Things to Do When Opening a New Site


Things to Do When Opening a New Site it is usually what one should do to get more visitors and build a quality website.

Things to do when opening a new site The subject concerns the site owners who already have a site as well as those who acquire a new site. If you want to earn a good income from the site you will open, or if you want to have a quality website, we recommend that you follow the suggestions we will give you. These suggestions will keep your articles in the foreground and will inform you about how to behave. Well, Things to do when opening a new site Let's see what is going on with all the details.

Things to Do When Opening a New Site

Things to do when opening a new site We will not leave the subject simple. We will try to convey information in a way to evaluate what needs to be done and the latest situation after the site opening phase has opened in the headings without boring you. There are two basic rules of getting a good and quality site. One of them is perseverance and the other is patience. These two fundamentals will lead you to success.

Things to Do When Opening a New Site

Things to do when opening a new site it actually forms the basis of websites. The better the foundation, the higher the site's opening speed, number of visitors, and quality. It will be more beneficial for yourself to solve some problems and take steps by trying to do it rather than giving money to the outside. Well, What should be done when opening a new site? Let's take a look together.

Registering Site Address to Google Search Engine

If you want your articles to be indexed on your site, the first thing you will do is to notify Google of this. You can register on the google official website by typing "Google add url" in the search engine. After registration, your articles do not fall directly to the search engine, approximately 2-3 days later, your site will be added to the search engine.

Registering with Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives us information about the source of your website visitors, how many sites they browse and where they are linked from. You can record Google Analytics, which has a great importance in the analysis you will create in the future, from the official website and start using it by pasting the code you will receive into your website.

Submitting a Sitemap Map

Sending or creating a sitemap map is one of the things to be done for the new site. You can quickly create the sitemap map with plugins, which is very important for your site to be indexed quickly. In this way, the pictures and articles you create are quickly indexed.

Generating Robots.txt

Robots.txt file is at least as important as the sitemap. Bots provided by Google first examine this file on your site and perform the indexing process. Which content, environment, images, categories, almost all information is taken from this file.

What To Do For The New Site

Things to do for the new site It will help both increase your visitor numbers and make your website better quality. The main point to be careful about here will be to act patiently. Of course, you also need to add regular content during this process. Let's explain what needs to be done for the new site in headings.

Adding Completely Original Content

Filling your website with original and quality content will make your site more prominent and become more quality day by day. Non-original copies turn websites into garbage sites. Therefore, you should be very careful and take care to add quality content.

Using Original and Quality Image

It is very important to create quality images that do not have copyright as well as quality content. It should not be forgotten that it is as important as your content searches in your visual searches today. Using a quality image will keep you ahead.

Using Google Search Console 

Google Search Console is very important in terms of both getting your site indexed faster and analyzing keywords. These keywords will be very useful when you will analyze in the future. In addition, it is necessary to use Search Console for your article to be indexed immediately.

Creating Social Media Accounts

Social media are the platforms where we spend most of our time today. People interact in many areas, especially Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Interacting on social media with a post you will share on your site will move your site to the top.

Things to do after opening a new site I think this is the most important point of this article. Many people who not only opened a site but also analyzed and followed them, achieved success and earned good income. You can follow and upgrade your website in a quality way by listening to our suggestions.


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