.

  • Van Old City
  • Kaya Celebi Mosque
  • Husrev Pasha Mosque
  • St. Bartholomeus Church
  • Adır Church
  • Akdamar Church
  • Van 7 Church Monastery
  • Zernek Castle
  • Ayanis Castle
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